Palestinian “Ambassador” Incites Anti-Semitism among Muslim Kids in Bulgaria

Nothing makes the decline of Europe more painfully visible than the creeping Muslim propaganda, which gradually instills values, which are totally opposite to what once made the continent great. Recent news from Bulgaria illustrates perfectly that trend. As you can see it below, at a recent “Koran competition” shady Muslim characters promoted vile anti-Semitic views, with the significant contribution of the “ambassador” of “Palestine.”

Bulgaria is one of the weakest links of the European Union – its post-communist period had been marred by a succession of corrupt governments. In addition, it has one of the largest Muslim minorities (as a percentage of the population of 7,300,000), consisting of about 1 million Turks (300,000 of them live in Turkey, but are Bulgarian citizens and vote in every election). The happy-go-lucky attitude of the politicians, whose main purpose is to enrich themselves, had opened the doors to many foreign Islamic foundations, which slowly work on the Islamization of the once secular Turkish population in the country. In many areas the Muslims don’t even speak the official language anymore.

The blatant lies promoted by the “ambassador” will find a fertile soil in the minds of those kids. It is scary to think about the future outcome, because Bulgaria already had its own first devastating Muslim terrorist act. Last year in Burgas a bomb killed 6 Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver. The rich terrorist experience of the “Palestinians” would come handy when the Muslim kids decide to get into that “career.”

Another interesting fact is how the “ambassador’s” message is tailored to fit the Muslim fanaticism. In all Palestinian events I had observed in Canada, they go out of their way to emphasize how secular they are. That’s not a surprise – lies are an integral part of Islam.

The future of Europe definitely doesn’t look very bright. The murderous cult of Islam is advancing through the indifference of the pussified Europe.

Here is the news (translated from the Bulgarian):

For the third time Sofia hosted the 7th National Competition in basic knowledge of Islam, organized by the chief mufti’s office. Today is the final round for the best participants, who completed the summer Koran courses.

Before the competition the kids took pictures with their spiritual leaders. As it is done traditionally, the competition began with the Bulgarian anthem and the anthem of the European Union. Shenol Kenzim, the imam of the Sofia Mosque, read a verse from the holy Koran.

Guests of the event were the Chief Mufti Mustafa Hadji, the President of the Supreme Muslim Council Shaban Ali Ahmed, diplomats, politicians and public figures.

Sofia’s regional mufti Izbisht Mustafa Ali greeted the participants and the guests.

“Welcome! We are extremely happy and honored that the Sofia Mufti District hosts for the third year such an important event,” he said, stressing that children today will present everything they have learned in the summer Koranic schools.

Izbisht Mustafa Ali also turned to the children, saying: “Just by enrolling in the summer Koranic courses, you’re already winners.” He wished them that the Almighty be pleased with them all.

The Palestinian ambassador Ahmed Al Mahbuh also greeted the participants and began his speech with guidance for the god-fearing believers. “Peace to all of you,” he wished them.

The Palestinian ambassador explained to the participants the conflict between Israel and Palestine, where for many years, in his words, Islamic and Christian shrines are being desecrated, and according to him, the attempts to obliterate the Islamic shrines began after the occupation of Jerusalem in 1967.

He explained that Jewish signs had been placed on Islamic graves to create the false impression that those are Jewish graves. He explained that Israeli bulldozers had destroyed the largest Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem to build a park-museum of tolerance.

He also complained that the Al Aqsa Mosque was desecrated and the wall of Buraq was turned into a wailing wall. The Palestinian ambassador stressed that Jerusalem is the city where the Prophet Mohammed has performed his miraculous journey. He explained that last year the Muslims were prohibited more than 1000 times from praying in the temple of Ibrahim in Hebron.

He urged the children to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

The Palestinian ambassador also spoke on the topic of Syria. He was adamant that Palestine is against any foreign interference in Syria. According to him, Syria needs a political solution that would unite all political forces in the country.

He urged the Bulgarian Muslims to help the Syrian refugees in Bulgaria with whatever they can and ease their suffering. He wished the children that they follow the teachings of the Koran.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Time for Bulgaria to kick these fire brand spongers out. What are they doing there anyway?

    1. admiwrath says:

      Europe and Bulgaria in particular are managed so badly that it is unlikely to get any reasonable solution from the politicians and the people, who vote. An economic disaster might be the only way to wake them up.

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