Crazy Leftards Sentence Pope Benedict XVI and Stephen Harper to 25 Years in Prison

It looks like the Idle No More idiots are advised by mental patients. There is no other explanation for the bizarre sentence delivered in Brussells against the Pope and a few heads of state for”crimes” against the Indians. When you read the motives for the verdict shown below, Dumb Thief Theresa Spence starts to sound like a native Albert Einstein.

This “masterpiece” reads like something that came out of the heads of the fascists from the Canadian human rights commissions. The members who came up with it are not that different: “The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) Central Office is in Brussels, Belgium, with affiliate centers in London, Dublin, Rome, New York and Vancouver. The Acting Field secretary of the ITCCS is Rev. Kevin D. Annett, M.A., M.Div. Its legal advisers include members of the Kuala Lampur Human Rights Tribunal, Andrew Paterson, a common law consultant, members of the American and Canadian Bar Associations, and lawyers with the prestigious Center for Constitutional Rights in New York City.”

Here is the verdict which produced by the Kuala Lumpur experts and the “justices” who would feel more comfortable in mental institution than in the “capital” of Europe (maybe we will need to increase the mental health care allowances in Canada’s reserves):

Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and Canada for Genocide

 Pope, Queen and Canadian Prime Minister found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity and Sentenced to Twenty Five Year Prison Terms

 Court Orders them to Surrender by March 4 or face Citizens’ Arrests


Pope Benedict will go to jail for twenty five years for his role in Crimes against Humanity, and Vatican wealth and property is to be seized, according to today’s historic verdict of the International Common Law Court of Justice.

The Brussels-based Court handed down a unanimous guilty verdict from its Citizen Jurors and ordered the citizens’ arrest of thirty Defendants commencing March 4 in a Court Order issued to them today.

The verdict read in part,

“We the Citizen Jury find that the Defendants in this case are guilty of the two indictments, that is, they are guilty of committing or aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, and of being part of an ongoing Criminal Conspiracy”

The Jury ruled that each Defendant receive a mandatory twenty five year prison sentence without parole, and have all their personal assets seized.

The Court went on to declare in its Order No. 022513-001,

“The Defendants are ordered to surrender themselves voluntarily to Peace Officers and Agents authorized by this COURT, having been found Guilty as charged.

“The Defendants have seven days from the issuing of this ORDER, until March 4, 2103, to comply. After March 4, 2013, an International Arrest Warrant will be issued against these Defendants”.

The guilty parties include Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of England, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, and the head officers of the Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada. (A complete copy of the Verdict, the Court Order and a list of the Defendants is enclosed on the accompanying you tube link)…

Read the rest of this drivel here.

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