England – Death by Multiculturalism – The School Where Nobody Speaks English

Your friendly Punjabi principal (photo The Guardian)


Leave it to The Guardian to turn Great Britain’s disastrous loss of cultural identity into something that is supposed to be cherished.

In a recent article the progressives who write for the paper take us to the Gladstone Primary School.

This educational institution has a dubious claim to fame – none of its 450 students speaks English as a first language. Most of them don’t even speak English when they are enrolled:

This fact fascinates and repels media commentators. “If you wonder what’s gone wrong with Britain look no further than Gladstone Primary School, Peterborough, where not one pupil speaks English as a first language,” thundered Peter Hill in The Express, without actually explaining why. Is Gladstone Primary a vision of a dystopian future or a triumph of multiculturalism? And what is it like to be a pupil and a teacher there?

The Guardian journalist brings in more statistics to refute that reactionary statement. The fact that the school feels more like a post-war refugee camp than a place of learning is quickly reframed as an exciting challenge:

Across Britain, schools are becoming more multicultural. Just over one million primary and secondary pupils spoke a first language other than English in 2012 compared with around 800,000 in 2007. On average, one in six (17.5%) primary school pupils in 2012 spoke another language at home, up from 16.8% in 2011. The challenges facing Gladstone primary, though, seem particularly acute. About 80% of its pupils are from a Pakistani background: most speak Punjabi but the school’s 20 other languages include Dari, Pashto, Gujarati, Kurdish, Arabic, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Polish, Slovakian, Czech, German and French.

Nothing explains better England’s self-disintegration than that Tower of Babel, hastily built by the politically correct authorities, who never found a primitive culture not worthy of setting foot on the country. The fact that most new immigrants don’t speak English doesn’t appear to be a problem. Social services steal enough money from the taxpayers to take care of the problem.

As of their children, putting them in a school where nobody speaks English guarantees that they won’t adapt. Most of the time is spent trying to learn “sophisticated” words such as “distressing” (and that’s for the bright students):

Not speaking English as a first language could amplify differences of ability within classrooms but in the Year 3 lesson with the thesaurus, pupils are engaged in vastly different tasks, according to their linguistic attainment. While some are learning sophisticated words such as “distressing” those who are currently less proficient in English are sorting words according to their place in the alphabet.

With such phenomenal achievements, it is safe to project that in a few years many of the pupils will be standing next to their parents on the welfare line. Or if they do better, they’ll dedicate their lives to bringing down “wealth disparity” by expanding the sharia courts.

Ms. Parker, the school principal, loves the situation, because she is one of the numerous left-leaning public servants, who are responsible for bringing England down to its current sorry state:

“Although I have socialist leanings, if somebody offers me something that benefits the children, I’ll take it,” jokes Parker.

She has a very politically correct CV, which lists multicultural teaching work in Pakistan. She even went as far as sticking an Urdu sign on her office door. That makes perfect sense – why should the illiterate immigrants learn English when we are ready to bend over to accommodate their ignorance?

No sugar-coating could hide the fact that such a weird place can’t function normally. The reporter grudgingly admits that there is bullying, but is quick to clarify that it’s the same as everywhere (no, it’s not):

If Gladstone has problems, they seem fairly typical of any school. When I arrive, a mother has turned up to discuss her daughter being bullied. (When I ask about racist bullying, Parker says the school addresses any incidents in the same way: “We are very open with children and we believe in restorative justice,” she says.) The repeated Ofsted scrutiny was enormously stressful. “There is no doubt it has a negative impact on staff health and wellbeing, and it wouldn’t be fair to gloss over that,” admits Parker.

I bet it has negative health impact. Otherwise Ms. Parker wouldn’t look as distressed as a Pakistani girl hiding from an arranged marriage.

I appreciate the sincere attempt of the lefty newspaper to convince us that self-destruction should be cherished as a new salvation. And I am sure that neither Blair, nor Cameron, nor the staffers of The Guardian would ever enrol their children in that Pakistani triumph of educational multiculturalism. They’ll be sure to get their kids as far as possible from that destructive environment, which will guarantee their failure. A place dominated by primitive cultures reproduces those cultures.

The progressives know that and their children are safely removed from that environment.

What about the rest of us?


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    Here’s a report from Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper. Prime minister Davis Cameron is happy to left floods of students from India invade Britain’;s universities in a new “partnership” with that country. Well, India has plently of universities of its own, plus a space program. Cameron says there is no time limit on how long those who get graduate-level jobs can stay in Britain after finishing university

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2278171/David-Cameron-No-limit-student-immigration-India-Prime-Minister-opens-door-Asia.html#ixzz2PElShuIy
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    See: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2278171/David-Cameron-No-limit-student-immigration-India-Prime-Minister-opens-door-Asia.html

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