The Swiss Cross and the “Tolerant” Muslims


Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. That’s what many Muslims claim, supported by their lefty friends. Even President George W. Bush once stated something like this.

Yes, it would have been nice if that was true – we would’ve lived in a beautiful huggy-feely world. Unfortunately, the claim galls apart every time it confronts reality.

Case in point – Switzerland. It was reported that a group of lovely Muslims has started a campaign to get rid of the cross in the Swiss flag. Their argument is that the cross “no longer corresponds to today’s multicultural Switzerland.”

The head honcho of the campaign, one Ivica Petrusic, stated in an interview Petrusic said in an interview that the cross has a Christian background and while the Christian roots of Switzerland should be respected, “it is necessary to separate church and state” because “Switzerland today has a great religious and cultural diversity. One has to ask if the State wants to continue building up a symbol in which many people no longer believe.”

Let’s stop and think what’s going on here. In Switzerland the Muslims are a minority of about 400,000. Yet, as you can see, they think it’s nothing to spit on the national dignity of a great country, which has achieved everything it has with hard work, ingenuity and traditions, which date hundreds of years.

If anything deserves to be called vicious aggression, that campaign definitely should be it.

The campaign becomes even more disgusting, if you consider the fact that most of those Muslims immigrants came from Bosnia and Kosovo. They were accepted on compassionate grounds – through the hospitality of the Swiss government they got shelter, food, and generous welfare payments. And now they are biting the hand that fed (and still feeds) them…

It’s all a result of the Slick Willy’s fight against the Christians in Yugoslavia. For some misguided reason Clinton and his West European friends found it necessary to twist the truth about the civil war in that country.

The Serbs were portrayed as the ultimate villains and the Muslim atrocities were totally ignored. The false propaganda covered up the Muslim bomb provocation on the market of Sarajevo and blamed the terrorist act on the Serbs. That served as an excuse to bomb the Christians. Later on the fake genocide in Srebrenica was added to the arsenal of the anti-Christian propaganda tools.

Later on they applied the same trick in Kosovo. The highly exaggerated number of the people killed in the conflict, was used by Clinton to launch a military attack on Serbia. The atrocities of the Muslim Albanians were covered and it took many years to reveal how the terrorists tortured and killed Serb civilians (cutting off their heads and harvesting their organs).

During both campaigns, USA urged the European countries to accept Muslim refugees. Some (like Bulgaria and Romania) refused, but others (like Switzerland) accepted. Now they are reaping the fruits of their unfortunate decision. Kosovo has been for many years one of the major centres of drugs distribution in Europe. Many of the shady characters involved in the Albanian drug Mafia are now proud residents of Switzerland, raising its crime rate.

The two Muslim countries created with Uncle Bill’s help – Bosnia and Kosovo – are utter failures both economically and politically. The “refugees” who flooded Switzerland have no intention of returning to those hellholes. Instead, they prefer to “reform” their adopted homeland.

This is not the first Islamist attack against Switzerland – last year the country successfully resisted the attempts to start building minarets at the mosques.

I am sure that there are Swiss Muslims, who really want to live in peace and respect the country, which has done so much for them. However, like every totalitarian ideology, Islam requires full submission. There are more than enough aggressive Islamists, who would try to impose their view point on the moderates.

Let’s hope that the Swiss are watching carefully what’s going on. They are a resilient people and have gone through more than enough of adversities. It would be a pity if they, if they allow their country to turn into a smaller version of Saudi Arabia.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    What do the Muzzies in Switzerland want to replace the Swiss flag with? The Crescent of Islam? Barack Obama, who was always a closet Islamist, continues to reveal his true colours thanks to his outrageous meddling in France’s burqa ban controversy in 2009. True to his nature, Barry took the side of the Islamists, insisting on a “right” to wear Islamic veils and headscarves. This set a precedent with regard to Presidential pro-Muslim meddling in the internal affairs of foreign countries. Obama stated in a visit to Normandy “I will tell you that in the United States our basic attitude is, is that we’re not going to tell people what to wear.”

    Nice one Barry. France, a country with a long, rich history, culture, sophistication and progress, could really use a lecture from someone whose African ancestors were still eating each other while France was building cathedrals and establishing civil law.

    But, back to Switzerland, a land I was privileged to visit last year. If the Swiss give in to these demands they might as well adopt Sharia law right now and be done with it. They have already allowed too much political correctness to erode their culture and national identity, so unless they want to go the way of other European nations primed for a takeover by Islam in the next couple of decades, they had better start working – and fast.

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