Too Bad the Sea Shepherd Terrorists Didn’t Sink


The Sea Shepherd crew gets a long-needed bath


You may think that after their notorious leader Paul Watson went hiding like a wet rat, the Sea Shepherd circus troupe would cut down on their eco-terrorist stunts. That’s not the case. Not so long ago the fat vegetarian skipped bail in Germany and now is probably enjoying good life on the dime of gullible celebrities. However, his foot soldiers still carry on.

The latest stunt involved a collision of a Sea Shepherd boat with a Japanese whaling ship and a Korean refueling tanker. The boat is appropriately named after Bob Barker, the senile old fool, who instead of using his money for causes, which truly benefit people, chose to finance a gang of eco-terrorists. His delusion of being the new Noah who would save the animals of the world led him even to Canada, where he harassed the Toronto Zoo.

The collision was provoked by Bob Barker (the boat, not the man, though they possess the same low IQ). It went between the two bigger ships. The crew’s IQ is probably even lower, because they didn’t realize that even if you ignore the laws of physics, they’ll bite you in the ass anyway. As a result, the much smaller Bob Barker sustained significant damage, with many cracks, scratches and dings. (That’s what the lousy Sea Shepherd sailors say, it may not be true.)

The incident is another example of what our world has turned into. The Japanese whaling is perfectly legal and coordinated with every imaginable international institution. Japan dutifully pays millions of dollars to support even the most retarded projects of the United Nations. But that desire to observe the rules makes them a very easy target of the eco-terrorists.

They know very well that no matter what they do, they’ll be safe. If one day they decide to attack a Russian ship we may never know about it, since all of them will find themselves on the bottom of the sea.

The incident also shows that nowadays you can engage in all kinds of atrocities without fearing any consequences, if you say that you did that to save the environment. Sea Shepherd doesn’t differ that much from the Somali pirates.

I’d suggest that they name their next boat Barack Obama. Known for his support for environmentalist scams, he may even finance it (with money borrowed from Japan). Then one day it would be such a pleasure to read how Barack Obama was badly damaged in a collision.


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