French Muslims Celebrate Merah the Terrorist

Just a few days after the death of the Muslim terrorist Mohamed Merah, who killed seven people, some of the French Muslims already mourn his death.

That put a dent into the carefully crafted image of the lone wolf who doesn’t represent the Islamic community at large. That fantasy created by the mainstream media is hard to swallow when the French people witnessed the following demonstration of Muslim supremacy:

A lovely Muslim talks in support of terrorism




As you can see, a crowd of fanatical Muslims bagheads tried to make a hero out of him. The riot police were involved, but nobody got arrested. That makes you wonder how seriously the French take their laws. As of now, promoting and abetting terrorism in France is illegal and so is the wearing of the disgusting burqa.

Later on, a group of similar “moderates” tried to lay flowers near Merah’s home, as shown in this video:

h/t BNI

I have always found fascinating the double standards of the European multiculturalism. Imagine if somebody tries to lay flowers at the grave of Rudolf Hess in Germany or the birthplace of Adolf Hitler in Austria. How long do you think it would take to deal with them? I bet you they’ll be arrested and tried as soon as they show up.

Yet at the same time Muslims are free to worship a mass murderer and violate the law wearing those barbaric garments and nobody gets charged with anything.

If this is France’s normal way of dealing with Muslim fanaticism, we can expect plenty of new Merahs in the near future…


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  1. SM ISAC says:

    French, take note these Muslim woman “honouring” one of their own, stand solidly behind the heinous murders of children targeted, hunted down, and shot dead BECAUSE they were Jews.

    The face and body covering serves as convenient tool used not only to intimidate the general public, make their political statement and show contempt for the society they live in, but also to their identities while committing criminal activities. French police is apparently not being effective in enforcing their law prohibiting the face covering in public places.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, adopting laws that they don’t follow is the same as having no laws at all.

  2. Crusader says:

    More babies and balls needed.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    @Crusader – what the French need to do is vote en mass for Marine Le Pen, provided they don’t loose what courage they have left.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The big problem is that most people simply refuse to see the problems around them. The mainstream politicians are happy to maintain that delusion for them. If Sarkozy or the socialists were really willing to address the Islamic issue, they could’ve put Le Pen out of business. But it’s not going to work – the whole thing will explode with the collapse of the European welfare state(s).

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