Crazy Naomi Klein Peddles Fear to Gullible Urban Imbeciles in Toronto



Last week, Naomi Klein, the High Priestess of the global warming scam (pardon me… “climate change”) summoned her flock in the central library of Toronto. They were supposed to be administered the next dose of indoctrination through her new book “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.”

Naomi is a living proof of the old maxim that nobody has ever gone broke overestimating the ignorance of the American public. In her case the influence goes beyond the USA to encompass a wide audience in many countries. In delivering her message of doom and gloom (if we don’t follow her way), she has mastered the best traditions of the snake oil salesmen and the tent preachers of the American South.

What kind of an audience would be receptive to that kind of message? It’s not hard to figure that out – it’s mostly the sheltered urbanites, who know very little about the real world.


Naomi Klein in Toronto

While waiting for the chance to get into the hall where the book launch was about to begin (the all reserved seats tickets were all taken, they are free) I observed the crowd in line. There was the notorious “progressive” lawyer Clayton Ruby in dark blue suit, leaning against the wall (probably there is some legal benefit in the “climate change”). Then I spotted Kyo Maclear, a fiction writer, member of Naomi’s hipster inner circle. It was strange she didn’t have a seat reserved. Kyo was with her husband David. I shuddered when I saw him – last year Kyo’s father had a book signing event (his new book on the Vietnam War). Without any connection to the event, David made an appeal for the release of his friend John Greyson, the homosexual filmmaker, who was jailed in Egypt on his way to help the Hamas terrorists. In his honour, David performed his cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Song of Isaac.” It was one of the worst renditions of a Cohen song I have ever heard, it still haunts me.

The ordinary folks, who came to worship Naomi, varied, but saving the world definitely was their unifying characteristic. There were quite a few students. It was impossible to miss the bicyclists, carrying their helmets with the attitude of moral superiority attached to them. They were complemented by the older people, who usually need a cause to make their lives meaningful (like the conviction that if you always carry the same stained grocery bag, you are saving the planet).

It’s no wonder that Naomi’s snake oil sells well among those people. Though she takes real facts and situations, she derives from them conclusions, which are not only far-fetched, but also completely wrong. In “The Shock Doctrine” she made the observation of how the globalists tried to expand Western capitalism into the former communist countries through the so-called “shock therapy,” which failed miserably and brought to prominence shady oligarchs. However, then she made the insane extrapolation that the “disaster capitalism” is the modus operandi of the West.

In the book she was promoting at the library she went even further, declaring capitalism the root of all evil. Didn’t a grumpy bearded German, who spent most of his life in London mooching off the profits of his capitalist German buddy, hold the same view?

After Naomi received a standing ovation from her cultists, she began her presentation with reading a long list of acknowledgements to her publishers, editors, her relatives from the “Landsberg clan,” who occupied a few rows (I wonder if those noble socialists pedaled to the event to reduce their carbon footprint).

Naomi has a moose obsession – I have heard her talk about those big annoying animals before, but she managed to squeeze them again into her library talk. She said how she was discussing a moose picture book with her child and thought that she would never be able to see a moose again. (If she lives in Toronto or Vancouver, she is correct.) Then she explained how she heard from Alberta Indians (pardon me… “first nations”) that the moose meat in the province is turning green from exposure to the “tar sands” pollution. Naturally, she didn’t provide proof.

Then she entered her preacher mode and accused Stephen Harper of waging a war against science for not taking the global warming seriously. He was a criminal, because he ignored the hurricanes, storms, earthquakes and all other scary things that were caused by capitalism. (There is no proof that ice melting or disasters have increased and we all remember the cold earlier this year, but that means nothing to the Naomi mob.)

After the introduction, the presentation continued as a conversation between Naomi and a CBC journalist. Her views became clear – the “climate change” worldwide disasters (existing mostly in her mind) are caused by the relentless pursuit of profit by the world capitalism. To avoid the imminent disaster, we have to abolish the principles of capitalism, give up the idea of profits and create a completely new society. It will consist of small communities, where the spirit of cooperation will reign. The basis of the new society will be the full abolishment of fossil fuels and the dominance of renewable energy sources (at this point in history that means solar and wind scams).

