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Margie Gillis – the Pathetic Dancing Hack

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There was an interview on Sun TV a few days ago during which Krista Erickson interviewed the dancer Margie Gillis.

I shall admit that I have never heard of her before. Usually, when I see on TV an art person I am not aware of, I feel embarrassed to have such a lapse in my art education.

However, in this case I don’t feel embarrassed – after I watched the talk I felt proud that my mind wasn’t cluttered with the fact of Margie’s existence.

The whole interview revolved around the issue of art funding. Krista vigorously attacked the concept of art grants, while Margie tried to show how important her art was, how good it was for the “collective” (a wonderful Marxist term) and why we, the people who don’t understand her high purpose, should keep paying her.

In the times preceding YouTube, she might have been able to get away with her insane views, but now, my first action after the interview was to find a clip with a sample of her dancing. Here is a typical sample called Voyages Into the Inner Landscapes:

Do you see what I see? I see nothing (other than butchering one of Leonard Cohen’s masterpieces).

Don’t get me wrong – I love the art of dance. Whether it is the ballet of Maya Plisetskaya and Karen Kain or the dancing of Michael Jackson or the choreography of Bob Fosse, the art deserves admiration because of the talents, efforts and creativity of the artists involved.

And I can tell that Margie has neither the talent nor the creativity of Maya Plisetskaya or Michael Jackson. Her style of “modern” dance is a very transparent attempt to hide her inability to dance behind a façade of “expressed emotions”.

And herein lies the secret of her desire for government art subsidies – all of the artists I mentioned above are obviously so talented that even an ordinary person would notice the fact. They have never had the problem of attracting enough people who would pay some of their hard-earned money to see them.

Margie’s case is completely different – she is so horrible that hardly anybody would be interested in her gymnastics and her up and down leaping. Unless, of course, someone is willing to subside the tickets for her performances and pay the travel expenses to foreign countries, where she would be promoted by the
Canadian embassy as a “great Canadian artist.”

That someone is our government, but since the government produces very little of the money it gives away, it is obvious that they must use our tax money to help Margie out.

If it was only about her, I would’ve swallowed my pride to say that it’s not a big deal. However, the art grants are a multi-billion industry where the money goes to support thousands of talentless hacks who don’t have even the slightest idea what art is.

Margie’s arrogance and sense of superiority shown in the interview are the common attitude of those hacks – they are so used to their entitlement, that they act truly surprised if anyone dares to question the free money they get.

It’s a total racket – the money is distributed according to the opinions of those hacks’ peers, so the legalized theft of public funds that goes to people who
have no abilities whatsoever, is bound to go on forever. If the governments finds the courage to cut off the funding for horrible art (like the case of the play, which glorified terrorism), the artsy-fartsy hacks whine, cry, curse, hiss and condemn everybody involved as heartless censors, who are trying to destroy
the “glorious Canadian art.”

So here’s my question for Mr. Harper – if you so badly want to subsidize Margie’s horror named art, why don’t you find another source of money that would leave the taxpayers alone? Most of the artists here don’t do anything most of the time anyway, they can simply start a co-operative that does something useful. The money generated would be more than enough to support all artsy types in Canada.

It has been done before – Chairman Mao, the idol of the Western art community, sent many artists to work in the fields during the Cultural Revolution. If that was good enough for the Chinese artists, it should be good enough for the Canadian as well.

© 2011



French Suckers Finance a Luxury Boat to Gaza


Luxury boat will carry the French Israel-haters to Gaza


Among the numerous boats that are going to take part in the mass provocation against Israel, the French boat occupies a special place.

Unlike most of the other vessels of the Gaza flotilla, which were purchased second-hand, Louise Michel is a pleasure boat with all the amenities necessary to accommodate comfortably the French lefties.

While the American hippies will have to endure a trip in crowded ships, their French colleagues would have enough space to meditate and contemplate over their mission. The communists and socialists from that country have always been classy people, who conducted their class struggle from chateaus and expensive hotels. (Let’s not forget Monsieur Strauss-Kahn who fought for his socialist ideals from $3,000 per night hotel rooms and included sex fights with pretty women in the mix).

Why should the French anti-Semites’ lifestyle be any worse?

There is only one small detail – the money paid for the cruise ship to Gaza came from the 600,000 Euro collected for the enterprise in France. Most of the
people donated small amounts, 5 to 10 Euro, and probably thought that the money was buying medical and other supplies.

It appears that the Gaza Fatland will get very little of that – most of the money was squandered on the ship, which is going to provide a pleasant summer cruise to a gang of lefty French anti-Semites. Although, it is not clear if the pleasure won’t end abruptly, once they reach Israel’s borders.

There’s nothing new here – the common people are supposed to pay and the socialists are supposed to spend the money any way they want.

A sucker is born every minute… That old saying still holds truth.


Anti-Semitic Gay Pride March Scheduled for July 2 in Toronto

It didn’t take long, did it?

During the last month’s balagan at City Hall, a long row of gay activists were trying to convince the Council how important it is to fund their parade. Most of them even promised not to let the anti-Semites from Queers Against Israeli Apartheid take part in the event.

It took just a month for the gay leaders to pull off the same swindle they did last year – once they were sure about getting the funding, they let the anti-Semites take part in their “festivities”.

Here is the official announcement for the July 2 event (h/t JDL and BCF):

Dyke March – Palestine Solidarity Contingent

Saturday, July 2 · 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Norman Jewison Parkette (East of Yonge St., between Gloucester & Isabella)

Please join Dykes & Trans People for Palestine (DTPP) as we march together in solidarity with Queers in Palestine & against Israeli Apartheid!

Bring your noisemakers, signs, banners, & spirit of peaceful protest – but most especially, bring yourself! We will congregate in the Parkette at 1:30 pm on Saturday July 2, prior to the start of the Dyke March which leaves at 2 pm.

If it’s a hot day, be sure to bring lots of water, a hat, & sun screen.

So the “dumb” Torontonian taxpayer is left with no choice, but to finance the hatred flaunted by a group of idiots, who attack the only country in the Middle East where gays have real rights.

At City Hall last month, Francisco Alvarez, one of Pride’s leaders, while whining and begging for money, promised that the anti-Israeli group is not going to take part. He said that the police would be notified, if QuAIA show up.

