French Suckers Finance a Luxury Boat to Gaza


Luxury boat will carry the French Israel-haters to Gaza


Among the numerous boats that are going to take part in the mass provocation against Israel, the French boat occupies a special place.

Unlike most of the other vessels of the Gaza flotilla, which were purchased second-hand, Louise Michel is a pleasure boat with all the amenities necessary to accommodate comfortably the French lefties.

While the American hippies will have to endure a trip in crowded ships, their French colleagues would have enough space to meditate and contemplate over their mission. The communists and socialists from that country have always been classy people, who conducted their class struggle from chateaus and expensive hotels. (Let’s not forget Monsieur Strauss-Kahn who fought for his socialist ideals from $3,000 per night hotel rooms and included sex fights with pretty women in the mix).

Why should the French anti-Semites’ lifestyle be any worse?

There is only one small detail – the money paid for the cruise ship to Gaza came from the 600,000 Euro collected for the enterprise in France. Most of the
people donated small amounts, 5 to 10 Euro, and probably thought that the money was buying medical and other supplies.

It appears that the Gaza Fatland will get very little of that – most of the money was squandered on the ship, which is going to provide a pleasant summer cruise to a gang of lefty French anti-Semites. Although, it is not clear if the pleasure won’t end abruptly, once they reach Israel’s borders.

There’s nothing new here – the common people are supposed to pay and the socialists are supposed to spend the money any way they want.

A sucker is born every minute… That old saying still holds truth.


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  1. Bob M. says:

    That is one stunning and amazingly gorgeous ship! But it’s missing something….

    I think the flotilla organizers should have dressed it up with light strings hanging from the masts. Imagine how inspiring that would look to the Palestinians that are watching it come into view on the Gaza shore! The sight of a sailing ship majestically and silently entering into Gaza’s home water’s during the evening could be an truly inspiring thing of beauty and hope for a future filled with peace and prosperity! A sharp contrast to the Israeli warships and tracked vehicles that the Israelis have used to brutally attack and slaughter peaceful activists with.

    A sailing ship like the Louise Michel is also much more environmentally responsible than a carbon emitting gas driven boat. With gas prices going up all the time and the prospect of having to sail to Gaza year after year because people like “admiwrath” are so entrenched in the idea that Israel is justified in occupying Gaza that they will stoup to mischaracterizing the flotilla’s mission. Hey admiwrath do you know that the people that had donated money to this flotilla’s mission knew that that the central part of the mission was to free Gaza’s ports and that aid and supplies were only one prong of the total mission objective?

    Note to the French: solar panels and a battery bank would be a fine addition for next year’s voyage. Call it the “The Flotilla Flagship” and say that it is “Going Green to Gaza”. You know that Jacques Cousteau would be proud! Of course admiwrath will say that I’m just a “left” wing “communist” “hippie” and a “sucker” that fell for Al Gore’s global climate change scam, so what do I know?

    I hope that other “hippie” Americans will support the flotillas of the future until the day that Gaza’s shores are totally free of “right” wing “facist” Isreali war ships. I will gladly send my money to the French and the other countries that are involved with the flotilla. If the brave people on board these ships that are putting their lives in danger want to make what may very well be the last voyage of their lives on an environmentally green sailing ship then I am perfectly happy to support them – and like that “socialist” John Lennon said, “I’m not the only one”.

    I discovered the “US To Gaza” flotilla organizing website on the 4th of July (America’s Independence Day) and I will be sending my money to them so that they can continue their historic work. I feel that this flotilla is reminiscent of the civil rights freedom bus rides that took place in America during the 1960’s.

    The US To Gaza website is at:

    The freedom riders had to face deadly violence, sabotage, police detentions and state sponsored harassment. I will also be sending money to the French flotilla participants so that they can take the Louise Michel onto future flotilla missions in top form.

    Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could have stood on the side of justice with the people that are engaged in a movement that will help free the Palestinians. Obama and Clinton will be going down in history as nothing more than two-faced corporate fascists and Israel will go down in history as America’s little Imperialistic bulldog. American and Isreali right wing fascists can keep killing people with fancy high priced war machines and bulldozers and they can keep brutalizing the weak and poor, but one day after they have alienated all of the people “The bottom will drop out”.

    When the bottom does drop out then the fascists of the world had better pray to their God that the people of the world don’t do to them what the people did to Mussolini in Milan on one stunning and amazingly gorgeous April day….

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