Justin Trudeau’s Fur Incident

I never thought that I would say anything good about Justin Trudeau, but lo and behold, he finally did something worth mentioning.

It all started with him sending a Christmas card to his constituents in Montreal. It was showing a nice picture of his smiling family. So far so good, but the problem was that all of them were wearing parkas with fur-trimmed hoods and on top of that they were covered with a fur blanket.


Justin Trudeau's "criminal" Christmas Card

The card almost immediately enraged PETA, the wacky animal rights group. They defined the card as “lurid” and strongly opposed Trudeau’s ethics.

Now, anything that makes that bunch of bike-riding, earth-worshipping weirdos angry is great. Those pathetic cowards attack only soft targets, like Canada and Western Europe, where they can get away with their silly stunts. They have never tried to go after any Muslim countries or Russia, where animals are treated much worse (probably a welfare cheque wouldn’t cover such a trip).

Of course, that doesn’t make Justin smarter or more courageous. I bet you that if he knew what PETA would say, he wouldn’t have gone ahead with the card. Even though he is an insignificant politician, he tries to live under his father’s hallo.  Daddy Pierre, who imposed on us the multicultural monstrosity and many other insanities, would have been proud of his son.

However, there is a saying that even a broken clock is right twice a day. Justin’s accuracy is much lower than that of a broken clock, so in the rare cases when he gets something right, he deserves support.

Have a Merry Fur Christmas, Justin!

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