Kosovo Muslim Kills Two US Soldiers in Germany

Here we go again – there is another act of Muslim terrorism. Apparently, the “religion of peace” never sleeps.

Yesterday, at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany, a Muslim from Kosovo shot and killed two US airmen and seriously wounded two others. They were part of a group, which just arrived from a base in England. That’s important to note, because last year the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who drew old Mo’s cartoon, was attacked by a Muslim from Kosovo as well.

CBC, BBC, and other “progressive” news outlets conveniently omitted the fact that the Muslim terrorist yelled  “Allahu Ikbar!” before starting to shoot. That’s the trade mark Islamic call when they are about to kill unarmed people. What other world religion encourages calling the name of their god before killing innocents? The Islamic death cult is the only one.

Obama was “saddened and outraged” by the attack. Not a word of condemnation for the Muslim extremism… Of course, that’s Barry Hussein’s style of dealing with that type of problems.

In a statement, the family of Arid Uka (that’s the name of the savage killer) who live in Kosovo, stated that he was a “devout Muslim”. That was probably said to make him look like a moral person, but for anybody who follows the world events, the involvement of a “devout Muslim” in something always spells trouble. Just look at Pakistan, where the “devout Muslims” killed yesterday the only Christian government minister for opposing the idiotic Muslim “blasphemy” law.

And there is another fact that would have been hilarious if it weren’t for the two killed US servicemen – not so long ago, under the presidency of the philandering Bill Clinton, Yugoslavia was bombed and over 700 civilian Serbs killed to avenge the made-up “atrocities” against the Kosovo Muslims. Now the USA is getting its payback from the very same people they were supposed to protect. It’s like releasing a rabid dog tied with a chain for humane reasons – no matter what your intentions are, he will bite you.

In the 1990’s when that was going on, nobody bothered to analyze the situation – the Muslim Albanians in Kosovo started harassing and killing Serbs long before the civil war in Yugoslavia started. That was the reason why Milosevic sent troops there.  The Muslim propaganda, which distorted and misrepresented the situation in the country, found a fertile ground in the West due to the West Europe’s negative attitude toward Slavic people.

Let’s not forget that the British Empire supported the Ottoman Empire’s genocidal policy against the Balkan Slavs until the beginning of the XX century. In modern times, any Third-World fanatical savage had a much better chance to immigrate to Western Europe than a civilized Slavic person (and of course, countries like Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Germany are reaping now the “benefits” of that policy).

At the time, the West chose to ignore the reality that the Kosovo Muslims were maintaining the largest heroin-importing operation in Europe. Most of the “politicians” in the province, who are now in the government of that “country”, were involved in those operations.

In Clinton’s black and white world all of that didn’t matter, he went on to destroy the Slavic country in order to grant statehood to the Kosovo Mafia. That’s why now they are the only Mafia in the world, which has its own country. In return, Clinton got his own monument in Kosovo – an ugly statue that looks like a product of a rural Kazakh sculptor from the times of Brezhnev.

After Clinton destroyed Yugoslavia in the name of the Muslim expansion on the Balkans, things didn’t get any better. According to documents collected by the investigators in Hague (which they chose not to disclose for a long time) the real atrocities started AFTER NATO occupied Kosovo.

The KLA Muslim terrorists started to abduct Kosovo Serbs, torturing and mutilating them. The photographs that they themselves took of people with cut off heads, cut off limbs, raped women and much more, which came into possession of the West were considered too gruesome to be published.  There is more and more evidence that the Kosovo Muslim leaders made a pretty penny by harvesting organs from the bodies of live Serbs and Gypsies. The Jews got away easier, because they were chased away from Kosovo earlier.

And even worse, those highly moral Western lefties never chose to prosecute the Muslims for those atrocities.

For the sake of fairness I should say that Bush is as guilty as Clinton on that issue, because he was the President who presided over the granting independence to those terrorists.

As it has happened many times before, the USA had been confused about its values. Supporting a desert death cult over a European Christian nation will always come back to bite you in the ass. As of Western Europe, the lefty castrates who govern it will face the music soon, when millions of illiterate Muslim fanatics invade Europe as “refugees” from Northern Africa, as soon as the delusions of the “Jasmine Revolution” evaporate from their minds. Feeding all of them will definitely bring into collapse the generous welfare state.

Hey, USA, it’s your move now. The world is watching…

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