Paul Weston, JDL and the Victory Cake


Paul Weston in Toronto


Paul Weston, the leader of the British Freedom Party came to visit Canada. After many meetings and interviews, his last appearance before his departure to England was at the Toronto Zionist Centre, hosted by the Jewish Defence League-Canada. The event was also sponsored by the International Free Press Society (IFPS).

The speakers at those events are usually depressing, because they speak about nasty problems that are threatening us daily. This event was not an exception. The issues that Paul Weston confronts are not fun and if left unattended, they can easily ruin our civilization.

Fortunately, this time there was some glimmer of hope coming from two campaigns that JDL had been working on for some time – the case of Stephane Gendron, a Mayor of a town in Quebec, and Palestine House.


"Cut Government Funding of Palestine House!"


In his introduction Meir Weinstein talked about the two victories. Recently, JDL representatives went all the way to Quebec to confront Gendron, who made anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic statements in the public media. As a result of the confrontation, both he and the TV station that hosted him apologized.

An even bigger victory was the defunding of Palestine House, a known centre of anti-Israeli anti-Semitic propaganda, which masks itself as a charity. As I wrote in an earlier post, its funding was stopped on February 14. Other than Mr. Weston’s talk, these events were the main reason for celebration.

However, Bjorn Larsen, President of IFPS-Canada, while introducing Paul Weston, brought everybody down to the ugly reality we face in the Western world. Although Weston leads a registered political party, under the current British laws he can be sued and jailed for his views about immigration and multiculturalism.

When Paul Weston started speaking, he didn’t disperse the dark picture, which Bjorn painted. Right from the start he said that Great Britain had been profoundly changed by the out-of-control Muslim immigration, and according to many people, the situation is close to the point of no return. He warned that Canada is heading in the same direction and it should re-evaluate its priorities, if it wants to survive.

Years ago, in the 1960’s, that immigration was an insignificant problem. The Muslims counted only in the tens of thousands. When Tony Blair’s Labour government came to power, things changed drastically. Blair opened wide the immigration gates to millions of newcomers, most of them from Muslim countries. His purpose was to change the face of Britain and rub the noses of his conservative enemies.

The situation was aggravated by the generous welfare state – it provides everything to people who don’t work. When many unemployable immigrants started pouring in, they knew very well how to get all the benefits they wanted. Over 50% of the Muslim men don’t work, neither do 75% of their women, yet since they have many children, they qualify for very high welfare payments and large rent-free houses.

Another issue was that the Muslim immigration caused an infiltration of England by Islamists. Many of those fanatics openly stated that they see that immigration as an extension of their jihad. Similar view had the late Colonel Gaddafi, who said that the 15,000,000 Muslims in Europe will gradually multiply to the point of taking control of the continent.

Multiculturalism was the ideological justification for those policies. The leftists thought that the world is diverse and the ease of travel creates closer contacts, so welcoming so many different people to the country would make a nice snapshot of the world’s diversity. This is naivety, which is totally unforgivable.

However, another goal of the Left was to accomplish a different type of revolution by using the power of those “minorities”. And they succeeded in the destruction of the traditional way of life – now in London the white children are only 20% of all schoolchildren. 35% of the births come from the new immigrants. More and more cities are dominated by Muslims.

That social engineering, which will have unpredictable consequences, is conducted deliberately by the Left to advance their agenda. The only word you can use to describe it is “treason”.

During the Blair years, the British Embassy in Pakistan was actively involved in propaganda of the benefits of immigrating to England, handing out leaflets and other materials. The process of rejecting an application was made very complicated, so the immigration officers had much easier time approving everybody. As a result, millions of people were admitted to England and most of them should’ve never been let in.

Now Muslims have a very high birth rate, nearly 4 children per woman. Their number doubles every few years. If the trend continues, in a few decades they’ll be a majority in the country. At the same time, the numbers of the indigenous population are dropping quickly.

What makes things even worse is the fact that many Britons (up to 250,000 per year) leave the country permanently, disappointed with its self-destruction, while the Third World immigrants keep coming to England.

The English authorities do everything in their power to cover up the problems. If you criticize their policies, you’re quickly branded a racist and an enemy of multiculturalism, but the fact that the Muslims don’t share the multicultural ideas is never discussed. And when the Muslims outnumber the rest, we will be faced with their aggression.

As of now, there are strong racial conflicts – 40% of the Muslims don’t like the laws in England and want to introduce sharia. Many rejoiced after 9/11 and the London bombings. Just as many dream of the establishment of the Muslim Caliphate. And they hold these views while they are still a minority. What will happen when they become a majority?

A look at the history of Lebanon gives us a grim premonition about the future of England. Until 1970’s Lebanon’s population was predominantly Christian. After the Muslims became a majority, the country plunged into a long bloody civil war, during which many thousands of Christians and their leaders were expelled or exterminated.

Unfortunately, there is no reason to believe that the future of England is going to be any different.




The Left stubbornly keeps spreading the deception that Islam is a religion of peace. In fact, Islam is an aggressive religious ideology, whose main goal is world domination. It has no tolerance for anything that doesn’t comply with its dogmas. You can clearly see that in the way it treats women and persecutes homosexuals and followers of other religions. No criticism is ever accepted – every critic is attacked, jailed or killed.

We have to take action as soon as possible, but very few are eager to do it. Even the Conservatives don’t seem to realize the problem – they even want to accept Turkey in the European Union.

