Al Gore in Bed with Muslim Fanatics


The Emir of Qatar loves Al Gore


A few days ago we were pleasantly surprised to learn that Al Gore sold his Current TV to Al Jazeera, thus providing the extremist Arab broadcaster with a new venue to peddle their Muslim propaganda in the USA.

Current TV was created by the Godfather of the global warming scam to indoctrinate the American people with the new environmental doomsday religion. Almost since the very beginning the channel turned out to be a failure. Bad programming, horrible hosts and the failure of the global warming catastrophe to materialize, were among the reason for Current TV’s dismal ratings.

Things got so bad that Al Gore had to look for a buyer to avoid bankruptcy. It didn’t look like there were many willing buyers. Glen Beck’s Blaze made an offer, but it was rejected because of Beck’s political views.

Then suddenly Al Jazeera entered the picture and the deal was closed in the last days of December. Reportedly, Current was sold for $500 million and Al Gore got to keep $100 million of that sum.

The deal exposed the hypocritical side of Al Gore, which most people were aware of, but he tried to conceal it until now behind his image of a benefactor of humanity.

The Green Giant Al Gore preached tirelessly how we were supposed to replace all energy sources with windmills and other insanities, if we were to survive. Yet his fabulous progressive station was bought by a company subsidized entirely with “dirty money” coming from the oil produced in Qatar.

Al didn’t bother to explain how the oil money he pocketed would benefit our “green future”.

Al didn’t seem to notice the ideological position of Al Jazeera either. The company’s only purpose is to advance the agenda of fanatical Islam. For many years they have been a mouthpiece of Osama bin Laden and his terrorist group. Al Jazeera always broadcasted his video and audio recordings spreading his message all over the world.

They also have staunchly supported the authoritarian rule in Qatar and internationally they were behind the movements in the Arab countries that brought forth the dominance of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al Gore was in a hurry to close the deal by the end of December in order to avoid the potential new taxes. That’s the same guy who wanted to convince us that we should pay carbon taxes and all other kinds of rackets, which would go into the pockets of African savages and Chinese communists. However, paying money out of his pocket to subsidize those “noble” causes was out of the question.

The exciting part is that Gore along with other capos of the global warming mafia are abandoning the ship. The sad thing is that they have already cost us hundreds of billions of dollars.

Mr. Gore, you easily won “The Asshole of the Year” award.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Gore doesn’t seem to know that running everything on windmills and/or solar power will only work for individual buildings, depending on whether or not they are residences or businesses. But then again, I doubt it he will be buying any windmills for his own home with that $100M.

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