UK City Council to Gypsies – Don’t Have Sex in the Street

Due to its easy welfare policies, the United Kingdom is attracting hordes of gypsies from Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. I am not talking talented musicians or professionals (those gypsies don’t need to emigrate). The invasion is conducted by the lowest of the low, whose “rich” culture include pimping children for sex; selling babies; pickpocketing; robberies and stealing any metal objects for scrap.

The local political elites are powerless and can’t offer any sensible solution other than wasting more money on gypsies. The usual shaming scheme – labeling as racist anybody, who is not happy for being robbed by gypsies, doesn’t seem to work anymore. Of course, the ordinary working folks of all races are on the receiving end of the rich gypsy culture. Those who call for multicultural tolerance live behind safely locked gates, where no gypsies are allowed.

The residents of Sheffield have been subjected to the gypsy assaults for years. They all are pissed off, but ironically the feeling can’t be blamed on “white supremacism” which is the usual approach of the political pansies when dealing with such problems. Sheffield is home of many Pakistanis, who have been living there since the 1950’s and they are equally upset by the gypsy invasion.

The Sheffield City Council has started a ridiculous campaign to “educate” gypsies (good luck with that, most of them can’t even read):

A city council has created a guide to teach migrants how to behave in an apparent bid to ease tensions in the community.

The leaflet, drafted by Sheffield City Council, warns new arrivals, including Roma, against a slew of offensive habits – including urinating, defecating, spitting or having sex in the street – that upset locals.

It also contains instructions on claiming benefits and other taxpayer-funded services like healthcare and accessing translators.

There is advice on ‘being a good neighbour’, urging migrants not to dump litter in a neighbour’s garden or allow their children to play there, hang washing on their fence and not to block drains with soiled nappies.

The naivety of the city elders is charming – gypsies have lived in Eastern Europe for over 800 years and most of them never learned how to use a garbage bin. Why do they expect that the gypsy behaviour in England would be any better?

Read the rest of the article and see the pictures here.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I have many long years of dealing with these unspeakable people. First it was the Irish gypsies that came to the UK, then it was the Roma,s. I even had a run in with them in Paris a couple of years ago when they tried to snatch my son’s wallet right out of his hand. If the Muslim community in the UK are getting pissed of with the Romas, I’d scarper back to Romania if I were them.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I suspect the increased gypsy crime and strain on the welfare system might become the last straw that would break the European Union. The Westerners are absolutely unprepared to deal with them.

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