The Freedom Party is the only force, which has a program to deal with the danger – stop the Muslim immigration, stop building mosques, limit welfare for Muslims and polygamists, etc.

In the 1930’s England bravely fought Nazism. Today the Islamic fascism is taking over the country without armies and guns, because the politicians are giving it up meekly. However, the ordinary people are getting more vocal. Years ago in the online comments after an article about some “multicultural” atrocity, a few people cautiously criticized the incident, while now a similar article brings thousands of angry comments from people, who are fed up with being asked to keep quiet.

Canada should confront the danger boldly without repeating the errors of the Europeans. If the UK and the USA go, so does the Western civilization. A dominant Islam would impose a most barbaric ideology, which will bring us to the dark ages.

After the speech, Paul Weston answered many questions and talked to people privately.


Meir Weinstaein and Paul Weston


Then came the fun part – JDL had a special cake made to celebrate the defunding of Palestine House:


The remains of the Victory Cake


Meir Weinstein took upon himself the task of slicing it and handing the pieces to everybody. He definitely was enjoying that part of the celebration:


Everybody can savour the sweet victory...


When I came home, before I started to write, I checked the news. In Daily Mail I found an article confirming Paul Weston’s worst fears.

A 7-year old boy in England was branded a racist for asking his schoolmate: “Are you brown because you come from Africa?” The school authorities demanded that his mother sign a school form that he was racist. She refused, but I don’t think the case is over.

Among the hundreds of angry comments condemning the stupidity of the school, there were a few supporting the teachers. Here is one of them:

Any comment perceived to be racist HAS to be logged. The form she was asked to sign would not label her son a racist but state his involvement in a racist incident with a clear and accurate description of the incident, including quotes (the forms usually go out to parents of all involved, including any victim). This is standard procedure. Teachers and school staff are not in the habit of accusing young children of racism, and none of us know the context the ‘quote’ was said in, or any other background information, The LEA gather stats of racist incidents from schools so it would not be in their interest to falsely report racist incidents. Sounds like the parent is blowing this way out of proportion to me,which is ironic since that is what she is accusing the school of.

– Cal, Enfield, 19/2/2012 3:1

Sadly, Tony Blair and his retarded sister-in-law, who converted to Islam and is in love with Hamas, are not the only ones, who peddle the multicultural insanity. People like Cal are their trusty foot soldiers. In earlier times Cal would probably be chasing little girls to be burned at the stake as witches. It’s no wonder that the Muslim triumphant takeover of England continues undisturbed.

God help England…


© 2012

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    England is finished. On a visit there two years ago, many of the county towns are rundown, London is way overcrowded, and our Muhammadian friends are everywhere, and I mean everywhere. One can understand the rise of the English Defence League who are a natural symptom of the Islamification of the nation.

    Mark my words, there will be civil war in the UK sooner or later.

    1. admiwrath says:

      England might be finished from the point of view of the government, which probably planned the whole debacle, but as it is always the problem with totalitarians (whether they are communist, socialist or globalist) they always forget that their they are dealing with real people, who simply wouldn’t respond to social engineering schemes that would bring their destruction. The only exception I can think of is Hitler’s regime – he convinced people that he was better and he really delivered for a while until the whole thing colapsed.

      The European Union is much worse – trying to convince the Europeans that they have to whip themslves to accommodate some Muslim savages is not going to work for very long. Forcing people to work for the Brussels parasites and the immigrants on welfare would cause a catastrophe. My guess is that the Union will collapse within the next two years.

      1. kevin says:

        “The only exception I can think of is Hitler’s regime – he convinced people that he was better and he really delivered for a while until the whole thing colapsed”

        The whole thing collapsed because he was attacked by the same people that are destroying Britain: the jewish bankers.

      2. admiwrath says:

        How are the Jewish bankers destroying England while it is invaded by Muslim savages?

    2. SM ISAC says:

      “Mark my words, there will be civil war in the UK sooner or later.” The fear was echoed in Mr. Watson’s speech, I believe. Unlike the US and thankfully Canada, we don’t see dissenting Muslim voices UK actively opposing the radicalism while free speech and criticism of Islamic supremacist ideology now being further entrenched within the British institutions (85+ Sharia courts in operation). “Indigenous” Brits will become so frustrated with the situation that all it takes is one major incident to spark violent confrontations.

      I don’t think I was the only person who heaved a sigh of relief after the royal wedding that took place apparently without incident. And there is Summer Olympic coming up which also brings huge security concern. I hope and pray for our sake as well as theirs that the new British Freedom Party will galvanize people so far without effective political voice, and citizen’s resistance groups like EDL will take root and gain much wider grassroots support.

  2. Daniel Moshe Johnson says:

    I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Weston, fine lad, down to earth, love his country. Mr. Weston and myself agreed that The Monarchy has to speak to the matter sooner or later, Britain or “Tarshish”, it’s biblical name, has allowed this ideology whom hate democracy to live move among them.

    As head of the Church, I would pray for the day she gives a critique on the rise of Mohammed ism within Great Britain, and the slow decline of the monetary system.

    May God Bless our Queen, may God give her leaders the wisdom to remove the hooded demons.

    1. Paul Weston says:

      I had the honour of meeting Daniel Moshe Johnson in Toronto. Moshe was acting as my bodyguard, and I have to say I felt extremely secure! Canada and the West needs more men like Moshe – brave, decent, moral men of faith.

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