Soldiers in the Streets – France after the Brussels Terror

On March 22 Brussels, the capital of the European Union was hit by Muslim terrorists. Bombings at the Brussels airport and a subway station left 28 people dead (the number might have increased) and over 300 wounded, many critically. I have usually been far away from similar events, but this time I was pretty close to the epicentre. The day before, on March 21, we arrived in Paris. During the last week I gained a few impressions about how such terrorist acts impact countries and people in Europe.

The arrival was an interesting experience. On the airplane we weren’t handed any customs declarations. After we landed at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, all passengers from the Toronto-Paris flight rushed through the short hallway to the immigration desk. There were several windows but only one was manned. The officer seemed to be in a hurry, stamping the passports and making copies without even looking at the passengers. Nobody checked the luggage of any arriving people.

In contrast, in Canada we are always scrutinized about the trip and you can end up in room with your suitcases wide open for inspection. Japan is paranoid – over there, like everybody else, I get my picture and fingerprints taken at each entry. As of the USA, their immigration officers are known for making the entry humiliating by interrogating most people with a sadistic pleasure (to be fair, they had the same attitude long before 9/11).

Maybe such treatment of the arrivals in France is part of the “open society” attitude, which affirms that all people are wonderful and beautiful until proven otherwise (even if they prove it with bombs). However, that doesn’t inspire much trust in the open borders concept. Still, that indifferent greeting was in contrast with the army presence – the airport was patrolled by a small group of heavily armed soldiers.

We left for Bordeaux in the afternoon. The next morning, we heard from the news that the Brussels airport was under attack. From the hotel TV, dominated by French channels, with the only English channel being CNN, we learned that there were explosions and a little bit later it turned out that a subway station was bombed as well.

Watching French TV and talking with people in Bordeaux provided an enlightening experience with the way such terrorist acts are treated in Europe. Within hours, while updating the increasing number of dead victims, they started parading on the TV countless imams and Muslim activists vehemently denying that the terrorist incident had anything to do with Islam.

After more information about the events started to trickle in, it became clear that the Belgian security was conducted at the level of the Keystone Kops under the command of the Three Stooges. The police in Brussels supposedly were hunting the leader of the Paris terrorists but they caught him by dumb luck, entering a supposedly empty apartment, which turned out to be a terrorist nest. That happened in the Muslim quarter of Molenbeek, place normally avoided by the police in order not to offend Muslims. They can’t even arrest anybody or raid houses after 9 p.m. The authorities announced that the danger was over, but had no idea that the terrorist’s friends continued their preparation. Later Donald Trump stated that the terrorist should have been tortured to reveal his group’s plans, but he was quickly denounced as an extremist acting against the Western values. (If 28 dead and 300 wounded are the price for affirming those values, that’s an extremely shitty deal.)

It also turned out that the Muslims comprise 25% of Brussels’ population. That’s almost a Caliphate. Most of them have no intention to integrate – they live on welfare and many complained that they don’t feel Belgian. Despite all “moderate” TV imams, extremism is rampant among that Muslim population. Plenty of bookstores sell extremist literature, which, though technically prohibited, doesn’t get the attention of the police.

Moreover, many young Muslims have travelled to Syria to fight. Once those killers and rapists return, they get no attention from the authorities. One of the airport bombers traveled to Turkey to join ISIS and was arrested there, then deported with a warning that he had terrorist ties. This was announced by the Turkish President Erdogan himself. And what did the Belgians do? Nothing, they let him go.

In Belgium and France, very much like in Canada, criticizing Islam is taboo and you can get into trouble for doing it. Probably that’s why it was so hard to get the opinions of the people in Bordeaux. However, the increased security measures were a sign of the grim reality. Armed patrols started roaming the downtown streets from the afternoon of March 22.


The army patrols the streets of Bordeaux


More of the same

The Bordeaux synagogue is located near the main commercial street, Sainte Catherine. Over the next few days it was closed and remained so, with soldiers patrolling around it. Ironically, the area around it is dominated by Turkish and Moroccan restaurants where unsavoury characters who don’t seem to be employed hang around most of the time. No wonder that the synagogue is guarded.


The synagogue of Bordeaux – locked after the bombings


Army patrol in the vicinity of the synagogue

On Friday – Good Friday – I attended the Easter ceremony at the Saint Andre Cathedral. It was in the open and the crowd of worshippers was guarded by police armed with machine guns. It was sad to see something like that in Europe.


The Good Friday procession in Bordeaux guarded with machine guns

Things kept piling up. Belgium’s Interior Minister resigned because he mishandled the situation. The Prime Minister refused to accept his resignation because there was nobody else to put in charge.

Normally, when faced with such blatant government incompetence, the masses would at least grumble or even riot. The Belgians, however, are a different breed. Within hours they started to fight terrorism with love. Many expressed their solidarity with the Molenbeek Muslim fanatics. A pile of flowers started to grow quickly in front of the bombed subway station. Some started to sing and hug Muslims at the site to show “solidarity”. A video emerged in which a hijab Muslim gargoyle was digging through the pile of flowers. When she found an Israeli flag, she ripped it to pieces. That’s what is called Muslim solidarity.

One of Brussels’ landmarks, the fountain with a little pissing boy, was employed in the “resistance”. Memes and cartoons with him pissing on terrorists started flooding the social networks. It seems that his work was more effective than that of the police.

Meanwhile, the police woke up from its slumber and started arresting people. It turned out that the terrorist network was much larger than they anticipated. At this time, it seems that among the leaders is one of Merkel’s phony Syrian refugees. Nothing surprising here.

After that the wooden Frankenstein – John Kerry – arrived in Brussels and reiterated the opinion that terrorists have nothing to do with Islam. He even kept calling ISIS Daesh.

Meanwhile, the French are under alert that something like that is coming to Paris. They already arrested a group of terrorists preparing an attack. Whether there are more, nobody knows. With the non-existent border and the incompetence that rules the European Union everything is possible. On the train from Bordeaux to Paris we saw police.

There presence was much more noticeable in Paris. They patrol the local trains in the city, armed with machine guns. Soldiers patrol most of the streets where many people congregate. In Paris the situation resembles Israel – at most large stores, museums and government offices bags are checked and often people have to go through metal detectors.


Patrolling the streets of Paris


Soldiers in front of Notre Dame de Paris

The European Union was supposed to be the highest democratic achievement of mankind, where people would be able to move freely, trade, and exchange ideas for the advancement of their civilization. Instead, it turned into a monstrous entity where terrorists roam freely and millions of fake refugees shop around for the country with the best welfare benefits. Trade is anything but free, with strict quotas that benefit the most powerful countries (case in point – the French agriculture). As of the idea exchange, it is allowed only if it involves Muslim fanatics or multi-culti activists. Those who criticize Islam or the EU disaster risk blackmail, dismissal from work or even jail. Sitting quietly and taking the terrorist bombs with optimism and love for all Muslims are the only things allowed. Nothing of that brings any progress, on the contrary, the EU is moving backwards with a barbaric totalitarian cult slowly taking over.

Under the reckless and treacherous policies of Justin Trudeau, Canada is gradually turning into the same swamp. We have many reasons to fear for the future.


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