The Montreal Police Allegedly Forces a Blogger to Remove a JDL-Canada Related Post


It came to our attention that the police in Montreal have strongly “influenced” a blogger to remove a post. The post covered a meeting of JDL-Canada, which took place in Montreal – the organization considers expansion in several major Canadian cities. The reason is not vanity, but necessity. The Muslim fascists in the past limited their actions to drawing swastikas on synagogues. Now they beat and kick Jews; it is only a matter of time before they start killing.

Our government has done little to curb the violence. During the beating in Toronto, the police refused to arrest the perpetrators. They reluctantly started to act only after being forced by the public outrage. The recent case in Calgary was worse – women were punched and kicked by Muslims, but nobody so far has been arrested. JDL-Canada can provide at least some protection.

The blog post was completely benign – it simply provided information and nobody would’ve been mad at it, other than the Muslim fascists. It was deleted, but it still survives in the Google cache (thanks, BCF). During the last elections in Ontario, the Toronto Police told us who to vote for. Now the Montreal Police tells us what we can write about. The restriction of freedom of speech is a major sign of a totalitarian police state.

Therefore, the post is republished here, first as a text and then in its authentic form as a screenshot from the original site:

Jewish Defence League holds secret meeting in Montreal

Over 50 people attended a meeting with leaders of the Toronto chapter of the Jewish Defence League at a secret location in Montreal.

The meeting was a response to the recent string of anti-Semitic incidents that had taken place in Montreal and the surrounding areas, which included a French tourist getting sucker punched in the face, fireworks thrown at Tosh Chassidim, and a swastika-bearing car driving through the streets of Montreal.

The meeting was very secure, with at least 10 members of Toronto’s JDL keeping watch outside and all attendees going through a metal detector.

Julius Suraski opened the event by announcing that the JDL is not a vigilante group. Rather, it’s a socially conscious group of Jews from all different backgrounds whose objective is to change the mentality of the Jewish community from one of ‘sha shtill’ to ‘never again’. “In Toronto we work together with police services and with all levels of government, both provincial and federal,” said Suraski. “We are dealing with an enemy not interested in sitting at a table to work out a solution. They are interested in genocide and they clearly state it in their charter and at their demonstrations.”

Meir Weinstein, National Director of the Canadian Branch of the Jewish Defence League, briefly shared the history of the JDL in Canada, and spoke about the former and current enemies of the Jewish community. “In the 80s we were fighting neo-Nazi groups and Nazi war criminals,” said Weinstein, pointing out the JDL’s successes in harassing Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, shutting down Neo-Nazi organizations, and exposing Nazi war criminals hiding in Canada. “Nowadays we are battling Muslim extremists.”

According to Weinstein, the JDL was successful in organizing the cutting of funding to the Palestine House in Toronto, who was receiving over a million dollars in Federal Grants and were fundraising for Hamas. In Canada, it is a criminal offence to raise funds for listed terror organizations such as Hamas or Hezbollah. “In Montreal we have identified two similar organizations,” noted Weinstein. “We would like to expose them with rallies, to bring awareness to their illegal activities. We need to shine a spotlight on those who call for the extermination of Jews so they don’t grow and gain more support.”

During the Question and Answer period, Weinstein asked people to contact the JDL if they would like to help. He also announced the need for someone to take on a leadership role in the founding of the Montreal chapter of the Jewish Defence League, and discussed the JDL’s reputation as a terrorist organization, which he claims was “created by our enemies, when in fact the only correlation of the JDL to terrorism or any vigilante activity comes from a leaked memo listing the personal opinion of an FBI agent.”

By Zvi Hershcovich

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