Pamela Geller, Mohammed Cartoons and Media Cowards

Last Sunday the war of the Muslim menace against the Western civilization took a new (though not unexpected) turn in Texas. The free speech activist Pamela Geller, who had been on the front line of that war, fighting the Islamization of America, was holding in Garland the long-anticipated Mohammed cartoon drawing competition. Months ago, while fundraising for the event, she mentioned a few times that the funds were important – the organizers needed a little army to ensure security. In a country, where most of the crime is committed by common criminals, hiring such a heavy security to guard a cartoon competition would look excessive to say the least. Unfortunately, the warning turned almost prophetic – shortly before the event ended and the prizes announced, two heavily armed specimens of the Muslim terrorism showed up at the doors with the intention to shoot everybody.

From the information that came out after the attack, it became clear that their goal was to arrive at the moment when the attendees were leaving the hall, then shoot all of them, including Pamela Geller and the Dutch politician Geert Wilders. Fortunately, the schedule was delayed, so when the Muslim animals attacked, it was only Pam’s little army that greeted them. Unlike the Charlie Hebdo attack earlier this year, when the bicycle cops escaped the scene and left one guard to be shot, the grumpy middle-aged guy at the entrance knew exactly what to do – within a few short minutes the two animals were lying dead on the road and only one of the guards was slightly wounded.

2015-05-03 23_58_25-Jobin Panicker on Twitter_ _Packed house as they award cartoonist who won Muhamm2015-05-04 02_39_06-Officer and Two Suspects Down in Gunfight at Islamic Cartoon Contest in Texas, Ppamela geller texasSadly, this attack destroyed the image of the USA as a fortress of free speech – if a group of people is attacked for drawing pictures with the only purpose to be killed, we have a serious problem. The way the public sees such a ground-breaking event reveals the true condition of our society. Judging from the reactions of the last few days, the condition is pathetic. There are a few winners, but the number of the losers and the depth of their depravity are staggering.

Pamela Geller was the big winner – true to her goal to expose Muslim extremism, she managed again to show that there are still people in the West brave enough to oppose the fanatical darkness that Islam has planned for us. Those who were with her in Garland at the event and especially the guards, who faced the Muslim savages, also deserve our admiration; they showed that action beats contemplation when faced with terrorism.

The winning cartoon – angry Mo wields a sword (what else?)

The winning cartoon – angry Mo wields a sword (what else?)

I met Pamela Geller in Toronto in 2013 – her visit had its challenges (to say the least, more on that later), but the event was sold out and a few hundred people showed up to hear her message.


Pamela Geller in Toronto

She is a tiny woman, who pursues her goals with absolute determination – it’s no wonder that the Muslims and those who are too afraid to take a firm position hate her. The cowards dismiss her initiatives as useless stunts maybe because they never have the courage to do what she is doing. The reality is that any event she starts – large rallies, signs on buses or in subways, the latest drawing competition – provokes a strong reaction and reveals the true positions of those who comment on it. And she is doing all of that under severe pressure, fighting with the hostile press and often going to court to defend her right to say the truth, while her opponents have no problem expressing publically even the vilest threats. Under similar circumstances many others would’ve called it quits long time ago, but she is still going strong. Even after the cartoon contest, which could’ve had deadly consequences, journalists are trying to blame her and not the Muslim killers for what happened. And again, at every interview she responds with the voice of reason.

The biggest loser in the Garland shooting is naturally Islam. After such events it becomes more and more difficult to defend that murderous cult. In Canada there is a standard drill – after a terrorist act, an Ahmadiya or Ismaili Muslim with a funny hat and a please-adopt-me face expression shows up on CBC and with a low, but emotional voice tries to convince us that the billion Muslims in the world are more peaceful than lambs (both sects fail to mention that in most Muslim countries they are considered apostates).

What Pamela did in Garland was to flush out the terrorists – they were provoked into action and lost. Soon after that ISIS took responsibility, threatened her again and boasted that they had 71 fighters in 15 states ready to kill (nice to see that the open borders policy of Kenya Barry works). Now finally we may expect the Homeland Security to go beyond frisking old wheelchair ladies and direct its perverts who grope children to some more serious tasks.