Now not only do they show up, but they are at the centre of a major Pride event. Yet, I don’t see any hint of condemnation from the gay community.

For many years, the Pride organizers have been pounding into us the idea that their event is about love and inclusiveness. Now we are supposed to finance their Jew-hatred.

Does that mean that he gay community at large supports hatred and anti-Semitism?

We’ll see tomorrow…

Hello Kitty Martyr Brigades

The European division on the Japanese company Sanriojust announced that they were expanding their operations in Israel. The company owns the wildly popular Hello Kitty brand. Israel was the first Hello Kitty franchiser in the world, through the LDI company of Mapal Communications with CEO Yossi Fox.  In Israel Hello Kitty is present on over 200 products of local manufacturers, and is dominant in clothing and school accessories, but this is the first time stores are being opened.

When asked about the reason for the expansion, Roberto Lanzi, the president of the division, said: ”You [Israel] are one of the only countries which have survived the global financial crisis so well.” It’s no wonder – Israel is the only country in the region with a decent work ethics, where the government doesn’t have as a main objective stealing as much money as they can.

To be honest, Hello Kitty is one of those things that make me scratch my head and wonder who would buy those trinkets. However, the kitschy cat is a major obsession among the mighty Japanese girls, who move billions of dollars (or yen) of merchandise every year. Everybody who has visited Japan has probably noticed the power of the kawaii culture – the cult of cute in all of its expressions, which makes any cute products highly successful. Apparently
that culture is contagious, because now the Kitty could be found almost everywhere in the world.

Judging from the totally innocent merchandise, which, according to Lanzi, never conveys negative messages or violence, it would be hard to imagine that anybody could object the move. However, it attracted the attention of the BDS gang (the folks, who want to boycott, divest and sanction Israel).

In the past they used to go after serious targets like Hewlett Packard, which through their computers have some involvement in the defence of the country. Going against a company that sells plastic tchotchkes and has no involvement in anything substantial is not a sign of a strategy – it is a sign of anti-Semitism and pathological hatred for Israel.

In a letter to Sanrio’s management a certain Sarah Colborne, Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (based in England), makes a passionate plea to keep Hello Kitty out of Israel by regurgitating the same old tripe about the UN resolutions and the settlements, which we have heard many times before.

“We believe it is time now for all companies including Sanrio to take a clear stand and refuse to be complicit in the occupation and war crimes committed by Israel. By trading in Israel, you are not only helping to maintain the financial viability of these illegal constructions, you are also lending them legitimacy.” She doesn’t elaborate on how the little kitten is complicit in the occupation. The myth of the war crimes is so discredited that it’s not even worth discussing.

That letter bears a striking resemblance to the letter of their Japanese BDS brethren, published in the Palestine Forum (many thanks to Toshie who translated the text for me). It’s not a wonder – those lefty fanatics act and think in the same way regardless of their colour, race, nationality or location. Their ultimate goal is to subjugate all of us to their dreary world where success is seen as a deviation from the collective spirit; humour is an offense; fun is prohibited since the planet is dying, and a hairy butch is the beauty queen.

The Japanese BDS folks lose all of their credibility in the very beginning, because they start with the whiny Kitty pasted on a photo of one of the most stupid and primitive hoaxes in history. The al-Duras (father and son)  shown in the picture, were supposedly shot at by the Israeli army – the father was hit by 12 bullets and his son was “killed”. In fact, nobody was killed or wounded, it was a scam to demonize Israel once again. It took a really brave man, Philippe Karsenty from France, to confront the hoax despite all the threats and harassment. You can read the detailed explanation here (h/t BCF). Last year I had the privilege to cover his lecture in Toronto on the same topic.


The Kitty sheds a tear for the al-Dura swindlers

Please click on the GIF image to see the alternating message.

After that they invoke the Sanrio’s moral “charter”, which is supposed to outline the company’s ethical principles. They are against stealing other people’s possessions, they oppose violence and lies and strictly adhere to the law.

The purpose is to show that Sanrio violates its own principles in Israel. Then the Japanese BDS loons ask several “devastating” questions to unmask the evil Hello Kitty tactics in the Jewish State.

They ask how they can open stores in a country, which has been condemned for its war crimes. (Only an organization like the UN, dominated by Muslim fanatics and African dictators can consider a war crime the self-defence from bombing.)

Then they want to know how Sanrio is going to operate in the settlements and deal with the Palestinian “discrimination” within Israel. It becomes even more interesting when they ask very specific questions.

How is the company going to respond, if they receive an order from the settlements? Are they going to deliver to the West Bank and Gaza? (Of course, if the buyers chip in to get their trinkets delivered by an armoured vehicle backed up with tanks.)

Is the company going to open stores in the settlements? Are they going to employ residents from the West Bank and Gaza? (Yes, if Sanrio wants to see the Hello Kitty junk flying around after a bombing, mixed with their customers’ body parts, they should consider an employee recruitment drive in Gaza.)

The question that takes the cake is about the possibility of Sanrio’s involvement with the Israeli military in a broad sense – either directly or through affiliated companies that conduct military research. Even the wildest imagination can’t picture the Israeli army adopting pink Hello Kitty themed tanks or soldiers in frilled uniforms wearing pink helmets decorated with Hello Kitty ribbons or any other similar atrocity.

But maybe those Japanese BDS loons are nice people who care about justice and are willing to hold Sanrio to their high moral standards.

The company operates stores in a few other countries in the region. It would be interesting to see what the BDS people think about that involvement.

The good people from Sanrio have provided us with an online shop locator in the Middle East. To save you time, I am going to tell you exactly how they are presented. They have 1 store in Bahrain, 2 in Kuwait, 1 in Lebanon, 3 in Qatar, 4 in Saudi Arabia, and 13 in the United Arab Emirates.

It looks like they are doing a very “good” job in adapting to the Muslim customs. In the article quoted in the beginning, the author writes that the owner showed him “an iPhone application for Muslims, requiring a subscription fee. It includes a prayer time alert, five times a day. Kitty plays the role of muezzin.” What a pious Kitty! Excellent! (As Mr. Burns would say.)

So how does Sanrio’s moral chart apply in those countries?

Let’s start in alphabetical order – during the “wonderful” Arab Spring scores of protesters were shot and killed in Bahrain with the help of their good neighbours from Saudi Arabia. How is that for not associating the company with violence?

