Islamists Attack Nationalists in Bulgaria – MP Injured


Islamists beating up nationalists in Sofia



Not much is written about Bulgaria in the press. Although a member of the European Union, it is located at its periphery and is one of the poorest countries in the Union. Unlike Greece, it’s still not a member of the euro zone, so it can’t screw the economy the way Greece did.

Despite that, what happens in Bulgaria is symptomatic about how things are going to turn out in the multicultural European paradise. Last Friday the capital Sofia witnessed a bloody clash between Bulgarian nationalists and Islamists (mostly Bulgarian Turks). The Turks are the largest ethnic minority in Bulgaria, with nearly 1 million of them.

Most of them are descendants of the Bulgarians, who were forcibly converted to Islam by the Ottoman Empire, which occupied the country for nearly 500 years. Millions of Bulgarians perished during that occupation at the hands of Turks. A common practice at the time was the so-called “blood tax” – a practice involving taking away healthy little Christian boys. After imposing Islam on them, they were segregated into special barracks, forced to speak only Turkish and prepared to become “enichars” – members of a special military corps, which was used to fight Christians.

Despite the hatred, which accumulated through the centuries, Bulgaria avoided any significant clashes between Bulgarians and Turks during the last century (Yugoslavia wasn’t that lucky with its Muslims). Under communism, religion played very insignificant role, which prevented Islam from taking over the minds of the Turks.

Now things are changing rapidly. After the fall of communism, Bulgaria turned into a quasi-democracy of South American type, where each government can fulfil only one mandate – every time voters are disappointed with the undelivered promises and look for a new saviour party.

The corrupt governments have practically destroyed agriculture, the main source of income for many Turks. To make things worse, a very large part of them grows tobacco, an activity, which is neither sponsored nor supported by the European Union.

That situation makes Turks a fertile ground for spreading Islam. Turkey was the first to take advantage – since 1990’s it has increasing its influence; it is
even sponsoring a Turkish political party in Bulgaria (called Movement for Rights and Freedoms). Strictly, the party is illegal, because the law prohibits ethnic political parties, but nobody cares since that’s not a law-abiding country. Besides that, the Turkish party is just as corrupt as the Bulgarian parties.

The next one to put foot in the door was Saudi Arabia. Its numerous foundations started to sponsor Islamization – they built over 1000 new mosques and started to promote actively Islamic education in the Turkish parts of the country. The results of two decades of work are visible today – many Turks are barely able to speak Bulgarian, which prevents them from leaving the areas of high unemployment and getting decent jobs. Many students rarely go beyond the madrassas sponsored by the Islamic foundations.

All that contributed to the increase of the ethnic tensions. Just like in other European countries, the process materialized itself into the creation of nationalist party – Ataka (Attack).

During the last elections, Ataka won considerable number of seats in the parliament. Since the ruling party (GERB) has a minority government, they depend on the nationalists. Their declared goal is to sever the tentacles of the Turkish and Saudi Islamic influence.

The Friday clash happened during a planned protest of Ataka near the central mosque in Sofia. It was built in the 16th century. When the Turks occupied Bulgaria, they demolished all Christian cathedrals and churches (in Constantinople only St. Sophia survived to be turned into a monstrous mosque). They imposed a law, according to which a Christian church shouldn’t be taller than a rider on a horse. Christians had to dig deep underground to make churches spacious enough to conduct proper service. Here is a picture of that mosque and below you see an example of an Orthodox Christians church of the same era, which still survives (located a few hundred meters from the same mosque):


The mosque in Sofia, Bulgaria



The little church that the Turks allowed not far from the Sofia mosque


What id Ataka protest? As you can see in he picture, the mosque has a minaret, from which the imam calls for prayers ive times a day. The closet Muslim Obama said somewhere that those calls were ome of the most beautiful sounds he’s ever heard.

I beg to differ – if you’ve had the misfortune to hear those calls, I don’t think you would agree with Obama. They resemble the howling of a mortally wounded she-wolf. What makes it worse is that the mosque uses powerful amplifiers, which makes the howling totally unbearable. That wouldn’t have been a problem in some God forsaken Muslim country, but that mosque is located in the heart of downtown Sofia, near the Presidency and other government buildings. There are no Muslims living in the few residential buildings in the area.

City Hall didn’t do anything to reduce the noise, despite many years of complaints. Ataka’s protest, for which they properly registered and got permission from the city, was against that disturbance. They gathered nearby and one of them climbed a small building adjacent to the mosque (but not part of it) to place a loudspeaker (the pictures below are stills from a report by the Bulgarian news site


Islamists attack, a policeman is caught in the middle


At that moment they were attacked by Muslims supposedly praying in the mosque. For some reason, the pious Muslims were well prepared with knives, rocks and logs (it’s nice to have friends at city hall). In the beginning of the fight, the police didn’t interfere. Only after things got out of control, they started
arresting people, but most of them were nationalists. You can see below one of those arrested nationalist. On the back of his shirt it says: “Erdogan, you owe
us 10 billion Euros.” Erdogan is the current Prime Minister of Turkey and that’s the amount his country agreed to pay in 1923 for its atrocities (not a dime has been paid so far).


A nationalist is arrested


During the clash many people were injured. One of them was the Ataka MP Denitsa Gadjeva, who was hit with a rock on the head and had to be taken to an emergency hospital with concussion.

The curious result of that was that the next day almost everything was blamed on the nationalists. The notorious Helsinki Committee of Bulgaria (a bunch of parasites sponsored by Soros) formally demanded that the nationalist party be banned.  The District Attorney of Sofia threatened them with charges of peace disturbance.


The leader of the nationalist party Volen Siderov speaks at the protest



Volen Siderov is pushed by the police



Fights with the police near the mosque


As I said in the beginning, the whole case is symptomatic of what is going on in Europe. The bloated Union bureaucracy still lives in the imaginary flower world of the 1960’s, where we all are brothers and sisters. According to their recipes, all problems can be solved by giving away more welfare money and
creating more useless office positions to monitor the unruly Europeans.

In that world, all the nationalist parties and movements that have been popping up in different countries are simply creations of a few evil individuals, whom the bureaucrats supposedly can easily scare into obedience through threats and show trials.

It’s beyond belief – they don’t realize that if similar organizations appear in different countries, maybe that’s a symptom of the society’s malfunction. The
clash of different cultures is not going to be resolved by accommodating the most bizarre customs at the price of eroding the traditional European culture.

The creeping Islamization of the Balkan countries is a warning to the sleepy Europe. It has been often said that the Balkans are the powder keg of Europe.
Is the continent going to ignore the fire again and let the keg explode taking down everybody?

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