Of course, if the terrorists were the only problem (and we were allowed to say that they are Muslim), the whole neutralization operation would be a breeze. The real problem is Islam itself as an aggressive ideology for achieving political supremacism. The evil preached in the Koran (which is always taken literally by its followers) demands that the Muslims engage in violent struggle (jihad) to impose their domination over the world. Anything that could create even the slightest doubt in the doctrine is eradicated mercilessly – maybe it’s because the doctrine is so weak. Few other religions have such pathetic founders (well, maybe Joseph Smith is one). Mohamed was an insecure psychotic tyrant who saw murder as the only effective way of persuasion. The Muslims try to convince us constantly that he was the “perfect man,” but their own records show that he actually was crafty conman with a taste for little girls (he even “married” one).


Toronto Muslims demand blasphemy laws

In Islam the insecurities of its shady founder are passed on to his followers. That’s why most Muslims have the emotional maturity of a 4-year old kindergarten kid, who has lost a donut. Any theological disagreement, which in Christianity would cause long discussions, in Islam is resolved with baseball bats, knives, guns or simply fists, if nothing else is available. With such ridiculous mindset, the Muslims bring their world down to the level of slapstick comedy, but unlike Larry, Curley and Mo, who fight with each other over their ideas without visible consequences, the Muslim slapstick almost always ends up with corpses or body parts on the ground.

In the West it is more difficult to use physical violence for achieving Islamic goals – there are not that many Muslims (yet) and at least for now we have armed police. That makes necessary the “division of labour” in Islam, jihad in the West is fought mostly through blackmail and lawfare. In 2013, before Pamela Geller’s arrival for her event in Toronto, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) organized a nasty campaign to sabotage her appearance. For many years that organization was known as CAIR-Can, the Canadian office of the notorious CAIR, which was founded in 1994 by leaders of the Islamic Association of Palestine (Hamas reincarnation in the USA); CAIR’s purpose was to promote the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, namely making Islam the dominant religion in the world and destroying Israel in the process. CAIR took the task seriously and a few years ago some of its leaders were declared unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation, a scheme designed to provide funds to the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Though the Canadian branch changed the name to NCCM, and claimed they had nothing to do with CAIR, they specifically affirmed that their goals remain the same. Apparently, one of the goals was to prevent criticism of the Muslim extremism and Geller was not the only target, they sued for libel an Ottawa writer who criticized their campaign.

Regardless of what the Muslims of different levels of extremism think or do, they wouldn’t be able to achieve anything in the West, if it weren’t for their enablers – the leftist politicians and their Siamese twin, the mainstream media. The Garland shooting showed once again how rotten that pathetic duo is. Within hours they started blaming Geller and the other organizers for the incident – they were supposedly too provocative. In a way, they normalized the Muslim reaction – it was shocking that they found normal that a cartoon contest could be attacked with machine guns and the only way to prevent it is to stop doing anything that offends Mohammed’s cult. It never occurred to those critics that before the arrival of the Muslim savages, it was unthinkable for normal people in the USA to shoot each other over artwork.

And it wasn’t just the lefty political class; even the pompous peacock with bad toupee – Donald Trump – who sells himself as a conservative, found a way to chastise Pamela Geller on Twitter. The cowards working for the media were even worse – the pseudo-conservative Bill O’Reilly found several reasons why what she was doing was absolutely wrong. Those who interviewed her went out of their way to humiliate Geller, which was never successful – she is extremely capable to put in his or her place anybody who confronts her. There was a common denominator in the behaviour of all those journalists – it was the position of the coward, who sees what Pamela sees, but is afraid to act and thinks that if you keep quiet the Muslim threat will miraculously go away, and at the same time is ashamed of his or her cowardice, but tries to cover it up by attacking and putting down those who are brave enough to confront the menace.

The ordinary people see the things as they are – many are supporting what she is doing, because unlike the politicians and the prominent journalists in their gated communities, they face the danger every day. Yesterday I saw on Sean Hannity’s show Pamela Geller’s exchange with the former alcoholic Anjem Choudary, who is now one of the best known Muslim extremists in the world. He openly threatened her with murder and the media when commenting on the dialogue blamed her again. Imagine if she or some other critic of Islam had made similar threats against Muslims – they will receive a very different treatment than that piece of Muslim garbage, Choudary. Yet again the mainstream media found a way to justify his threats.

The American Left is getting more demented by the minute – they are ready to whitewash even the worst Muslim extremism and violence.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    This is exactly WHAT WE NEED. A free speech forum where ridiculing the “prophet” will provoke the terrorists into the open so that the cops can shoot them dead.

  2. Ted says:

    The only thing you forgot to include is that Geller is sexy

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, that was a significant omission.

      1. John King says:

        Yeah, is Pamela ever hot! Intelligent, articulate, well-principled, and hot!

  3. Rick says:

    Hahaha I like the Lone Ranger’s strategy.

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