Despite of its oil wealth, Kuwait is still a backward Muslim country. Just recently, an Islamic witch and politician, who is considered a Kuwaiti women’s rights activist, openly advocated the official re-introduction of the sex slavery laws as a way to fight adultery (h/t BCF). Young Christian slaves are supposed to be brought to the country to quench the appetites of the oversexed Kuwaiti brutes (of course, Muslims can’t be put in that position). For centuries, that was a common practice of the Turkish barbarians in the Balkan countries they occupied. If a woman defends that practice openly in a Muslim country, it means that there are many thousands of people there who support the idea. What does the Kitty think about that?

Lebanon’s government now is controlled by Hezbollah, which is a violent terrorist organization. Saudi Arabia is the poster boy for everything that’s wrong with the Muslim world – after all, Old Mo, the pedophile who established the cult they follow, left his footprint in the countryforever. Raping little girls in the form of marriage is still very popular. No Jews are allowed to reside there. The foreigners who practically run all the services and industries in the country are treated like vermin. The arrogant brutes from the UAE emirates are no different than Saudi Arabia in the way they treat non-Muslims. Last year their airlines even wanted to get a deal from Canada that would’ve put them in control of the air transportation in Canada. When the government refused to give them the rights, they kicked out the Canadian Air Force from their base in UAE.

Isn’t the whiny Kitty going to shed a tear as well for the people who suffer in those countries?

You may expect that the Japanese and British BDS idiots are aware of those problems and condemn Sanrio’s presence there. And you’ll be wrong. There is not a single remark about their involvement in countries where murder, child abuse, sex slavery, and oil-wealth induced arrogance are “nice” parts of the rich tapestry of the Muslim culture. So the BDS crowd doesn’t have problems with violence and sex abuse per se – it may attract their attention only if they could use it against Israel.

Come to think about it, the BDS people might be right – Israel is basically a peaceful and boring country (when it doesn’t retaliate against the Arab terrorists, who try to destroy it). What if Sanrio adapts to the Israeli culture? Here is what they get:


Yeshiva Kitty


See? It’s a yeshiva Kitty with a book. How boring!

Imagine the exciting opportunities that will open to them, if they expand their business into Gaza:


Jihad Kitty


Isn’t this great? That’s a kitty that can kick every kaffir’s ass and fight all Zionist oppressors it can get hold of.

But why stop there? Hello Kitty can transform the whole Hamas business. It might become the cute face of those savages:


Introducing the Hello Kitty Martyr Brigades


Who could get mad at that cute face? Wouldn’t you feel better if the insane Palestinian sadists, who blew up your school bus, are now called the Hello Kitty Martyr Brigades? Leaving that sticker on site will provide the cute, nearly human image that the terrorists so desperately crave.

Joking aside, the vicious campaign against Sanrio brings the BDS movement to a new low. Fighting cartoon characters has never been a sign of good mental health.

With their European headquarters located in Germany, the company exposes itself to the growing wave of anti-Semitism, which the hippy leftovers, who rule Western Europe, pretend not to notice.

Maybe it’s worth to remind everybody that over 60 years ago, Germany had a chancellor with a funny moustache, who was the undisputed pioneer and master of the early BDS movement.

The new BDS idiots appear to be very worthy and diligent pupils of their teacher.

How long would it take before we see the second edition of the Kristallnacht?

© 2011


Geert Wilders Acquitted

It was just reported that the popular Dutch politician Geert Wilders was acquitted of the hate speech charges against him. That should put an end to his long ordeal of persecution and harassment.

That doesn’t mean that the court fell in love with him or his opinions. They grudgingly admitted that although that wasn’t hate speech per se, his ideas could be considered borderline. Obviously, the European opinion-crashing machine is still operational, although not as well-oiled as before. This victory is just another step in the long struggle against the multi-cultural stupidity and medieval fanaticism in Europe.

There was an interesting comment to Mark Steyn’s article about the issue in National Review (h/t BCF). A Wilders-bashing Dutchman left a comment clarifying that Geert was charged under a hate-speech law introduced in 1935, designed to prevent the Hitlerist propaganda from influencing the country.

I wonder how that law saved Holland from being conquered. Oh, yes, it didn’t – soldiers from other countries, where free speech was never curbed, managed to save the Dutch a few years later.

Let’s hope that the case make the Dutch think more about what could go wrong with their country again, if they chase and abuse the people who dare say the truth.


Protest against the London Ontario Mosque’s support for the Gaza Boat

The boat Tahrir (a.k.a. The Sea Hitler) is the latest venture of the Israel haters in Canada. Bound to sail for Gaza, it is supposed to break the blockade in a symbolic move that plans to embarrass Israel as a callous country, which refuses to let humanitarian aid into Gaza.

The conveniently hidden truth is that the Jewish state allows such aid as long as it is inspected and found to comply with the safety and security of its people.

Thot provocation has been financed by individual loons, unions and some religious organizations. One of the latter is the mosque in London, Ontario, which has been supporting uqestionable causes for years. The mosque, which received $39,000 for security from Harper’s government in 2010, found enough money to donate to Tahrir and send their Operations Manager on the anti-Semitic cruise.

Mark Vandermaas is organizing a protest against the mosque (more details here). He is a former Blue Baret, who served Canada in the Middle East in 1978. He is also one of the lone heroes who stood up against the lawlessness and native extremism in Caledonia, long before the media and the government realized that there was a problem in that town. Despite the recent

Now, once again, he stands up against the hatred and fanaticism, which media and government curiously still haven’t noticed.

Let’s give him our full support…

Batman and Ronald McDonald Lead the Soviet Army


Graffiti artists pour some life into the horrible monument


A funny thing happened the other day in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The dawn found the dreary Monument of the Soviet Army partially redecorated.

Somebody painted several of the statues in bright colours giving them the appearance of comic book characters. Batman and the Joker were leading the group of attacking soldiers, followed by Santa Claus, Superman, Ronald McDonald, Wonder woman and others. Underneath they wrote: “Keeping Up with the Times.”

It was a nice attempt to bring life into one of the last remaining symbols of the totalitarianism in the country. There was quite a bit of Komar and Melamid’s SotsArt satire in that work. Unfortunately, the art survived for only a day – very early the next morning, the die-hard worshipers of communism’s corpse washed away the paint. The monument returned to its normal nondescript state.

