Vulgar Women from Toronto March against Donald Trump

Canada’s lefties see our southern neighbours as unkempt hicks who can’t match the high sophistication of the dwellers of the Great White North. Unfortunately, the reality shows that the lefties in both countries share the same strange and irrational behaviour. The reactions to Donald Trump’s victory demonstrated that once again.

Yesterday’s women’s march against Trump was supposed to show the moral superiority of women who didn’t bother to vote but took the streets to whine and complain without any clear purpose. In the USA that protest probably has some justification because The Donald is now their President. However, it was hard to make sense of the march in Toronto.

Trump’s policies have absolutely no bearing on the life in Canada, other than the fact that an improved US economy will devastate Canada, crippled by high electricity prices, regulations, and upcoming carbon taxes. But the women in the march were not concerned about the economy. When there is a rally against unfair taxes or government mismanagement in Canada, it attracts hundreds at most.


Yesterday’s march attracted tens of thousands who, judging from their signs, were in competition to use the foulest possible language. You will see that in the photos below. It was hard to take seriously the declared message of “compassion” and “hope” when the participants did their best to sound like harbour hookers. One of their signs summarized the event’s meaning: “The Psychopaths have arrived”.

toronto-women-anti-trump-march-2699% of the participants were the typical white “progressives” from Toronto’s downtown core. Other than the foulmouthed women, the event was attended by quite a few girly guys and even girlier husbands and boyfriends, who were probably dragged there under the threat to be left out in the doghouse. The abundance of representatives of the parasitic public employees’ unions, the useless social justice organizations and even different communist factions, left little doubt that the long arm of the Nazi apprentice George Soros had made it possible to get so many lefty idiots in one place.


Still, Canada is a dull country and the speakers at the march couldn’t match the flamboyant lefty leaders we see in the USA. In Washington, D.C., the march was led by the epic psychopath Ashley Judd, who projected her sick sex fantasies on Donald Trump, implying attraction to his own daughter. Madonna boldly stated that she wanted to blow up the White House. And I am not sure, if she had delivered on her promise to give blowjobs to all who voted for Crooked Hillary.

Toronto’s speakers were modest – mostly leaders of obscure social justice organizations that are still generously financed by the corrupt provincial government in Ontario. The one that stood out was Ausma Malik, a school trustee, who boasted that she became the first hijab-wearing woman to take a public office in Canada after a vicious racist campaign against her. She was lying about the campaign, trying to blackmail the people who tried to point out her participation in event supporting Hezbollah.

What made the event even more disgusting, was that many of those vulgar women brought their children. Not only were the children exposed to obscene signs and chants, but some of them were also forced to carry those signs. I saw a young boy declaring proudly that “the future is female”. Are they going to neuter him in that future? Another young boy (sorry, I have no picture) carried a sign on his neck: “Hey, Trump, do you know what genderqueer is?” And then, a few little girls made their point with: “Feminism is my favourite F- word” and “Dump on Trump”. Obviously, for those people, public child abuse is not a big deal.

toronto-women-anti-trump-march-4-childrentoronto-women-anti-trump-march-24-childrenProbably because of such “progressive” parents, now we have in Ontario a perverse sex-ed curriculum prepared under the watchful eye of the convicted pedophile Prof. Ben Levin.

Here are the pictures from the march. Since I am often accused of having “hate speech” in the blog, I am not going to spell out the signs of those vulgar idiots. Let them speak for themselves.


I hope the kid doesn’t know how to read



Trump will eat Village Idiot Trudeau alive



Trump will eat Village Idiot Trudeau alive

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  1. Sharon Isac says:

    I don’t want to sound like a racist here, but the crowd seems predominantly white – male and female -of all ages, and yes, I find it most disturbing to see young children carrying those placards. Brainwashing is bad enough in public schools, but it’s starting right at home with babies.

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