Geert Wilders Acquitted

It was just reported that the popular Dutch politician Geert Wilders was acquitted of the hate speech charges against him. That should put an end to his long ordeal of persecution and harassment.

That doesn’t mean that the court fell in love with him or his opinions. They grudgingly admitted that although that wasn’t hate speech per se, his ideas could be considered borderline. Obviously, the European opinion-crashing machine is still operational, although not as well-oiled as before. This victory is just another step in the long struggle against the multi-cultural stupidity and medieval fanaticism in Europe.

There was an interesting comment to Mark Steyn’s article about the issue in National Review (h/t BCF). A Wilders-bashing Dutchman left a comment clarifying that Geert was charged under a hate-speech law introduced in 1935, designed to prevent the Hitlerist propaganda from influencing the country.

I wonder how that law saved Holland from being conquered. Oh, yes, it didn’t – soldiers from other countries, where free speech was never curbed, managed to save the Dutch a few years later.

Let’s hope that the case make the Dutch think more about what could go wrong with their country again, if they chase and abuse the people who dare say the truth.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I hope now that Wilders will become the next Prime Minister of Holland, now that the Dutch are beginning to see the threat to their nation through creeping Islamofascism. Gays being beaten on the streets of Amsterdam and funerals being attacked by Moroccan “youths” in quiet towns and villages is not the sort of tolerant, dope-smoking, multicultural paradise that the pacifistic Dutch were stupidly dreaming of for decades until the death of Pim Fortyn and Theo Van Gogh shook them from their mass stupidity.

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