Ever since the communism collapsed, the Monument of the Soviet Army has been in the centre of constant disputes and fights. Its enemies, who want it demolished, say that its existence doesn’t make any sense.

And they are right – the heroic scenes depicted on the monument never happened in Bulgaria. Although officially an ally of Germany in World War II, the country didn’t send any troops to the Eastern or the Western front. Bulgaria didn’t even accept Hitler’s demand to deport its Jews to his death camps. Through the efforts of the King, the Parliament, and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, the 50,000 Bulgarian Jews were saved.

When the Russians reached the Bulgarian borders in September 1944, the country already had a government, which declared a war against Germany. Nevertheless, the Soviet Union declared a war against Bulgaria.

After the Soviet Army crossed the border, nobody fought them and not a single soldier was killed. The only graves you can find there are those of soldiers who got loaded with too much alcohol and died. There were also a few who were court marshalled and shot by their own units for marauding the locals.

Yet the Soviet Army didn’t return the gesture of friendship. They installed a pro-communist government led by the former fascist Kimon Georgiev, whose views “evolved” just a few months before the invasion. The Communist Party was so feeble and unpopular that it couldn’t provide competent people to form a government.

Within a year from the Russian invasion, over 50,000 Bulgarians (mostly politicians, intellectuals, journalists, etc.) were exterminated. Many others spent decades in the concentration camps built with Russian help, where torture and murders were considered normal.

The Monument of the Soviet Army has always stood like a sore thumb, which symbolizes the communist dictatorship.

It’s a disgrace that over 20 year after the end of communism there are enough deluded people to keep that monstrosity intact.

© 2011

Baby Steps toward Peace in Caledonia


The Caledonia reconciliation rally on Sunday

Yesterday two organizations, which work for achieving justice and peace in Caledonia (Caledonia Victims Project and CANACE), organized an important event. There were two parts to the event. The first one was Father’s Day BBQ with a lot of food and music. Two hours later came the serious part – a rally for peace and reconciliation, with a plan to place a small monument at the place, where the dispute started long time ago.

Mark makes a point near the reconciliation monument


Signs at the entrance of the farm

If you haven’t been to Caledonia, it is hard to understand what was going on in the town. It took the mainstream media quite a while to wake up to the events, while the lefty slanderers are still trying to distort everything related to the conflict.
I thought how to explain everything in a very concise way and couldn’t find anything that symbolizes the events better than the Caledonia smoke shack. It is located near the farm where the BBQ took place, on the left side of the road to Port Dover.
It is a real shack operated by natives, where you can buy tax-free cigarettes at VERY low prices. All the major brands are available, they are all factory-made and there’s no cigarette factory to be seen around the shack. On the other hand, it is hard to believe that the owners would buy smokes at regular prices and sell them to everybody out of the goodness of their hearts. Some discounts of that kind would be available only on reserves to holders of a Status Indian cards.
But that’s not the reserve – the shack has been built without permission on land owned by an electric power company. The “enterprise” is illegal from every conceivable point of view, yet it has been allowed to operate undisturbed for many years.
Now, imagine that an artist puts a table on a Toronto street to sell jewellery she made – how long would it take before she is ticketed, fined, and chased away? That’s the double standard, which caused the tragic events in Caledonia. The smoke shack is just a symbol, the reality was much worse.
The BBQ was the fun part, with Gary McHale operating the device efficiently and making sure everybody had enough hotdogs and corndogs. Stuart Laughton played some great music with his guitar.

Gary McHale, the BBQ chef, and his guests


Let the music play...

People from Caledonia and other nearby places attended. There was even a group of Jewish supporters of the cause from Hamilton.
Even the media were represented – a lady who manages a local network of radio stations, who drove a long distance to attend. There was a CBC radio reporter, who conducted several interviews and she actually listened to what the guests had to say.

The CBC reporter at work

This was in a stark contrast to the CBC reporter at the High Park event, who spent most of her time arguing with the interviewees.
Despite the fun, that wasn’t a happy-go-lucky event. Many of the guests had gone through events that they’d rather forget.
Everybody had a story to tell and I learned many facts, many of them strange and shocking. Lawlessness dominated Caledonia for years with the silent approval of OPP when a gang of native militants occupied a part of the town.
They showed me the power station into which the extremists drove a truck, set it on fire and caused damage that deprived the area from electricity for weeks. Then there was the place on the highway where the same people dug holes in order to stop the traffic.
They also erected barriers and checkpoints and acted as a police force, frisking everybody and even introducing curfews. I heard about the two police officers, who got lost and were detained and tied by the militants and their vehicle destroyed. They were released after negotiations and none of the native perpetrators was ever prosecuted. The media covered up the case completely.
I met Jeff Parkinson, a cameraman, who at a previous rally had been attacked, beaten and left with brain damage. His camera is always on at the events to make sure that everything is recorded to prevent blackmail and false accusations (and there had been plenty of those in the past).
I also met Doug, an outspoken and energetic fellow who knew everything about the conflict (he reminded me of Dale from King of the Hill). He expressed his position vividly through the cartoon art on his truck, which shows what Dalton McGuinty, Julian Fantino and OPP did to Caledonia (better see the picture, since I can’t mention that activity here).

