Bataclan Theatre Five Months after the Muslim Terrorist Attacks

Bataclan Theatre in Paris is a place that will be linked forever with the worse terrorist attack in the French history. On November 13, 2015, during a rock concert held there, a group of Muslim terrorists attacked the audience killing 89 and wounding over 200. When you are in Paris, it is not difficult to see that the pain of that event still reverberates in the minds of the Parisians.


Bataclan in March, 2016

While visiting the city, many people feel the need to pay their respects to the victims. I did the same the other day. The once lively café at the ground floor is shut down and so is the whole building. A fence has been erected in front of the building and a construction notice explains that the theatre will be going through a substantial renovation. There were construction materials scattered around.


Bataclan under renovation

The strong feelings of the people of Paris about the terror attack have been reflected in numerous graffiti on the side wall of the building, but they are barely legible after having been painted over with white paint.  Still, an inscription on the fence is clearly visible.


Loud and clear message

The traces of the horror are also still visible on the side wall – in the narrow street we saw holes made by the bullets, both on the wall of Bataclan and on the opposite building. That was the place where many people tried to escape from the windows.


The side wall


The escape windows

And here are a few of the bullet holes and other damage:

paris-bataclan-bullet-holes-march-2016-1paris-bataclan-bullet-holes-march-2016-2paris-bataclan-bullet-holes-march-2016-3paris-bataclan-bullet-holes-march-2016-4paris-bataclan-bullet-holes-march-2016-5Another notice placed in front of the entrance was explaining that the theatre would be closed and the written tributes to the victims of the attacks, as well as the flowers, will be moved across the street. The writings will be archived by the City of Paris. And that’s where I saw all the tributes. People come every day to lay flowers, stick a clipping from a paper or leave a hand-written note.

paris-bataclan-march-2016-6Here is what I saw:


As I mentioned in my previous post, after the bombings in Brussels, the mood in Paris is gloomy. There is heavy army and police presence and many people think that the city could be hit again. And with the sea of Muslim immigrants who are flooding Europe thanks to incompetent and often simply evil politicians that option becomes more and more probable.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Glad I did my European tour five years ago. Even then, gangs of Romas still tried to steal your wallet in the Eiffel Tower, and hordes of Africans crowded you to sell cheap souvenirs.

    1. admiwrath says:

      It’s only getting worse. Very little is being done in order not to violate political correctness. Most of the pickpockets are underage and they are released as they soon as they catch them.

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