The French Muslim Terrorist and His Leftist Enablers


Miriam Monstango - the dangerous 8-year-old Jew


This is a photo of Miriam Monstango, 8 years old. It’s the typical parents-staged picture, where they ask you to stand in a certain way to make the photo cuter, while you think how much longer this is going to take. Then, years later, you’ll laugh at yourself every time you look at the picture again.

Well, Miriam won’t be laughing. She was the last victim of a Muslim animal named Mohamed Merah, who terrorized France a few weeks ago. While he was completing his killing spree in the Toulouse Jewish school, she was the only one who managed to run away. Merah shot the little Jewish girl and when he caught her, he grabbed her by the hair and shot two bullets in her head, while at the same time shooting the scene with a camera attached to his chest.

I don’t know what she was thinking seeing that big gun near her face, but I suppose it was the same that millions of Jews were thinking when a few decades ago they all were in exactly the same situation. However, instead of the Nazis, now we have a “good” specimen of the barbaric Muslim cult doing the job. Still, there is not much of a difference, because it is a well-known fact that many Muslims eagerly joined Hitler’s Waffen SS to exterminate Jews.

Waffen-SS, 13. Gebirgs-Div. "Handschar"

Muslim SS soldiers "study" Judaism


Mohamed Merah was devoted follower of the cult’s founder – a warmongering pedophile, who “married” his last “wife” when she was 6 years old and dutifully waited to rape her until she was 9 (I admire his restrain!). Miriam fits that age, but since according to the Islamic definition she was a pig or a monkey of Jewish origin, she was supposed to be killed.

Although I am outraged at what happened, I am still thinking that it was the most natural course of action for people like Merah. The same happens when you leave hyenas or coyotes to run around unattended.

What makes me totally mad is the way the mainstream media and the lefties presented the case. This is what this article is all about. You’ll see below other opinions, which you may consider right wing, but they are influenced by exactly the same point of view championed by the multicultural, Marcuse-influenced Left.

After the killings started, it became clear that the “progressives” desperately hoped that we were dealing with another Breivik-style rampage. Guardian published a nasty piece, which aggressively attacked the European values and blamed those who tried to uphold them for the violenece:

The French airwaves have been full of such ugly equivocation these past few weeks as Nicolas Sarkozy has lurched his party wildly to the right in an attempt to save his skin, claiming there were “too many immigrants in France” and stoking Islamophobia with a ridiculous claim that the French were being secretly forced to eat halal; his prime minister François Fillon even said Jews and Muslims should put their dietary laws behind them and embrace modernity.

Claude Guéant, the interior minister who took personal control of the investigation, has been the most consistently xenophobic, championing the superiority of European Christian civilisation over lesser cultures who force their women to cover up – yes, observant Jews and Muslims, he meant you. The nadir came last week when Sarkozy’s new immigration chief Arno Klarsfeld – the eldest son, ironically, of Nazi-hunter Serge Klarsfeld – called for a wall to be built between Greece and Turkey to save Europe from barbarian invaders.

Police are a long way yet from catching, never mind understanding, what was going through the head of someone who could catch a little girl by the hair so he wouldn’t have to waste a second bullet on her. But some things are already becoming clear. He shouted no jihadist or anti-Semitic slogans, going about his grisly business in the cold, military manner oddly similar to Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian gunman who massacred 77 people at a social democrats summer camp last summer.

Isn’t that a masterpiece? It mixes blatant lies and hatred into a stinky brew, which then tries to shove down the throats of the “stupid” masses.

The criticism of Muslim fanaticism is branded again as “Islamophobia”. The proven fact that most of the meat supplied to Paris is halal and is never labeled as such is called a “ridiculous claim” (in Toronto we are facing exactly the same deception, where large fast food chains hide the fact that they serve halal meat).

Suddenly, the Jews are grouped together with the Muslim barbarians, who force their women to wear burqas. I wonder where the idiot who wrote that has seen a Jewish woman in a burqa?

And the fact that the terrorist didn’t shout jihadist slogans, supposedly makes him “oddly similar” to Breivik. That’s plain dumb. (Not that if he shouted it would’ve been any different – Major Hassan in Fort Hood shouted “allahu akbar”, but for Barry Hussein Obama the whole thing was just a work-related incident.)

Once the police revealed the identity of the killing animal, you could’ve expected reversal in the tone of the press. When they realized he was Muslim, they switched right away from the idea of the evil white guy inspired by sinister politicians and bad bloggers, who want to get rid of the angelic Muslims. The narrative immediately turned into a lament for the poor Muslim boy, who went crazy under the pressure of the Western society. No link to the “saintly” religion of Islam or any terrorist groups.