Doug has a clear message to McGuinty, Fantino and OPP

He told me how everybody lived in fear for years. The free reign that the militants were given by the Ontario Government, affected not only the local people but also the natives. There was a case where a native university student in Toronto condemned officially the lawlessness and her parents’ house on the Six Nations reserve was torched by somebody.
Then there was the lady who shall remain unnamed for the sake of her privacy. She still needs medications to cope with the consequences of the horror that her family had to endure. They lived near the disputed area and were harassed repeatedly – the occupiers often spent all night playing loud music near the
house (they didn’t need to go to work the next morning). The family was searched regularly by the thugs. They were even told to remove the Canadian flag or else something bad may happen to their house (they removed the flag to stay out of trouble).
In the beginning, she used to call the police for help, but they never showed up, afraid of confronting the thugs. Once she called to complain that they wanted to frisk (or rather grope) her 21-year old daughter, who lived in the house. The best that the police officer on the other end was able to come up with, was to ask her why her daughter still lives in her parents’ house.
Ironically, her son works for the OPP, but she didn’t tell me how he felt about that. Her daughter was planning to join the OPP, but after all that she went through, she couldn’t do it.
The whole situation looked so surreal to me – it was impossible to comprehend how something like that can go on for years in the 21st century in one of the leading democracies in the world.
The things are changing, but slowly, and the fear is still there. After many years, the mainstream media finally realized that there was a problem. Then came the activism of Gary McHale and Mark Vandermaas. Then Christie Blatchford’s book Helpless came out – it put that injustice in the national spotlight.
The local movement for justice is entirely based on the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. All they want is to get the attention of the government and rectify the consequences of many years of lawlessness. Yet they are those who get beaten and assaulted by the other side. I already mentioned Joseph. Many others have spent time in hospitals or under arrest at police stations. A few months ago Gary McHale was assaulted by a trespassing union activist on private property, yet McHale was the one to be arrested and charged. The case was so ridiculous that even the Crown realized they’ve gone too far and dropped the charges.
At 2 p.m. we were supposed to go to the disputed area to erect a small monument calling for reconciliation. Almost every such event in the past has ended with assaults and arrests of the peaceful protestors.

Shortly before leaving...

They anticipated the same to happen today. Just before leaving, Gary McHale gave short instructions – don’t respond to verbal insults or physical assault, just notify the police who’ll be present there.

Gary McHale explains how the protestors can avoid being beaten...

We drove to the place. There was already a not very friendly crowd assembled there. The majority were natives. The lefty loons from the city, who usually made the bulk of the protesters, were underrepresented today. The police cars (mostly unmarked) were everywhere, they even had some concealed at Canadian Tire’s parking. The police officers vastly outnumbered the participants on both sides.

The crowd is waiting...


The "Mohawk Warrior" flag - a "proud" symbol of hostility

After short talk with the police chief, we were escorted to the opposite side of the road. Then Mark Vandermaas, Gary McHale and a representative of the Jewish community gave short speeches about the need of justice and reconciliation.

We've just arrived...


Gary is giving explanations while the police are taping the "troublemakers"


Last preparations...


Ready to go...


OPP escorts us to the other side of the road...


Mark speaks


Gary talks...


Words from the Jewish community...

The opposite crowd got more hostile, but that showed only in smirks, sneers and whispers. At the same time, two guys who were deep inside the occupied territory started yelling insults (you can see one of them in the picture below). Since they were at a way too safe distance, it was hard to comprehend all of the insults, so their efforts didn’t bring much of an effect.

A lonely voice cries obscenities from the wilderness...


They could've been firendlier than that, but at least they didn't try to beat us up...


Big Lefty Sister is watching...


Time to go...

Later we learned that it took the police many hours of convincing the occupiers to behave in order to create that resemblance of peace.
The whole experience was very excruciating and unpleasant. The hostility left a real bad taste. However, when we went back to the farm, Mark and Gary were ecstatic. They considered the event a miracle and a historical achievement – for the first time during one of their demonstrations nobody was beaten,
assaulted or arrested.
It’s hard to share their excitement, but I could imagine how bad it had been before, if today’s event looked better. Obviously, here you can advance only with baby steps and must be really persistent to achieve any progress.
I want to end with something that Doug told me during our long talk. He said that there were many different people on the reserve – some look native, others are whiter than him. He knows many of them, they attended the same schools and chased the same girls. Whenever one of them tries to bring up the colonial past as an explanation for all problems, he answers that it’s not worth it to get all wound up over issues that have happened long before both of them were born. All that matters is what we can do here and now to resolve our conflicts.
And I agree with him – we need to resolve our conflicts by treating everybody equally. As citizens of Canada we have exactly the same rights and responsibilities. Isn’t it time to take them seriously for the benefit of ourselves and our country?
Maybe that would be the way to make the illegal smoke shack disappear…
© 2011

Barry Rubin in Toronto


Prof. Barry Rubin speaks at a Speakers Action Group event in Toronto


Thanks to the efforts of the Speakers Action Group last Friday we had the opportunity to listen to a remarkable speaker – Professor Barry Rubin. He is the director of the Global Research in International Affairs Center (GLORIA). He is also author of many books on the Middle East issues.

He started with the statement that a titanic battle is going on in the Arab countries and the Middle East, which became more visible with the recent revolutions in the area. There are three groups, which define the face of that battle – the first one is Al Qaida. Although it is often in the news, it is not
the most important one. Its importance has diminished in the last few years.

The second one, which is very important, is Iran and its alliance – Syria, Hezbollah, the Shia movements, etc. The third chief group is the Muslim Brotherhood, especially in Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. Despite of having been suppressed for years, now the movement is rising into a prominence.

Right now this is the most important struggle in the world, although most governments and the mainstream media don’t recognize that fact. An example of that blindness is the situation in Lebanon, where recently they formed a new government with 60% representation of the Muslim extremists from Hezbollah. The change was mentioned in New York Times, but with the remark that the movement is gaining “some influence” in the government.

The situation is not much better when they discuss Turkey – the creeping Islamism of the Prime Minister Erdogan is usually ignored and its potential consequences never analyzed.

Reality is often distorted – recently TIME magazine carried an article explaining how well the Christians are treated in Egypt.

The Islamists are definitely making advances, although in Prof. Rubin’s opinion, they will be eventually defeated.

The forces involved and the indifference of politicians and media create the background for the events that took place during the last six months. While everybody was praising the “Arab Spring”, the Muslim Brotherhood declared a war against the West. They openly said that the West will be defeated, because it is weak. With the prospect of gaining real political power, they will be able to put their threats into practice.

The first country we need to watch is Egypt. Read the rest of this entry »

Father’s Day BBQ, and Truth & Reconciliation Rally in Caledonia

On Sunday, June 19, 2011, from 12 (noon) to 2 p.m. CANACE and Caledonia Victims Project organize a Father’s Day BBQ, with hotdogs, drinks, and chat. You’ll be able to listen to the music of Stuart Laughton, one of the  original members of Canadian Brass, founder of the roots-rock band Porkbelly Futures, and Founder/Artistic Director of The Forest Festival.

