Free Speech Activist Eric Brazau Released from Jail

After spending about nine months in jail, convicted for causing disturbance by criticizing Islam on the Toronto subway, the free speech activist Eric Brazau was released last Friday. Initially, he was sentenced to 18 months – the sentence wasn’t reduced due to the goodness of the Canadian sharia-compliant judicial system. He was released on bail after negotiations between the Crown and his lawyer. He is supposed to work on his appeal. The judge affirmed the conditions imposed at the previous sentencing – Brazau is expected not to get involved in political or any other activities, which may be deemed offensive to Canada’s most sensitive class, the Muslims. He should also stay away from any vehicles or other properties of TTC (the company that runs Toronto’s public transportation).


Eric Brazau (left) with supporters minutes after his release

The criminal court works like an assembly line with an endless gallery of accused and convicted people appearing before the judge. Though Brazau’s hearing was scheduled for 10 a.m., it took over an hour for the judge to proceed to it. As during his court appearance last year, while waiting in the courtroom I had the chance to observe many other people whose cases were being heard.

I saw a guy, who stood there accused of possessing and dealing a rich “collection” of most drugs known to man. He pleaded guilty and got away with an apology and 20-month suspended sentence. Another accused, from Jamaica, was held for a violent crime. His lawyer wanted his sentencing postponed, because an immigration hearing to determine his status in Canada was pending and a criminal conviction could impact negatively that hearing. The most fascinating part of it was that the Crown and the judge agreed to the submission. Apparently, we badly need more violent Jamaican criminals to stay in Canada.

Listening to those cases made me wonder even more why rare people like Brazau, who speak out their minds, are persecuted with the full cruelty of the law and get effective jail sentences, while violent criminals are tolerated. That’s not so different from the fascist or communist states, where the crimes of thought are considered more dangerous than violent crime. In “multicultural” Canada the barbaric cult of Islam is one of the top protected “cultures” and offending it is seen as something more dangerous than an armed robbery.

Eric Brazau’s hearing took about two minutes, because all the details had been already negotiated. The judge just re-affirmed the limitations imposed on his activities. After the release he shared his experiences in jail – it was a depressing place, which he had to share with violent criminals and even accused murderers. In a cell next to his, an inmate stabbed another one with a “home-made” knife-like weapon. At the same time, Brazau wasn’t allowed to work in the kitchen due to the “dangerous” nature of his political views.

His impressions were that even in jail Muslims were privileged. They received better (halal) food and were provided with a special prayer room, where they were taken three times a day. He even saw a Muslim propaganda magazine distributed there.

It’s no wonder that Islam is spreading it dirty tentacles over the corrections institutions – Ontario’s corrections minister Yasir Naqvi is a Muslim born in Pakistan. Couple of years ago he endorsed a Muslim book, which among other things recommended wife beating as an Islamic educational tool. The publishers included his letter of endorsement. Later he said in his defense that he never read the book and didn’t even know what was in it. That excuse, supposed to exonerate him, made him look even more pathetic. It looks like the members of the Muslim propaganda network support each other no matter what repulsive views they promote (if I endorse somebody’s writing, I would at least read it).

And like a cruel joke on the Ontarians, Kathleen Wynne appointed the person, who endorsed such a monstrous violation of the Canadian laws and values, to oversee the institutions where the criminals are held and “rehabilitated”. With such politicians, the only possible result is that we are going to see more people like Brazau being locked up, while Islam will continue its murderous march in Canada.

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