Mr. Putin, Keep Those Dumb Greenpeace Parasites in Russia

We have in Russia two jailed Canadian enviro-idiots, who will cost millions of dollars in government expenses wasted on efforts to free them:

“Two Canadian Greenpeace activists jailed more than a month in Russia will be moved to a less remote but not necessarily less harsh prison, the environmental organization said.

Paul Ruzycki, of Port Colborne, Ont., and Montrealer Alexandre Paul, along with 28 other activists, have been in custody 45 days in Murmansk, in the frigid northwestern part of the country, in what Greenpeace photos show to be Spartan conditions.”

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is on the case to have the idiots freed. Recently we witnessed a previous chapter of the same pathetic spectacle. The mini homo brigade of John Greyson and Tarek Loubani were caught in Egypt on their way to support the Hamas terrorists in Gaza, with drones in their luggage. After 50 days in jail, the Egyptians caved in and let them go.

Putin is not an Egyptian and the Russians take the violation of their territory seriously. Only in the decadent West a bunch of stinky bums, who attack a foreign vessel, would be considered harmless protesters. The oil platform they attacked was a part of Russia. Not only did the Greenpeace wackos disrupt the production, but they also invaded the territory of a sovereign nation. That is piracy – pure and simple. Whether the Russians deal with Somali pirates, whose purpose is ransom, or Greenpeace pirates trying to cause damage by production disruption, the result is the same – they take control over a foreign sea vessel.

The Russians dealt previously with Somali pirates and the encounter had catastrophic consequences for the invaders. Unfortunately, in this case they acted more humanely and the Greenpeace pirates ended up only in jail.

It has always my dream to see these eco-terrorists, who are supported by dimwitted celebrities and the lefty governments of the West, get what they deserve. And that was possible only if they attacked facilities of Russia or China. Before that they were able to get away with anything.

My first post on this blog was about Sea Shepherd, another eco-terrorist gang. They attacked a Japanese whaling ship and assaulted the crew. One of Paul Watson’s fags was arrested and brought to Tokyo to stand trial. The Japanese were too lenient and let Bethune go. In gratitude, he toured the world and trashed Japan at every opportunity.

The Russians are quite different and obviously they have no intention of dropping the piracy charges or move the idiots from the Arctic jail. Shouldn’t those people stop whining and take a heroic stand for the eco ideals they are allegedly fighting for?

Sure, the conditions in the Murmansk jail are not as cosy as in a Toronto Starbucks or a Montreal gay bar, but why don’t we look on the bright side? Murmansk is an environmental Shangri-La, where the carbon footprint of the local population is virtually unnoticeable, compared to dreaded places like Toronto and Montreal. Wasn’t the simple natural life without excessive technology the ideal Greenpeace is willing to impose on all of us?

In previous reports some of the other pirates complained that their cells had holes in the ceilings and were infested with cockroaches and rats. That confused me again – I thought that the easy access to the pure unpolluted Arctic air would be something that the environmentalists may enjoy.

As of the cockroaches and rats, we shouldn’t forget that they are also Citizens of the Earth and have equal rights like any other species (that’s what many environmentalists teach us). To be true to their goals, the incarcerated eco-retards must share their food with the fellow earthlings and provide them with safe space.

Dear Mr. Putin, on behalf of my fellow Canadians, I urge you to provide the pirates with a home and gainful employment for the next 15 years. I understand that they have never worked in their lives, but with some military guidance they may become valuable cadres in the Siberian logging industry (who knows, they may even start a new Stakhanov movement).

Mr. Putin, keep those dumb Greenpeace parasites in Russia!


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Is the Gulag still in operation, or will our eco-nuts get better treatment? That’s what I like about the Russians; they are NOT politically correct and don’t care a whit what other countries think of them.

  2. she said says:

    Of course they will stop after all most of them are russian troops anyway.

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