After the BBQ, from 2 p.m. a Truth and Reconciliation Rally is going to take place. The participants will try, once again, to erect a symbolic plywood Healing/Apology monument on the road allowance in front of the Douglas Creek Estates. Similar peaceful event took place a few months ago. Sadly, shortly after that the first monument  was stolen, destroyed and burnt along with the Canadian flag while OPP officers watched. Let’s hope that this time common sense would prevail…

For more information and directions, please check the organizers’ media release.

JDL Canada Protest Against the Sea Hitler (Canada Boat To Gaza)

On Friday, June 17, 2011, the Jewish Defense League (Canada) is organizing a protest against a shameful anti-Semitic initiative – the Canadian boat to Gaza (a.k.a. the Sea Hitler), which is supposed to deliver goods to the terrorists from Hamas.

The boat has been sponsored and paid for by wacky labour unions, Muslim fanatics, and rabid leftists, among whom are prominent members of NDP.

Despite the fact that Jack Layton has become the leader of “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition”, he still hasn’t condemned that “adventure”, which is in direct violation of Canada’s anti-terrorist laws and is supported by leading members of his party.

The protest’s purpose is to remind him that regardless of his socialist ideals, he, as a Canadian parliamentarian, is supposed to defend the interests of Canada and not those of the Hamas butchers.

The protest will take place from 12:00pm to 1:00pm at his office in Toronto:

Hon. NDP Leader Jack Layton Toronto Office

221 Broadview Avenue , Suite 100 (Main Office)
Toronto, ON
You can get more information at JDL’s Facebook page.

The Stars of Woofstock

Woofstock,Canada’s largest dog festival, took place in Toronto last Saturday and Sunday. As usual, it was a marvellous experience to see so many of my favourite animals in one place.

This is a multi-cultural, or rather multi-species, event, which I would gladly support with my tax dollars (although they probably don’t need that kind of support).

The love and friendliness, which emanated from those dogs, somehow penetrated the minds and hearts of the people who attended, making Torontonians look much friendlier and more cheerful than usual.

Yes, dogs bring so much to our lives – they love you unconditionally, they never lie, they would be loyal to the point of endangering themselves. All these are
qualities, which lack in so many humans.

An additional bonus to the event was the lack of hijabs and burqas. I saw only one girl with a hijab at the booth of a well known Canadian corporation, which was odd. She could easily go after them for forcing her to spend hours among hundreds of “unclean animals”.

Anyway, here are a few portraits of the stars that make Woofstock such a wonderful event:




























Here are few more pics.


Lawsuit against the Jew-Hating Canadian Boat Bound for Fatland

Fatland is Gaza. I gave it that name because of its dubious fame for being one of the fattest places in the world. According to the World Health Organization, 42.5% of the women there are obese (number 3 among all countries) and 23.9% of the men have the same condition (number 8 in this category).



It’s not necessary to go through statistics to get that impression – it’s enough to see footage from a Gaza Hamas rally.

At the same time, Gaza is supposed to be the world’s largest concentration camp. That’s according to the lefty idiots from the West, who are always on the lookout for new absurd causes to defend. It is hard to imagine that the evil Zionist “guards” would allow luxury hotels, malls, and stores in a concentration camp.

Yet the stores abound, especially the candy stores.

Gaza candy store

Gaza candy store


That must be a new development, because as far as I remember, nobody found candy stores in Auschwitz. Maybe the photographers have been looking in the wrong areas of the camp?


No candy stores in Auschwitz...


The Arabs adore candy and all other kinds of sweets (although the way they make them they are too sweet for my taste, I hope that doesn’t make me an Islamophob).

In the Palestinian culture candy plays an important role – it is always given away to celebrate heroic events, such as Hamas rocket hitting an Israeli school bus or an Arab coward slitting a baby’s throat. But we shouldn’t complain – going against the customs of those barbarians would be a violation of the sacred rules of multiculturalism.

Despite all that, Fatland is the number one darling of the Canadian Left. Now they are ready to send a boat to break the blockade imposed by Israel to stop weapon smuggling. Tahrir (a.k.a. The Sea Hitler) is ready to sail off in the end of this month. One may wonder about their short attention span – most of us still remember what hit the Turkish wannabe terrorists when they tried the same stunt last year.

Make no mistake – this is not about the “poor Palestinians” who get hundreds of millions of dollars from various international agencies for doing nothing.

It’s all about poorly veiled anti-Semitism and blatant self-interest. Statistics Canada just released its figures about the number of reported hate crimes (h/t BCF). The Jews, again, hold the sad record of the most hate crimes committed against them at 283; the Muslims are far behind with 36 crimes. Despite the blatant lies spread by some Canadian Muslim organizations about an apocalyptic wave of Islamophobia sweeping the country, the cold facts tell us something else. Not only are the Muslims not victims, but now they can successfully defeat gay politicians in Canada.

Here is a question for my lefty friends: a Canadian minority group is attacked nearly 8 times more than the Muslims, why don’t you rise up in its defence? I know why – the Jews are boring, they don’t fit the romantic leftist agenda. They work, they contribute to the arts and sciences, and they don’t collect welfare. On the other hand, the Palestinians whose main objective is to find more and more international agencies from which they can squeeze out a few more dollars, fit perfectly with the Marxist idea of the victim that needs to be liberated.

On the other hand, it’s lucrative to get a piece of the Palestinian action – all those leftist groups are making a pretty penny from the subsidies and donations
provided by UN, individual governments and charity organizations.  The Fatland boat organizers don’t rely solely on dumb donors, they get the big bucks from unions (like CUPW) or government-sponsored charities like Alternatives.

It would be naïve to think that all the money begged or donated are going for buying the supplies to be delivered – the crafty lefties deduct their share for “administrative” expenses, guaranteeing that they won’t need to get a real job.

It’s no wonder that somebody finally called the bluff of those self-righteous idiots. No, it wasn’t the government, which should be concerned about how those ant-Semites spend the taxpayers’ money.

Cherna Rosenberg, an ordinary Canadian Jewish woman had the courage to stand up. It’s an act of courage, because I know very well how viciously the Left attacks anybody who opposes their worldview.

You can read the text of the lawsuit here. It’s an eye-opening story of a person who, together with her family, has suffered the Palestinian savagery for years. She explains how the constant terror of Hamas has cost lost lives, property damage and mental suffering to thousands of Israelis. Despite them being elected, Hamas is still a terrorist organization bound on destroying Israel (don’t forget that Hitler was also lawfully elected).

