The Free Speech Issue – Ezra Levant Debates Noam Chomsky



The Rebel Media gradually expands its reach, adding to its coverage discussions with prominent intellectuals. In one of the latest additions to their broadcasts, they included a debate between Ezra Levant and Noam Chomsky. The first part of the video includes a debate on free speech, in which Canada’s most controversial journalist clashes with the Patron Saint of the North American Left.

Levant tries to get the opinion of Chomsky on the Left’s role in suppressing free speech, especially on the university campuses. (The rigid speech codes present there bring severe consequences to those who deviate from the leftist talking points or dare to criticize homosexuality. “transgenderism” and other peculiar lifestyles.) Chomsky is evasive in his response, trying to picture that type of censorship as a very marginal issue and quickly switches to his usual mode of criticizing the mainstream media. He says that they are not willing to give a platform to issues that he considers important (like his view on the Iraq War), which is countered by Levant with the observation that with the new capabilities provided by the internet, spreading unpopular opinions can circumvent the restrictions imposed by the corporate media and the popularity of Chomsky is a prime example of that. Noam Chomsky’s rebuttal is not very convincing.

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Demise of SunTV might turn out to be the best thing that has happened for free speech, real journalism, real debates free from rigid time constraints and annoying commercial breaks.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I agree – the people who were truly dedicated to the issues that Sun TV covered are continuing the fight without the dead weight that required millions in unnecessary expenses.

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