Her point of view is so insane that some people may have doubts about my reporting. Fortunately, Naomi also granted an interview to Now Magazine (Toronto’s best hooker directory), where you can read:

Let’s try leaving fossil fuel in the ground instead of emitting it, offsetting it, trading it or trying to find another form of fossil fuel like natural gas. Let’s actually switch our economy to decentralized renewables. That doesn’t mean crashing the economy, but it is a challenge to the hyper-profitable model of fossil fuels. The good news is that the profits stay in communities. That’s the model we’re starting to see in places like Germany, which has encouraged hundreds of new energy cooperatives and publicly controlled utilities. This is inspiring.

In the title I called her audience “imbeciles” – I should’ve used a harsher word, because the stupidity of those who believe that woman is truly endless. She is peddling the anarchist fantasies of Prince Kropotkin about replacing the state with smaller, self-sufficient communities.

Her followers believe that when the idea is put into practice, they will still be able to have their lattes, government grants and welfare cheques, with the only difference of more solar panels on the roofs and a few windmills “diversifying” the city landscape. Wrong!

The success and power of a civilization is always measured by the amount of energy it can produce and utilize. If we abolish mining, “fossil fuels” and nuclear energy as wise Naomi demands, that will cause a domino effect of destruction of the most industries. How are we going to produce and maintain solar panels and windmills, if we can’t get from the earth the metals and other materials needed for them? Even “biofuels” like corn need huge fields, which cannot be maintained without machinery and processing plants.

In the case of Canada, those perspectives chart a bleak future. Canada is dead without its resource industries. Without resources there will be no transportation (unless we rely on the Mennonite buggies). The urban hipsters will be unpleasantly surprised when all exotic fruits and other imported goods disappear from the supermarkets. Then the supermarkets will disappear to be replaced by street merchants selling the limited produce, which the climate of Canada can provide, at exorbitant prices.

Another one of Naomi’s fantasies is that the new minimalist society will be controlled by enlightened environmentalists (the snotty type seen at Whole Foods – thinking that by buying phony organic food they are “saving the planet”). Wrong again. In a grim society, which has deliberately destroyed itself, those types would have really tough time because of lack of survival skills. An urbanite with a degree in gender studies, social justice, world peace or medieval lesbianism, has a very little chance of survival in an environment where you need to work hard just to stay alive. But they are not going to suffer that long – due to the lack of gas and oil for heating, most of them would die the first winter after Naomi introduces her sweeping reforms. (Before that they may still chase her with pitchforks.)

That will be the gloomy world of Mad Max or Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slapstick.” In the latter, the destruction of the economy caused by the Chinese control over gravity has created a society that is truly “carbon-neutral” (in modern terms). The 107-year old President of the USA must compete with the Duke of Oklahoma and the King of Michigan over can supplies and meager crops. The prediction is not that far-fetched – Obama is working on this scenario by threatening an “executive action over climate change.”

I am not sure if Naomi Klein believes what she preaches. If she does, she truly is out of her mind, which is not that strange – there were many like her in history, who found people crazier and more stupid than them to cause an irreparable damage. Like the “global cooling” and “new ice age” from the 1970’s, the global warming is another mass psychosis, which persists despite the failure of all theories “supporting” it and all empirical material proving things didn’t work that way.

It seems that mankind is condemned to walk in circles, never learning anything from history. Those delusions guarantee that we always would be surrounded by big and little Naomi Kleins, able to charge top bucks for their false doomsday sermons.


© 2014

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I remember in the 1970s when scientists were warning of an impending new Ice Age. They even talked (seriously) about using thermonuclear weapons to melt the ice caps to prevent the icing over of the planet. Right after this fad came the “fact” that there would not be a drop of oil left on the planet within 30 years (that would take us up to 2005).

    I wonder how far these global warming terrorists (er, cultists) would go to silence those of us who strongly disagree with them?

    1. admiwrath says:

      It’s always the same scheme – if an attempt to establish mass control over society fails, they move to other scarecrow.

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