Marine Le Pen, Islam and the Fake Feminists

Today, the once noisy but glorious feminist movement is just a pale shadow of its past. Though some of its pioneers, like Camille Paglia, still try to maintain some sanity in it, the movement is dominated by completely different types of women (and some of them are not even women).

At its top of the hierarchy are the angry lesbians who hate all men and wonder how to find a way to reproduce without touching or even using those useless drones. On the other hand, they are willing to accept as a comrade-in-arms any deranged guy who thinks that putting on a dress makes him a woman.

Right below the lesbians are the bitter, hairy and often unkempt women who spend their time plotting a revenge on men who don’t want them. The announcements about their events almost always end with the directive: “Arrive scent free”. The rejection of the capitalist perfume, combined with the care for the planet, which makes them save on water for laundry, often results in the unpleasant stench of their well-used clothes.

Thanks to them, we now have the rape culture myth, happily promoted by our brainless media, accusing the pussified Western of committing a horrific spree of sex assaults that affect nearly half of the women.

At the same time, those righteous losers are actively supporting open borders and mass invasion by Muslims that bring with them a real rape culture and misogyny, which are an integral part of Islam. That’s okay with the supporters of mass immigration, because the invaders will not think of sex with these women even in their wildest dreams.

The supplication to the backward Islam is one of the most repulsive features of modern feminism.

So, it is refreshing to see a woman, who is profoundly hated by feminists, to stand up against that supremacist cult. At a recent visit to Lebanon, Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France, took a stand that none of the pathetic feminists would take.

Right before a scheduled meeting with Lebanon’s grand mufti, Madame Le Pen was offered some kind of a Muslim rag to cover her head. As you can see in the video below, she flatly refused to do that and decided to leave instead. Humiliation was something she could not take.

This is a true feminist who cares about her dignity and deserves admiration.

You can’t expect the same from the militant lesbians and the hairy gals. Even the female politicians, supposed to be strong and independent women, can’t measure up to the level of Marine Le Pen. Most politicians are whores who would do anything to get a few more votes at election time. That is not meant as an attack on women, because some of the biggest whores are male politicians, like our own self-proclaimed Feminist-in-Chief Justin Trudeau, who would do anything to fit in with his masters from the Muslim community:


Imam Trudeau prays at a mosque

And did I say that the guy sitting in strictly male company is a self-confessed feminist? Yet, at one of his recent visits to a mosque, he stayed at the front and his female companions, ministers in Trudeau’s government were sent to the balcony, to sit with the second-class women.

Even the militant feminist government of Sweden has no objection to becoming a collective Muslim doormat. At a recent visit to Iran, instead of condemning their barbaric theocratic government for systematically oppressing women, they chose to parade meekly in front of Mullah Rouhani in “modest wear” with their heads covered.

swedish-feminist-government-visits-iranAnd these pathetic whores hate women so much that they don’t even want to acknowledge the epidemic of Muslim rapes and assaults that plague Sweden. It’s no wonder their country is going down the drains.

In Canada, it is even worse – female politicians humiliate themselves even at ordinary mosques. They show the barbarians that they can freely disrespect the public office those women represent. In November, 2015, Ontario’s Premier Kathleen Wynne visited a mosque in Ottawa. She tweeted about the event, stating that she went there to share Muslims’ grief about the terrorist attacks in Beirut and Paris.

That was odd. Shouldn’t she go to express her grief at a French Catholic church? After all, most of the victims were French Christians and the terrorists – Muslim. Politicians are truly ridiculous people. But that was not the worst part.

She attached a photo to her tweet, showing her sitting on the floor with the second-class female “sisters” from the mosque.

kathleen-wynne-segregated-ottawa-mosqueWell, I understand why Muslims despise Canada and take advantage of it. How can you respect a country, where a Premier voluntarily agrees to cover up and sit with those who are considered inferior in Islam? I guess she should be grateful that they didn’t throw here from the balcony for being lesbian.

Another visit was even sadder. A picture emerged of Kathleen Wynne, again at a mosque, but this time sitting alone in the corner, barefoot and with her head covered. Judging from her gloomy expression, she must have disappointed her Muslim masters who banished her to the corner like a kindergarten girl.

kathleen-wynne-in-mosqueWhy don’t we have female politicians like Madame Le Pen? I would gladly exchange her for our national pussy Justin Trudeau. She even speaks both official languages of Canada, so our stupid rules will make her eligible to become a Prime Minister. Even her French citizenship won’t be an obstacle. The socialist Tom Mulcair from the NDP had the theoretical chance of becoming Prime Minister, even though he is a French citizen.

Alas, it is nice to dream in the swamp that Canada has become, though there is very little hope that the swamp will ever be drained.

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