Guardian again was quick to show the “complex” personality of the Muslim terrorist. In an interview with one of his friends we read:

A 25-year-old French man, whose parents were born in Algeria, said: “I grew up with him. I’m totally shocked and surprised, I can’t believe that he could do this. His mum was French of Algerian origin — she brought him up alone. He didn’t have a dad. This has absolutely nothing to do with Islam, or with us, and I really hope that all the young people of our type of neighbourhood won’t be sullied by this. It has always been hard enough living in France with prejudice but now it’s going to be much worse.”

He also said Merah’s mother — and his elder sister, to whom he was close — despaired of him somewhat.

He said Merah had been imprisoned at 18 for bag snatching in the entrance hall of a bank in 2005. Even so, he added, Merah was not someone who you could call violent.

Unlike a lot of others who grew up alongside him in that area in the north of the city, he was not involved in drugs. His thing was petty theft … As for political or religious beliefs, he was very discreet. He never said anything that might lead one to believe he had these views.

What a wonderful person – no drugs, no violence, just a few bags snatched (but we can write this off as wealth redistribution, a payback by the oppressed Muslim to the evil French colonialists). And he was so discreet about his religious views… Boy, don’t these Muslims know how to lie or what? And of course the friend finds a way to spin the murderous rampage committed by a member of his own cult into a complaint of a potential backlash.

Tariq Ramadan, another fanatic from the Muslim Brotherhood, who has the task to present the “human face” of the Muslim fanaticism, released a statement of his own:

Religion was not Mohamed Merah’s problem; nor is politics. A French citizen frustrated at being unable to find his place, to give his life dignity and meaning in his own country, he would find two political causes through which he could articulate his distress: Afghanistan and Palestine. He attacks symbols: the army, and kills Jews, Christians and Muslims without distinction. His political thought is that of a young man adrift, imbued neither with the values of Islam, or driven by racism and anti-Semitism. Young, disoriented, he shoots at targets whose prominence and meaning seem to have been chosen based on little more than their visibility. A pathetic young man, guilty and condemnable beyond the shadow of a doubt, even though he himself was the victim of a social order that had already doomed him, and millions of others like him, to a marginal existence, and to the non-recognition of his status as a citizen equal in rights and opportunities.

Here Merah looks even better – just a confused young man, not a racist, not an anti-Semite, not even a real Muslim. And the seven people whom he killed are depersonified – they are just symbols, which attracted his rage, which was basically caused by Afghanistan and “Palestine”. I am not sure if Ramadan realizes how stupid his “logic” is – it means that every ordinary person who is unhappy of something going on in a foreign country can start killing people indiscriminately. The pool of potential killers then will include all the lefties and the majority of Muslims. Is Ramadan sending a death threat against our civilization?

Our own Canadian lefties were not far behind in whitewashing the horrible crimes. Matt Gurney published a column in the National Post (which is supposed to be a conservative paper) stating that the Jews in Europe have nothing to worry about – actually the continent is a bed of roses:

The idea that the continent has become an anti-Semitic hell hole has attained a curious popularity in the media — and especially the right-wing media — since 9/11. In many cases, the pattern is the same as the one display here: A single episode of violence against Jews is taken as a stand-in for the views of the entire continent, or at least much of it.

In fact, this week’s events suggest the opposite: France’s entirely appropriate response to a crime committed by an isolated, hate-addled extremist should be cause for reassurance, not despair.

Other than telling again the fable about the “isolated extremist”, Gurney also displays his astonishing ignorance about the situation of the Jews in modern Europe. The murders are just the latest result of the systematic harassment against them in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, France and many other countries, where the policy of demonizing them as “Zionists” is silently supported by their governments.

The only one who has some justification for lying is Tariq Ramadan, who is paid to do so. He is part of the Muslim terrorist network whose job is to make Islam look better. However, there is no excuse for the journalists, who are supposed to reveal the truth.

If they had the intention to be honest, all the fact they need are right in front of them. Merah wasn’t a lone lunatic. He was a member of extremist Muslim organizations, he travelled to terrorist camps and his family was well aware of his activities. He even was on the US no fly list.

Merah was a proud member of Forsane Alizza, a Muslim extremist organization based in France, whose purpose was to fight criticism of Islam online, but they also openly announced on their site plans to  recruit fighters-terrorist. Despite the mass outrage, it took the French government very long time to act against those extremists.