In her lawsuit she dares to ask the question our government should’ve asked long time ago – why do authorities in Canada allow the open aiding and abetting of a murderous and terrorist organization? After all, we have laws that clearly prohibit that.

It’s a shame that a person had to do that through the court system. The whole boat issue is such a blatant violation of the Canadian laws that our “dear leaders” should’ve closed down that terror-supporting venture long time ago.

Now it will be up to the courts to decide on the issue. Are we going to get a “progressive judge” who would throw out the lawsuit, thinking that Palestinian terrorism doesn’t get enough support? Or maybe we will deal with somebody who, unlike the government, takes Canada’s laws seriously?

Let’s wait and see…

© 2011

Toronto Police Video Promotes the High Park Burial Ground Hoax

… Snake Mound in Turtle Island (If you are confused, read on)…

Last week I wrote a post about the protest at High Park against the Aboriginal group, which built a camp with the support of the City of Toronto. I didn’t expect that short piece with pictures to cause such a heated debate. Within the comments section, fierce arguments and fights took place.

I received a few threats and was even informed by one of the posters that the police were watching my little blog. Nothing wrong with that – that’s what the blogs are for, people should exchange opinions openly. It’s the best way for the public to decide what is right.

The gist of the post was that I and many other people don’t like that a part of High Park was fenced and restricted to be used by one specific ethnicity and no other people were allowed in the area. It somehow slipped the City officials’ minds that the park was a public property.  Shouldn’t be that considered  apartheid”? (No, the lefties use that word only when they want to do some Jew-bashing.)

The whole commotion started with the statement of an Aboriginal group that the area was an ancient Indian burial ground desecrated by the bike races taking place there.

That version of the events was refuted quickly – an article in Toronto Star, quoting archaeological research and another Aboriginal group saying the whole thing was a hoax. The group was very critical about the actions of the occupiers. That’s a serious statement – Toronto Star is a left-wing paper, where even Haroon Siddiqui and Heather Mallick are considered serious columnists. If there was the slightest option to make the burial ground look real, they would have done that, instead of questioning the claims.

I was accused by other posters that I was lying about the occupation and the flag. At the time I had only my witness account and a few pictures, but that was not enough for those people.

Now I have a God-sent video, officially released by the Toronto Police, which shows what happened.

You can watch it here.

Fascinating, isn’t it? And it can’t get more official than that.

I had no idea we had an Aboriginal Peacekeeping Unit. What is the difference compared to the ordinary police? Is the unit supposed to deal with Aboriginals gone wild or with other races gone wild on Aboriginals? Are there any other peacekeeping units? White Peacekeeping? Chinese Peacekeeping? We could have definitely made a good use of a Tamil Peacekeeping Unit. (Do you remember the highway protest?)

The video proves beyond any doubt that the police did proudly support the burial ground hoax. It started with the notorious flag of confrontation (now you can’t deny it wasn’t there).

As a side note on the flag issue, let me say that I was referred to a very interesting work by Kahente Horn-Miller, titled The Emergence of the Mohawk Warrior Flag, which was presented as an MA thesis at Concordia University in August 2003. If we ignore her shaky theoretical ideas, which are supported in part through the writings of Ward Churchill (a disgraced professor, plagiarist and fake Cherokee), the anthropological facts she includes are valuable, because Ms. Horn-Miller comes from the community, where the flag was created in 1980’s.

On pages 94-95, she states the following about the flag’s symbolism:

“The Warrior head depicts a traditional Mohawk hairstyle. Warriors often shaved or plucked their hair leaving only a scalp lock. The hair at the back of the lock was left long. This scalp lock was a challenge to the enemy to get the scalp if he could. The hair in the back was left long so that it could be held while removing the scalp.”

That’s quite gross, but it clearly shows that the image symbolizes war and confrontation. There is nothing peaceful about the flag. She confirms that impression a few pages later, on page 112:

“The Flag first came to international prominence in the summer of 1990, during the Oka standoff at Kanehsatake. There, it flew alongside other Indigenous flags and the symbol of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Hiawatha Belt depicted in flag. Since that time, the Flag has shown up all over the world and continues to represent for many unity and resistance. These concepts from the basis for various events such as Ganiekeh, the Oka Crisis, Ipperwash, Gustafsen Lake, and the Lobster Dispute at Esgenoopetitj (Burnt Church). Upon cursory examination, they appear as simply Indigenous people unified in resistance against the Canadian state. As such, they are different times and places but similar events. They are all Indigenous response to loss of land and resources by a show of strength and a call for assistance from supporters.”

So beyond any doubt, the flag represents “resistance against the Canadian state”. Using it at High Park means that the events that took place there can be ranked at the same level as Oka and Ipperwash, so the intentions of the Aboriginals were very clear. The issue was a confrontation with the Canadian state. It still boggles my mind how you can deny the legitimacy of the Canadian state and at the same time collect billions of dollars in welfare payments from it.

There is nothing new here, occupations like this one are “normal”, the new twist is that the police are practically promoting it.

The guy with the funny hat, who appeared in the beginning of the video, stated that this was a sacred ground (he called the place Snake Mound). There is no
evidence for that whatsoever, but if the “Seneca Wolf Clan” from Hamilton says so, the police go with that. Don’t the Toronto Police do their due diligence
when associating their name with such claims?

And what was the deal with the man wearing the Calgary baseball cap and the “Deer Police” shirt? Is that a police unit, which handles deer or a unit in which deer serve as police? Little bit of extra information wouldn’t hurt.

To make the events look more official, they opened with a sacred ceremony, which involved starting a fire. Correct me, if I’m wrong, but isn’t starting a fire
at a random place in a park against the law? If I start a fire in the same way, I’ll be chased with a gun and fined through my nose. Why did the police and the
parks authorities bend the law to accommodate a specific ethnicity?

And what about the unions? All the work in those parks is done by highly paid union workers. If Rob Ford brought in a few guys willing to do the rejuvenation job for free, the unions would be up in arms about the issue. They’ll be picketing City Hall to condemn the heartless anti-worker agenda of the Mayor. Yet in this case, we didn’t hear a peep from the unions. The Aboriginals said that they were going to restore the area; doesn’t that deprive the workers from work? No need to ask – the unions are more than willing to sacrifice the workers’ interests just to show that they can “stick it up to the Man.”

