Muslim Animals Behead a Soldier in England

The prolonged love affair of the progressive British elites with the Muslim barbarism keeps bearing its poisonous fruits. A few hours ago London was shocked by an unspeakable attack. Two Muslims attacked with machetes a soldier, hacked him to death and even chopped off his head. (Details at BCF)

The most disturbing part was that they did it in a broad day light. They didn’t try to escape and were more than willing to defend their actions in front of everybody who would listen. There was nothing abnormal or unusual in their behaviour.

They were just doing in their own way what their imams have taught them in the mosques – that the kafirs’ lives are worthless and they need to be exterminated or converted in the name of establishing the Caliphate. Of course the media would make the “clever” distinction that the imams are the “moderates” and the two murderous savages have somehow perverted their teachings.

However, it becomes more and more difficult to hide the truth from the ordinary people. Regardless of how creative the media spin is, it is clear that the imams and the terrorists are the two sides of the same coin.  One can’t exist without the other.

The root cause that everybody is trying to ignore is Islam. A death cult founded by a desert thug and pedophile… A cult which has no place in the civilized world… Of course, there are Muslims who try to reform that cult and make it more respectable, but their influence so far is so minuscule mostly because they have to focus their energy on trying to stay alive.

Islam has no place in the West. The sooner we realize that, the fewer beheadings we will be witnessing in our streets…

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    As a former British soldier now living in Canada, this horrific, cowardly murder of private Lee Rigby in his own country by two Islamofascist monsters breaks my heart.

    When I left the UK for Canada in 1994, I could see what was coming down the pipeline. The last strong leader of the UK, Margaret Thatcher, was replaced by weak, spineless men like John major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and now David Cameron. We watched as Britain unravelled under political correctness, EU membership (with its many suffocating “human rights” laws), and an out-of-control immigration policy. In order to understand this cowardly murder of Mr. Rigby, one has to consider the fact that Britain has suffered from a catastrophic loss of national identity over the past 20 years to the point where many Britons now refer to themselves as “strangers” in their own country. in the past decade, over two million young Britons have emigrated to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA and even Spain. They are fed up with the ever-increasing cost of electricity, gasoline, basic grocery items, the imminent collapse of the national healthcare system and the lack of job opportunities.

    Britain now has Sharia banking, sharia butchers & fishmongers, sharia school meals and even sharia patrols in some London neighbourhoods, where gangs of Muslim youths patrol the streets to ensure that no-one is playing loud music, men aren’t walking home with alcohol from the local liquor store, and women are “appropriately” covered. All these rules are aimed at non-Muslims, of course. In 2010, the End London Gay Pride event was cancelled out of fear of inflaming tensions with local Muslims. The organizer, the notorious homosexual activist, Peter Tatchell, laughingly invited local Muslim leaders to march with him in a united campaign against “homophobia & Islamophobia.” Although the local Muslim leaders ignored Tatchell’s ridiculous invitation, he still “respected” their decision. Yet, 90% of all gays bars and clubs in London have been shut down due to growing Muslim populations in some areas, and one such pub, the George & Dragon in London, was raised by a gang of 30 Muslim youths in 2010 who smashed up the interior and beat up the patrons within.

    Also in 2010, long before the murder of Lee Rigby, angry Muslims were jeering and throwing insults at British soldiers in Luton, north of London, during their homecoming parade. One has to wonder why they are even living in the UK, regardless if many were born there, if the country is such an evil place to live in:


    Going back to the London bombing of 2005, otherwise known as 7/7, two of the bombers had received around over $750,00 in government benefits. While left wing detractors claim that the reason for Muslim terrorism in the UK is due to poverty and “exclusion”, it should be noted that the two individuals who attempted to crash a Jeep loaded with home-made explosives into Glasgow airport in Scotland in 2007, were educated and well financed. Bilal Abdulla was a physician and his friend Kafeel Ahmed was an engineering student.

    There is no question that Britain is undergoing a huge cultural shift, and for the worse. Perhaps the most bewildering aspect of this is the fact that the UK takes in 250,000 immigrants and refugees annually; about the same as Canada. Yet Britain is barely one-third the size of the Province of Alberta with a population of 65.2 million people and growing.

    Nowhere is this more evident than in Britain’s public school system, where in the town of Gladstone, 358 out of 440 pupils at a local primary school speak Punjabi Urdu at home, 23 speak Dari (the official language of Afghanistan), while there are also 15 Lithuanians and 11 Latvians. At least the Latvians and Lithuanians are Europeans and will integrate quickly. Only one student speaks English as a first language. Muslim only schools are now commonplace, as Muslim parents do not want their children to be educated in “morally questionable” schools. Indeed, in the city of Bristol, Two primary schools have withdrawn storybooks about same-sex relationships after strong objections from Muslim parents. Earlier objections from Christian parents were met with threats of legal action against them for “homophobia.”

    The recent decision by Britain’s Parliament to legalize same-sex marriage was met by a furious protest from 400 Imams. The 30 ro so Muslim MPs who voted in favour of the legislation have since been denounced by the Imams as “apostates;” a very serious charge in Islam. Not all Muslims are extremists of course, and many Muslim leaders in the UK have strongly denounced the murder of Lee Rigby as completely “un-Islamic.”

    In closing, some American commentators asked why Private Rigby was unarmed. The truth is, almost all Britons are unarmed. In 1996, the former prime minister, Tony Blair, disarmed the entire population of all handguns and rifles over .22 calibre after a mass shooting at a primary school in Dunblane, Scotland. By 2007, gun crime in the UK had increased by 87%, with 237 shootings in London alone. The criminals, of course, do not care what the law dictates, and many UK cities today have large areas controlled by gangs armed with everything from handguns to Mac-10 machine guns. In the meantime, coppers still walk the beat unarmed, and the rest of the population hide behind locked doors and burglar alarms, completely defenceless against violent, armed criminals. And this is a country that does not even allow members of its own Olympic shooting team to practise in their own country! They have to travel to Norway, France or Switzerland to train.

    Indeed, the first police officers who responded to the 999 emergency call when Private Rigby was being murdered, arrived 10 minutes later and were unarmed. An armed response vehicle (ARV) arrived 14 minutes later and shot both murderers. By then Lee was dead. One of the witnesses stated that Lee’s blood was running down the road “like a river.” That comment is a chilling reminder of the prophetic speech given by the late British conservative MP, Enoch Powell, who stated as far back as 1968, that large scale immigration from non-white countries would lead to utter catastrophe and a breakdown of society.

    ‘‘AS I look ahead (immigration), I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’.’’


    Never, ever think, that this will not happen in Canada or the USA. It is only a matter of time.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Excellent comment. I placed it in a separate post.

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