Last January they were still calling for terrorist applications:


Forsane Alizza's website


Forsane Alizza

Calling all mujahedeens

The French text says that the organization is growing and needs people with all kinds of skills but mostly soldiers. This time they are looking for “brothers” who can work “in the field”. Those who enjoy combat sports and are able to get engaged in activity are the most valuable. All applicants’ information will be kept confidential. “We are looking for disciplined brothers who have the love of the Sunna. We will give a particular attention to this recruitment.”

It looks like they found a perfect applicant in Mohamed Merah – his fighting skills were very well used to kill seven people. I wonder how many more Muslim savages has Forsane Alizza recruited and when they are going to strike.

But that was not his only involvement – he was also involved with Al Qaida. He went to Afghanistan and collaborated with terrorists:

“That is one of the big questions people in France are asking coming out of this,” Christophe Bauer, a producer at French broadcaster France 24, told Yahoo News Thursday. “There’s a sense he just came back from Afghanistan. French officials said they had been tracking him. But what does that tracking mean? Apparently, the French intelligence services in Toulouse talked to him when he got back from Afghanistan.”

I don’t know how reliable the French anti-terrorist forces are, but even in Barry Hussein’s land a person coming from a terrorist-controlled area will be arrested and prosecuted. Instead, the government that Gurney praises for taking care of the Jews, let Merah freely roam, acquire an astonishing amount of weapons (task difficult in Europe without being a part of a terrorist organization) and go on a killing spree.

And it turns out his family knew about him and were proud:

A police source said on Saturday that at a closed hearing in Toulouse he had declared himself “proud” of his brother’s killings and had admitted helping Mohamed steal the scooter used in all seven murders. He had denied any knowledge of his brother’s murderous plans, however, the source added.

The way the “progressive” press tries to justify the actions of a murderous terrorist is not just despicable, it’s criminal. Thanks to people like those, we will be sure to have many more murders in the future simply because the journalists are trying to obfuscate the real issues in the name of some utopian future in which the Muslim fanatics and the Left will live in harmony.

However, for all of us who live in reality, it is more than clear that here we are dealing with propaganda that tries to destroy our civilization. How else would you explain the fact that we are expected to give up our values in the name of accepting a primitive medieval cult?

But all that is a very clumsy propaganda – it aims at creating feeling of guilt in people who are the victims of the Islamic barbarism. How can you claim that the Muslims are suffering, if most of them are the main beneficiaries of the European welfare state? In Great Britain 50% of the male Muslim immigrants totally depend on social assistance and the percentage of women is even higher – 75%. In France it is prohibited to collect religion-based information, but probably the situation is just as bad.

You simply can’t have successful propaganda if you try to make people who pay for everything feel guilty. You can’t present people who are at the bottom of anti-Semitism, violence, rapes and numerous other assaults as angelic victims. The problem in that is that they are in front of everybody, except the elites in the gated communities, who are totally unaware of the real danger.

There has never been such a detachment between the media and the ordinary people. No matter what pathetic attempts the Muslims and the media make to impose their psychotic ideas on us, that is not going to work.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    The real problem here is, France is afraid of its Muslim minority. It is estimated that there is now up to seven million Muslims in France. That is 1.5 million more than the population of my native Scotland. In Paris, they regularly shut down an entire city block so Muslims can pray in the street to Mecca, in spite of the fact that there is enough Mosques for all of them in the city. This is unquestionably a Muslim show of force. They can shut down an entire city block at will, while the residents of that area cannot enter or leave their homes while prayers are in progress. The city authorities have ordered the police do to precoiely nothing.

    One wonders, Admiwrath, just what it will take to wake up the slumbering socialists to the fact that thay are slowly being manipulated, undermined and will eventually overwhelmed by the Muhhamedians? Or will they realize the error of their ways when it is far too late?

    1. admiwrath says:

      The way Europe, and especially France, tries to ignore their real problems with immigration is beyond ridiculous. The situation reminds me of a Russian pressure cooker. Where I came from, they were the only brand available (and allowed). When cooking, you were advised to stay away from the cooker, because it was poorly made and could explode at any time ruining your ceiling, breaking you windows or your head depending on the situation. Despite the sophisticated civilization and glorious history, the Union turned Europe into a Russian pressure cooker ready to explode. I just can’t decide at this point which side is going to blow up first – the Muslims or the Europeans.

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