The sad truth is that both the police and the parks department are afraid of the Indians – they can either create a big fuss by bringing more people or file discrimination complaints. That’s why they don’t oppose them, thinking that if they appease them, the issue would somehow go away. It won’t. Needless to say, this a double standard that benefits one ethnicity – if a group of white or Chinese people build such a camp based on weird claims, they’ll be arrested before finishing their explanations.

The police shouldn’t do such things, they are not supposed to take sides.

For example, an American writer wrote in a comment to my previous post that she was helped by and even spent time with the Aboriginals in their High Park camp and saw the bones and arrow heads they dug out (the whole scene sounded like an East German western with Gojko Mitic). Obviously, those events exist only in her disturbed mind. Further she added that unlike Indians, white people would’ve helped her only if she was a young girl, whom they can use sexually. This is a disgusting racist remark, but she can say it at my blog (as long as she doesn’t address it to a specific person) in the name of free speech, then I can confront her with my own opinion.

But she is an individual, whose words don’t affect many people.

On the other hand, the police as a government organization don’t have the right to free speech and opinion. Their purpose is to uphold the law and apply it
equally to everybody.

It is appalling to bring into the park a group of people who don’t live in Toronto (they came from Hamilton) and don’t pay taxes and give them jurisdiction over a piece of it on the basis of false claims. If they have any demands, they must prove them in the court of law, with real evidence, not myths and fantasies.

What if they show up at Sky Dome and declare it an Indian cemetery? Are the police going to let them in and make another video? In Caledonia such an “innocent” small occupation turned into years of abuse of the local taxpaying population, silently and sometimes vocally supported by OPP and the Ontario Government.

The job of the police is to keep order, not to perform community bonding PR stunts. It was nice they didn’t do that last years during the G20 protests – instead of appeasing and accommodating the thugs and criminals, they arrested them (although they should’ve acted faster).

They at least should have checked the facts – such a measure would’ve shown immediately that they were dealing with a hoax.

So this is a question for the officers involved in making the video – Constables Tony Vella, Scott Mills, Kim Turner and everybody else who authorized it– for
how long would the police promote marginal groups out of fear that they can make more noise and at the same time ignore the ordinary taxpayers who just
have to shut up and pay? Don’t you owe the public an apology or at least an explanation?

The park should be accessible to everybody, without any conditions.

© 2011



Canada Post’s Suicidal Union

When shortly after midnight last Thursday Canada Post’s union (CUPW) announced they were on strike, I met the news with almost total disbelief. After the 1997 strike and the numerous short calls during negotiations after that, it seemed to me that it was getting less and less likely to justify a postal strike.

But nevertheless they did it!

The first thing that popped up in my mind upon hearing the news was the final scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. If you remember, Brian (Graham Chapman’s character) was mistaken for a prophet and eventually crucified by the Romans. After he was abandoned by all of his friends and family,  something exciting happened – the “crack suicide squad” approached the crucifixion place. All of them were armed to the teeth and they scared away the Roman soldiers.

But instead of freeing the crucified people, they all took out their swords and committed a collective suicide. It was a totally meaningless event done for a totally meaningless reason.

That’s what CUPW’s actions look like. They went on strike over some strange issues that the normal working people would neither understand, nor encounter in their working lives. Besides that, the workload of the postal workers is not going up; it’s even being reduced by the new forms of communication.

Yet postal workers are better paid than many highly educated and qualified professions. All they need to qualify for the job is reading ability at grade 3 level that would let them find the names of the streets and match the address written on the envelopes or packages. That’s hardly a work that deserves such a high pay. As of the sob story about delivering mail in February, there are many more occupations that suffer cold and are paid less.

Despite all that, they still manage to screw things – last year a credit card sent by my bank was delivered to a totally different address. The nice person who got the envelope was kind enough to bring it to my place. What if he wasn’t that nice?

The 1997 strike was horrible – it continued for 2 weeks in December and probably devastated many small businesses. I remember that I had to send my Christmas letters to Europe and other countries. The rates that UPS and the couriers asked for were exorbitant and I had no choice but to go to the USA to mail them. I had no car at the time so I had to take the bus to Buffalo.

Then I had to deal with the obnoxious weirdos that guard the US border (they had the same attitude long before 9/11 even during the “wonderful” Clinto times). Up to that point I thought that the Russian guards were the worst. One of those Nazi-like people flatly stated that he had the right to open all letters to look for money, said with the smirk of  the powerful customs agent, who is much better than me, the insignificant ant. And he really started to rip the letters open, but changed his mind after the third one and let me go (there was no money in the letters).

Then I had to deal with the ghost town of Buffalo – it was a Sunday and everything was closed. While walking the streets, I encountered several black guys shaking and barely able to speak (I had no idea that the state was drug-induced) who asked me for cigarettes and I had to give them all my smokes to get rid of them.

I finally found stamps at the souvenir shop of the Hilton Hotel. I even had to have a lunch at their restaurant, because everything else was closed. On top of
everything, they only had Coors Beer, which I hate.

Every element of that experience piled up points of hate against Canada Post.

What a difference 14 years make! Now I don’t have to send letters and I don’t need to deal with sadistic border guards. One of my businesses still depends on physical shipping, but I can survive the interruption.

Yet the Canada Post union somehow failed to notice that they entered a new century. Or maybe they did – this is not a total walk-out, but as of now is conducted as a rotating strike, hitting new towns every day.

Still, it’s a sad end for a powerful union that used to make the country tremble from its power. They have long ago abandoned the real world and are trying to get involved in questionable initiatives.

CUPW is a major sponsor of the Canadian flotilla supposed to leave for Gaza in the end of this month. I wonder how they come to support that anti-Semitic venture, which is going to confront IDF directly. How is going the union to react if the hapless idiots on the boat get hurt in the confrontation? The Palestinian terrorists will be excited to have few Canadian fools sacrificed for their cause, but how are the leaders of CUPW going to sleep at night?

I guess they’ll sleep all right – all postal workers are forced to join the union and pay dues, which the leadership can use any way they please.

Isn’t it time to end that madness?

Let’s disband the Canada Post union – postal workers have no use for it, the only people who benefit are the bosses who can waste the dues on anti-Semitic ventures.

And let our next goal be the privatization of Canada Post to bring it truly to the business practices of the new century.

© 2011