Global Warming Apocalypse Postponed until Year 3000

According to the latest predictions of the environmental “scientists” (link), the mankind is facing an ecological disaster if no measures are taken to put under control the green gas emissions, specifically the carbon dioxide.

Sounds familiar? Don’t we get that scare every day? No, this time it’s different. The scientists say that if we don’t take measures by 2100, we will suffer grave consequences in 3000.

So what happened to the imminent catastrophe that we were facing? I, like everybody else, clearly remember how Al Gore and the rest of the global warming scaremongers were throwing around warnings like ancient prophets just before the start of every major (and not so major) environmental summit. It was always the same – if we don’t build those electricity producing windmills everywhere, if we don’t stay in the cold, the planet will perish.

When you threaten enough times and nothing happens, you become a laughing stock to everybody. It’s just like with the preachers who thunder that the end of the world is coming soon. If that doesn’t happen, they lose all their credibility. That’s why some of them postpone the end to distant future.

Probably the environmental scientists followed their example. If they put off the disaster for the distant future, they can still scare people. Of course, the effect would not be as strong as before (when the end was scheduled for the next year), but at least they will be able to keep money from grants pouring in and nobody would be able to keep them accountable.

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  1. reality says:

    its might be true as i think , but we dont have to wit until 3000 to have a global warming , it cant be very far for that to happin , as we see the invintion we re in !!

    1. admiwrath says:

      You are wrong, there is absolutely no evidence of human-caused global warming. Of course, if you have an organization that exploits human stupidity, you’ll definitely push that agenda to get more work-free and tax-free money.

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