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The extremely cold weather and icy wind didn’t stop a few hundred people from protesting in front of the provincial parliament in Queen’s Park the newest initiative of Kathleen Wynne’s corrupt Liberal government. The new sex education curriculum, created in secrecy and kept out of sight until yesterday, was the reason for the anger of the protestors.

The bizarre project, which the Ministry of Education vowed to introduce this coming September, regardless of parents’ opinions, teaches age-inappropriate subjects as homosexuality, masturbation, anal sex, and even ridiculous pseudo-scientific concepts like “gender fluidity.” Only a very selected group of parents was chosen to “evaluate” the curriculum based on small excerpts from it. Its credibility wasn’t helped by the fact that one of its architects was Prof. Ben Levin (Deputy Minister of Education at the time), who had a keen interest in children, but unfortunately in the wrong way. He has been charged with and soon he is going to plead guilty of creating child pornography and inciting a mother to commit a sex act with her child.

Everybody who lives in Ontario is aware that this is one new element in the long string of misdeeds committed by the Liberals – crime, cover ups, green energy scams, wasting billions of money, and now forcing a perverted sex curriculum on us, have become the norm.

toronto-sex-ed-curriculum-protest-1toronto-sex-ed-curriculum-protest-2toronto-sex-ed-curriculum-protest-7 Toronto is a home to a very diverse population and usually the issues that concern different groups are also too diverse to unite them. However, this was one of those rare occasions, where people of many different backgrounds and races – Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and many others – got together to stand up against something, which affects their most precious possessions – their children. The downtown elites, the lefty academia and the homosexual lobby are used to getting their way by forcing their agenda – those who resist are blackmailed in the press, ostracized or fired from their jobs. But when so many people resist that politically correct dictatorship, they eventually will have to listen.

The signs they carried left no doubt that the parents didn’t want to be bullied by the Queen’s Park gang.


“Math, not masturbation, science, not sex” “Stop corrupting the next generation”


“LGBQT it’s not about you, it’s about our parental rights”


“Sex is for adults, childhood is for kids”


Tribute to Ben Levin

Naturally, the politicians who didn’t want to offend the perverts, who designed the curriculum, boycotted the event. The only one that I saw among the people was MPP Monte McNaughton, the candidate for the leadership position of the PCP of Ontario. He had stated numerous time his opposition to the new sex curriculum, so his presence wasn’t a surprise. Another candidate for the same position, Christine Elliott, after carefully avoiding the issue for months, finally broke her silence. An hour before I left for the protest, I received her statement – a few lukewarm and vague paragraphs, which admitted that the parents should be consulted on the issue, but were still silent on the content of the curriculum. It was nothing more than another attempt to cover all bases and attract the conservative voters without saying anything of substance.


MPP Monte McNaughton at the protest

If you want to see who benefits from the introduction of new rules (or a curriculum in this case), just watch who shows up to support it. On Facebook they planned a large counter-protest at the same place to show the big support for the curriculum, but when there is no actual support, the results are comical.

All that they managed to bring to oppose the concerned parents was a tiny group of trannies and homosexuals. Apparently, the extensive education that the kids are going to receive on the issues of homosexuality, transgenderism, and anal sex would groom them properly and help them “experiment” in those exciting lifestyles. One of the signs they had was “Trans People Exist.” Yes, we all are aware of that mental disorder that with the help of the government is pushed into the mainstream. Over a year ago, during a U of T conference for kids from school homosexual clubs (“Gay Straight Alliances”), underage boys and girls were handed booklets (published by the Government of Ontario) about the “trans” lifestyle, where they could find tips on how to work as tranny hookers.

toronto-sex-ed-curriculum-counter-protest-1toronto-sex-ed-curriculum-counter-protest-2Another sign they displayed was that “consent saves lives.” In the new sex curriculum, the issue of sexual consent is taught from a very early age (though according to the Canadian law, sexual consent can be given only by persons aged 16 and up). I didn’t have the chance to ask the sign creator what he meant, so I have to guess. Maybe if a 7-year old girl consents to the advances of a rapist, he may be gracious enough to let her live, so in that case “consent saves lives.” I wonder if consent would’ve worked for the Toronto shoeshine boy Emanuel Jacques, who was repeatedly raped and drowned in the end by homosexuals in 1977.

The group was small, but quite noisy, trying to disrupt the event. The guy with the homosexual flag in the picture even performed a short fairy dance.

You can see a few highlights in the movie:

Today’s event was another reminder about what we are up against. In times when the scores of the students in Ontario are falling, the educators in the province don’t give a damn about teaching technical and scientific knowledge, which would make kids more competitive in life. Instead, they are taught regurgitated Marxist crap about social justice and guilt to make them even more insecure. Adding the new sex curriculum, which will groom them to become an easy prey for perverts and child rapists, is not helping either.

The parents should continue the fight – the future of their children is at stake.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Emile Jacques? I see similarities with his case in 1977 to what happened to Jesse Dirkhising in 1999. He was bound, gagged, and repeatedly sodomized until he died from suffocation.

    Predatory homosexuals will always be a danger to kids. However, don’t expect any sympathy from Ontario’s chief dyke.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Unless the outcome is death, such cases are covered up for years. There were several cases in Toronto with homosexual coaches (one in the Maple Leaf Gardens), which took many years to get to the attention of the prosecutors. In all cases, the punishment the homosexual rapists receive is symbolic.

  2. Ted Harlson says:

    The very word consent is being corrupted by this introduction of sex education. Not only that, men/boy’s will no longer be considered innocent, but guilty in sex situations, to then prove innocence. The deeper meaning of this Liberal curriculum is available at Paul McKeever’s website. Ontario politicians have been sent the following letter, so they will have no excuse for this horrid piece of legislation.

  3. D says:

    Here’s my video on this, share!

    Protest Against Ontario’s New Sex-Ed Curriculum – February 24 Toronto Queens Park

  4. robin says:

    There is a FB event organizing amother protest for April 10th. Spread the word.

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