London Police Chase EDL and Allow Muslim Extremists to Disrupt the 9/11 Commemoration

Barely a day passes by without bringing new evidence that in not so distant future the Buckingham Palace will be occupied by the Grand Caliph of Britainistan, instead of Her Majesty the Queen. The speed with which Great Britain is discarding its traditional values is frightening.

Today in London, at Grosvenor Square, many people gathered to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Muslim terrorist atack in New York, which killed over 3,000 people. Many relatives of the British victims were present.

Yet the London authorities had absolutely no problems allowing a gang of Muslim savages from the organization Muslims Against Crusades to disrupt the event. Their leader Anjem Choudary, armed with a loudspeaker, hurled threats and insults at the people who lost their loved ones.

At the same time, the patriotic English Defense League (EDL) was forced to move to distant part of the area. All EDL wanted wreaths and flowers and express their opinions about the Muslim extremists.

It’s not a surprise why Great Britain is going down the tubes – if the authorities think that it is so important to provide the Muslim extremists with the opportunity to humiliate and insult peaceful citizens, there is something fundamentally wrong with such a country. Choudary wants to turn England into a sharia caliphate – judging from the support he gets, his goal looks very much achievable.

The complete capitulation of Western Europe to the demands of the Muslim barbarians is horrifying and disgraceful.  I wonder how much longer it would take before the ordinary people realize how catastrophic the situation is…

You can read more and see pictures from the event here.

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  2. SM ISAC says:

    I grieve for Great Britain who under Churchill was the only European power that stood up to Hitler. The will to defend their country from enemies within must come from ordinary citizens.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    Britons are getting sick of this, I can assure you. The only thing that will really end this madness is a civil war. Just watch “Children of Men” with Clive Owen to see a future Britain that has been completely fractured along class lines, with cities torn apart, riots, bombings, hellish immigrant ghettos, battles between armed groups and the military, and the countryside controlled by armed bandits who ambush vehicles trying to get from one city to another.

    Just remove the actual theme of the movie (a world that can no longer have children), then insert another theme: Immigration madness that destroyed a nation.

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