Philippe Karsenty on the Next Steps in Winning the Al-Dura Legal Battle

As I reported earlier, Philippe Karsenty, who dedicated years of his life to debunking the Al-Dura hoax, had a presentation in Toronto on August 15.


Philippe Karsenty

You can see the most important parts of the presentation in the video below, but let’s mention here a few things about the newest developments in the case, shared at the event.

It is symptomatic of the attitude toward Israel and the Jews in Europe that such poorly made falsification would be accepted without any criticism by the media in many countries. Philippe Karsenty showed the video and explained in detail how key elements in it have been ignored – like the total lack of blood after two people have been hit with 15 bullets or the movements of the supposedly dead boy in the end of the original video (conveniently cut off from the TV news report shown in France).

Again, it was shocking to hear that Karsenty’s attempts to tell the truth about a hoax, which brought so much animosity against Israel, were met with hostility both in France and Israel. He was routinely dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist” and at an event an Israeli ambassador even refused to shake his hand.


Karsenty speaks in Toronto

Using the French judicial system to fight the lies turned out to be a bumpy road. He admitted that the French judges are often under strong government pressure, which influences their decisions. Since his case was against a prominent French journalist, it was very difficult to make the judges and the politicians listen.

Throughout the court case, Karsenty’s point of view was vindicated, but eventually he was convicted of defamation by a court of appeal. The motives quoted were questionable (to say the least). Although the court agreed that he was right about the hoax, they still convicted him, because in 2004 when everything started, not all the facts about the hoax were known.

Besides, another indirect confirmation of his correct position was the fact that he was asked to pay a sum of money to the TV channel that released the video, but nobody demanded from him to remove the articles about the case from his website. It looks like the court is conflicted – otherwise when defamation is proven, one of the first measures is to take all the offending materials from circulation.

Karsenty is defiant – he doesn’t plan to surrender. He is going to take the case to the Supreme Court and if that fails, he is ready to go to the European court.

At the same time he is going to continue his speaking events around the world. Armed with the report of the Israeli Government, which finally confirmed the key elements of the hoax, he hopes to bring even more awareness about the way such creations are used to defame the Jews and Israel.

Here is the video from the event:

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