Paul Weston from PEGIDA UK to Speak in Toronto on March 10

The Jewish Defence League of Canada is going to host in a few days two remarkable guests from Europe: Paul Weston (leader of PEGIDA UK) and Lars Hedegaard (President of the Danish Free Press Society). The topic of their talk is:

“The Threat of Radical Islamic Immigration and the Erosion of our Freedoms.”

The time and location of the event are as follows:

Thursday, March 10
Toronto Zionist Centre
788 Marlee Avenue

For more information and to register, please visit:

Both guests have been involved for many years in the efforts to protect the culture and the future of the European countries, which are under a constant attack by the globalist elites of the European Union. The latest destructive initiative of those elites was to flood Europe with illiterate, unemployable illegal Muslim immigrants who showed what they were capable of during the infamous rape and sex molestation spree in Cologne on the New Year’s Eve. The fact that the government and the police tried to cover up the event (along with thousands of other crimes) shows the importance of the work done by Paul and Lars to spread the truth.


Paul Weston in Toronto during his previous visit

Paul Weston have been warning for years the people of the UK about the dangers of Muslim extremism. That is the purpose of his work in PEGIDA UK. That didn’t win him many fans in high places. He became the only person in England to be arrested for quoting a speech of Sir Winston Churchill in public.


Lars Hedegaard speaking in Toronto (2011)

As a President of the Danish Free Press Society, Lars Hedegaard has been prosecuted for telling the truth, which in Denmark is considered “hate speech.” He was also a target of an assassination attempt by a Muslim terrorist who attacked him with an axe in his home. Lars managed to fight him off, but his ordeal got little attention from the Danish government.

An unadvertised bonus will be a counter-demonstration by “Pegida Watch Canada,” a Facebook group with 120 members which advocates “against the anti-immigrant hate group” PEGIDA. This is a ragtag gang of social misfits and other losers, who support unconditionally Trudeau government’s plan to flood Canada with unemployable Muslim “refugees” that will be spending for decades to come the taxes collected from the hard-working Canadian taxpayers. The anti-PEGIDA crowd, most of whom don’t pay taxes, are oblivious to the problems of the real working people.

Last year that losers’ mob, together with the group “No One Is Illegal” and the Nazis from “Antifa,” violently attacked a peaceful rally of PEGIDA Canada at Queen’s Park. They did it regardless of the fact that the organization is supported by people from different races and ethnicities who are concern about Canada and the future of their children. I mentioned their background because the social misfits constantly spread the lies that PEGIDA is a racist organization.

It is unlikely that the violent losers, who are good only at beating women, would be able to pull off the same stunt against JDL-Canada. However, it is worth to mention them just because their actions show the type of people the Trudeau government relies on to fight the opponents of its reckless immigration policies.

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  1. Leon Kushner says:

    I can’t wait to attend this important event. Thanks to political correctness, so many well intentioned people here in Toronto are blind to the danger of bringing in tens of thousands of unscreened muslim migrants. Its called jihad by immigration. According to experts we are only 10 years behind France in this destructive practice. We must all stand up and speak up now before its too late.

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