Toronto Earth Hour 2012 – Lights, Lights, and More Lights

The silly initiative of spending an hour in darkness on the last day of March didn’t look very successful today. Even in my area of Toronto…

I live in the stronghold of the city leftists, the Olivia Chow’s bunker. Most people here would vote even for a donkey, if it has the NDP logo painted on its head. Often it is hard to hold a normal conversation in the numerous cafes here without getting into an argument about some silly political issue – yes, the Annex looks like a war zone to me (even Margaret Atwood lives somewhere nearby).

That’s why you may expect a strict observance of the Earth Hour in our area. I personally hate it, because the only people who benefit from it are the eco frauds like Al Gore and David Suzuki and the few “green” corporations, which exist only because of our subsidies.

So, when I went to my balcony in the middle of the event, shortly after 9 p.m., I expected to see gloom and darkness. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my righteous lefty neighbours kept their lights on.




As you can see, all the lights are on, all the way to Casa Loma, which you can see on the horizon.

I don’t think that those people were celebrating the new human achievement initiative. The truth is probably much simpler – other than presenting themselves as progressives in talks, my neighbours simply don’t care (and that’s a good thing).

On the other side, things were not much different.



Other than the areas obscured by trees, the lights are on all the way to the CN Tower.

It was a nice evening…

It was great to see that the majority of people are not that dumb and brainwashed as St. Suzuki and Fat Al want them to be. I guess that there next step would be to force us to turn off the lights…

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    ” I guess that there next step would be to force us to turn off the lights…”

    Don’t give them any ideas!

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