Globalization Bloodshed in Ukraine

Yesterday the standoff between the government and the “progressive forces” in Kiev took a deadly turn. About 40 people were killed, many of them policemen. It was hard to believe the tall tales of the Western media showing the Klitschko people as a bunch of peaceful protesters, when receiving news about them taking over government buildings with force. The situation wasn’t much different from what happened in Cairo, where the armed Muslim Brotherhood squatters were pictured as innocent victims of the evil army. Over the last few months the president Yanukovych made concessions with the rebels, but that was interpreted as a sign of weakness that they could use to overthrow the current government.

The situation is not that easy to explain – neither Klitschko, nor the president Yanukovych are angels. What we are seeing is another act in the drama of forced globalization, which would take every country under the same government umbrella (in this case the European Union). The practical implementation of the idea started with the establishment of the United Nations. I don’t know if even those who started it believe that people can be changed and forget their differences to live in harmony. I suspect that this is some kind of a power grab with little concern about people.

The European Union made some sense in the very beginning, as a trade agreement between the most developed countries on the continent. Then they came up with the delusion that every other country can reach the same level if governed in the same way. Like in a typical utopia, everything looked logical while they ignored the reality of different history, languages, habits, and culture.

The gates of disaster opened wide after the fall of communism. Many people in the former communist countries sincerely believed that with a few quick changes the economy could be turned around bringing the desired prosperity. Western economic “experts” promoted the “shock therapy” to start the change. Francis Fukuyama announced “the end of history” and George Bush Senior promoted ad nauseam “The New World Order.”

Well, after the dust settled, it turned out that the “shock therapy” only destroyed what those countries had and most of what was left went into the hands of shady characters, most of whom worked for the previous regime. The US attempts to turn Afghanistan and Iraq into “modern democratic countries” ended in catastrophe.

All that proved that even the most sinister globalists – capitalist, socialist, communist or any other type – simply couldn’t figure out the complexity of human nature, which resists transformation. The European Union now resembles the monster of Frankenstein, an odd combination of incompatible body parts, kept together by a delirious bureaucratic brain.

But the idea lives – Ukraine is just the latest proof. Actually that was the second attempt to change it. “The Orange Revolution” was played like a Shakespearian drama: with the poisoning of the president Yushchenko, who survived but with disfigured face. Next to him was the beautiful oligarch Yulia Timoshenko, who is now in jail. From the point of view of corruption there was no difference between them and the oligarchs of Putin. However, Yushchenko and Timoshenko wanted to join the EU and that excused everything else. It was not a surprise that they failed.

The second attempt was worse. Now the West is supporting a violent crowd led by a former boxer and it doesn’t care whether the people of Ukraine actually support the Kiev rebels. The blog 1389 provides a good interpretation of the situation:

The Yanukovych government is finally cracking down on the protesters/occupiers/saboteurs. If these protesters actually were Ukrainian nationalists who wanted to keep Ukraine independent and free of outside influences, they might have had a point, but that’s not who they are. Instead they are dead set on dragging Ukraine into the EU, without any consensus in Ukraine to that effect, and without any guarantees on the part of the EU.

These protests have been covertly funded via US-backed NGOs and supported by the EU. The demonstrations are led and staffed by a disreputable and violent assortment of leftists with ties to George Soros (as with the previous “color revolutions”), the Occupy movement, professional anarchists, fascists, neo-Nazis, and other rabble-for-hire. Soros has a personal grudge here: he ousted Yanukovych in a previous “color revolution” (namely, the “Orange Revolution”) and no doubt is furious that Yanukovych was voted legitimately into office once again.

The EU is an evil organization that would strangle freedom in Ukraine and allow an influx of Muslim immigration, just as it has in the rest of Europe. Ukraine doesn’t need to be swept up into the EUSSR. (Nor does Serbia, for that matter)…

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