Canada Quits Kyoto Protocol – David Suzuki Granted Asylum in Denmark

Well, only the first half of the title is true – at the recent G8 meeting Canada (along with the USA, Russia and Japan) informed the other countries that we are not going to join the second round of the carbon cuts insanity.

As of David Suzuki, it would have been nice if his outrage at that betrayal really forced him to move to Denmark, a country whose landscape has been “pleasantly” destroyed by the power producing windmills. Unfortunately, he is still here – where else, except in British Columbia, would he be able to find such a gullible audience for his environmental lunacy?

We’ll be condemned to watch for years to come his dreadful commercials promoting pigtail light bulbs, which are not only expensive, but also dangerous due to the mercury they contain.

Even with Suzuki remaining in Canada, the news is wonderful. The global warming scam has been mortally wounded. USA never took the Kyoto Protocol seriously – Bill Clinton signed it in 1997, but the Senate under him unanimously refused to implement it (ironically, the Agence France-Presse news claims that it was George W. Bush who refused the ratification, which is a lie, but in Europe Bush is guilty for everything).

The implementation of the carbon cuts in the Russian industry would be suicidal. Japan really tried to implement the requirements of the Protocol, but with the latest earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, even the lip service to the environmental madness would be a catastrophe for the incompetent government of Naoto Kan.  The country must first survive before shoving any green fraud schemes down the throats of its citizens.

As of Canada, Prime Minister Chretien signed it to show our “moral superiority” over the Yankee brutes, but had enough brains to do nothing about implementing the Protocol. During the last election campaign “Whorehouse Jack” Layton and the mad professor Michael Ignatieff tried to resurrect it, offering increased taxes and other green schemes, but you all know what happened in the end.

Of course, the die-hard supporters of the scam like Germany and the Scandinavian countries would persist for a while. Germany is going to close down all of its nuclear power plants and restrict the other “dirty” energy sources. Its government is trying to promote “reduced needs” among the population. That’s a nice dream in the heads of their Green Party idiots, but just wait and see when the industrial output falls and millions of people become unemployed. With such mistreatment of its own population, Germany would pave the way for a new Hitler. Do we really need to live through that all over again?

The most entertaining part of those environmental doomsday predictions is that they promise the demise of the world by a certain date. And the date never comes… I collect books with the predictions of famous psychics (like Jane Dixon) which were published in the 1960’s and 1970’s – the common thread in all of them is that none of their prediction for the future of our world came true.

You may say that now we deal with environmental scientists instead of psychics, but the result is exactly the same. A funny article appeared in Guardian in October 2005 claiming that by the year 2010 as many as 100 million people will live in areas, which are under sea level. Over 50 million of them would be forced to relocate, because their lands would be submerged. Among other things, the article stated that New Zealand has agreed to take in the whole population of the Polynesian nation of Tuvalu.

Nothing of that came true – the human impact on nature even today is minuscule. However, can you imagine the billions of dollars transferred to the crooks from the United Nations by gullible nations (like Japan) to fight the” imminent disaster”?

Most of the money went into the bank accounts of corrupt Third World UN diplomats, financed useless organizations or was spent by the UN staff on first class flights, gourmet food and expensive whores. It is a total disgrace that those organizations use such scams to extort countless amounts of money from us.

And that’s the beauty of the UN – if one of their scams is debunked, they can always come up with another one, because they have the bureaucratic network and the false authority to scare many people. The scheme works like in the old Groucho Marx saying: “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”

The global warming looks like a fraud? No problem, enter the Pachamama cult! Recently the President of Bolivia Evo Morales came up with the idea of giving the same rights to “Mother Earth” as the human beings are entitled to. Well, that’s no wonder – Morales is a semi-literate Marxist, who got elected to the office by the fully illiterate Indians with the promise that he was going to resolve all of their problems.

However, instead of tackling the real issues of the economy, which would assure the prosperity of his country, rich in national resources, he chose to impose some idiotic pagan ideology pretending that he is doing something.

The beauty of his scheme, which attracted the UN attention, is that since “Mother Earth” can’t speak for herself, according to his law, she will be represented by environmental groups, which are concerned about her wellbeing. They’ll be able to file the lawsuits on behalf of her and get the  compensation money allocated for solving the particular problem.

Ain’t that nice? There’ll be hundreds of millions of dollars in free money for the environmental wackos.

How can the UN let a brilliant idea like this one go unnoticed? The lawsuits on behalf the abstract entity Pachamama would provide billions of dollars to the Muslim barbarians form the Organization of Islamic Conference and the Third World thieves, who hate the civilized West from the bottom of their hearts.

I am sure that the hapless Scandinavians will go for that until they are totally destroyed, but what about the USA and Canada? Are we going to let the Third World’s primitive ideas destroy our civilization?

It’s up to us to send the global warming scam and the Pachamama idiocy to the dustbin of history.

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