Muslim “Refugees” Flooding Europe

It was bound to happen, as I reported earlier. The so-called “revolutions” in the Arab countries in North Africa, so far have not brought anything good. Their only outcome is the weakening of the local power, which gave the opportunity to more illiterate people to leave their countries in the hope that they would get advantage of the generous welfare system of Western Europe.

It has been reported that the Arabs who already invaded the Italian island of Lampedusa have have exceeded in numbers the local population. But since the local population is still responsible for feeding those parasites (there is no help from the European Union at this point), that already takes its toll. There are reports that many people gather around the “refugee” camp, which is already full beyond capacity, shouting and yelling at those residing in it.

Of course, the European lefties would brand them “racists”, but what difference does that make, if the definition comes from useless bureaucrats and academics who haven’t worked a day in their lives? The common people who were stuck with those barbarians will be forced to pick the tab for supporting their useless existence.

Germany has already refused to take any of those “refugees” while Sweden is more than eager to take most of them. I wonder how many months it would take before the Swedish welfare state collapses providing carefree existence to to those Muslims…

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Disappointing that Sweden has not learned from European experience, in UK where jihadists are now threatening to cause problem at the upcoming Royal wedding (and if they’re not stopped, at 2012 Olympics too, probably, France where there are hundreds of “no go”zones inhabited by Muslims whose community leaders encourages them to not integrate, Netherlands, where the freedom fighter Geert Wilders has been put on trial by his own government, etc., etc.

    1. admiwrath says:

      There is hardly any excuse for Europe’s blindness.

    2. Hank says:

      Sweden also supplies the Muslims/Arabs with all the blond, blue-eyed, fair-skinned, tall “infidel” women they can rape.
      From the Muslim viewpoint a kaffir woman cannot be raped, for they are all whores. If a woman goes about outside her house without being escorted by an adult male close relative, she is there for the taking by any good Muslim man. If she is “immodestly” dressed she is likewise for the taking.

  2. marit says:

    Just outrageous! Who made the decision to take Libyan refugees? I totally agree with SM ISAC. Sweden has not learned anything…

    1. admiwrath says:

      The European Left will keep doing that until the economy is destroyed.

  3. Jonn says:

    Sorry gang. This is karma for the holocaust. The atheist took over Europe since ww2 . Sounds crazy.look at facts. Low birth rates from non religious people in Europe . No one goes to church. Vacuum of Muslim making up for lost population replacing killed jews .
    When jews finally leave Europe you will have lost a certain connection to god . Good luck with your Muslims.

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