Why Tommy Robinson Doesn’t Speak Like Prince Charles

The leader of the English Defence League is a controversial person. Tommy Robinson tackles important issues and threats that the media and the authorities in Great Britain are trying very carefully to ignore. He even speaks a dialect, which is often difficult to understand. He definitely lacks the sophistication of Prince Charles, but he also lacks the spineless attitude of the prince, who is more than willing to see the Muslim invasion in Britain as a wonderful sign of diversity. (I hope Her Majesty lives longer than her mother, which would keep that dimwit away from the throne.)

Tommy Robinson is irritating the Left with his work – brutes like him are supposed to spend their nights at the pub, occasionally brawling over football games. They are not expected to embarrass the social engineers by exposing the destruction they brought by flooding their country with illiterate savages, who have no desire whatsoever to adapt to their new country (other than using the free welfare services).

John Moloney has written an excellent article about the clash between the righteous Left and the grassroots movement of Tommy Robinson (h/t BCF). He covers the things from the rational point of view of a person who has a first-hand knowledge of the real problems of his country:

It wasn’t a million years ago that lefties had a torrid romance with the working class. How they loved the overt masculinity, the blunt language and the not suffering of fools. Those lean muscled powerhouses were everything that that ineffectual leftie sophisticates weren’t. They were brave,  they were moral, even noble (though not so noble you’d let them anywhere near your daughters)…

Liberals have now moved on to new romances with women’s groups, ethnic minorities and above all Muslims. The fact that this last group doesn’t seem to like them much in return only adds to the frisson of danger. This group might, just might, be THE ONE. The one, that is , that finally gets down to some serious lamppost danglings…

You can read the rest of the article here.

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