Victims of Communism? 94 Million. Memorials To Victims of Communism? Zero



Along with Islam and Hitler’s National Socialism, communism is an ideology that has caused enormous suffering in many countries, resulting in tens of millions of deaths. Of all three, only Nazism has been consistently condemned and destroyed. Islamic barbarism started to get more attention only recently, when its negative impact on the West brought its bloody history into the spotlight. Unlike them, communism still hasn’t been condemned. It is still hip among the academia and the supporters of the leftist parties to worship sadistic murderers like Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Che Guevara.

Even the battle to simply acknowledge the crimes of communism is met with fierce resistance in the West. Most of the media outlets, which see capitalism, the system that helped them flourish, as an embodiment of all evil, are constantly attacking the idea that the tens of millions of victims of that terrorist ideology could receive recognition. The video comment below by Marisa Simkiw (from gives you details about the disgraceful behaviour of the Canadian media on this issue (h/t BCF):

Through years of bake sales and fundraisers and reaching out for private sector support, volunteers laid the foundation for Canada’s first official National Memorial to Victims of Communism.

The Harper government provided financial support, and set aside land next to the Supreme Court of Canada and Parliament Hill.

But the media and the elites are vocal critics of the Conservatives’ decision.

Marissa Semkiw asks: Do you think that a memorial to the victims of Nazism or fascism would elicit the same reaction?

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