Condom Lessons and Sex Work Tips at OISE High School Conference

Every visit to OISE reminds me that our once glorious province is rapidly going down the drain. It’s not just the economy, which is being quickly destroyed by ignorant and inept politicians, who are good only at chasing windmills. It’s our education as well.

Last month I attended a symposium at the University of Toronto, dedicated to education and child sexuality.

Today I had the misfortune of visiting the so-called Unity Conference (taking place at OISE), which united school kids and teachers involved in establishing the so-called Gay-Straight Alliances, homosexual clubs now mandatory in the public education system. As the organizers said:


The Unity Conference is an annual, single-day event that brings together Gay-Straight-Alliances and educators from across the GTA and Ontario. Its purpose is to address issues of homophobia, transphobia and other intersecting oppressions through education, advocacy and fostering social networks. We expect approximately 600 participants at our 2013 Conference.”


Unity Conference-2013-DykeMarch-Toronto

I have endured quite a lot of hardships sitting at unbearable events in the name of documenting the self-destruction of the Ontario public education. However, after taking a look at the program and its workshops, I thought it was more than I could endure (taking a workshop on tips and strategies to improve the dating skills of “trans” and “genderqueer” is worse than removing a wisdom tooth without anesthesia).

Fortunately, they had another event at the OISE Library, also part of the conference, but less intrusive. It was the Unity Conference Community Fair, where many organizations had their tables with literature and other merchandise:

“The 2013 Community Fair is a dynamic event staged in the spacious ground-floor OISE library on the Conference day. This year, the Fair runs from 11am-1:30pm. The Fair assembles a diversity of LGBTQ services, and allows Conference attendees an opportunity to learn about your organisation directly from your staff. We expect over 20 organisations to be represented at the 2013 Community Fair.”

There were many tables and each of them represented several organizations, each one of them involved in defending, protecting or promoting homosexuality. I asked most of them about their funding – all of them, with no exceptions, were financially supported in one form or another by the provincial government and the city of Toronto.


The organizers’ table


Every one of them gets a cut from my taxes

Earlier today, the blog provided a long list of the participating organizations, which promote intergenerational projects.

I talked to a representative of one of those organizations, Sunshine Centres for Seniors:


It was explained in the flyer that their purpose is to build “Rainbow Bridges across Generations” as an intergenerational project “for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex, Queer, Questioning and Two-Spirit Youth & Older Adults.”

The girl who represented the project said that it focuses on organizing intergenerational gathering. If I wanted to join, I could contact her through the provided channels. I wonder if Prof. Benjamin Levin designed the program. Sorry for being cynical, but there is nothing good that could come from hooking up school kids with elderly homosexuals. The homosexual culture as such revolves around sex, if you take the sex away, there will be not much left.

My point was proven at another table with two black guys, who represented a Caribbean homosexual group, which emphasized safe sex and AIDS prevention. In addition to the flyers, the table was covered with plenty of condoms (all for a purpose). Right in the middle they had placed an erect black rubber penis, which was supposed to be a teaching tool. The penis apparently wrote the note in front of him: “Hi my name is penis!”



The penis show is about to begin

The job of the two guys was to open a condom pack and demonstrate how to fit it on the penis. As you can see in the video, the conference attendees (mostly girls) watched intently the lesson.

I don’t think that anything like this is appropriate in a public library, especially when it’s done in front of high school students, but that’s just me. Obviously, at OISE anything goes.

I found some interesting booklets published by Griffin Centre (non-profit charitable mental health agency), but endorsed and financed by the Government of Ontario: “Funding for this Project is provided by the Government of Ontario, Ministry of Attorney General, Ontario Victim Services Secretariat Community Grants Program. The views and opinions expressed in this publication/web site do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Ontario.” And printed by Queen’s Printer for Ontario…




The funny part was that despite of being paid by the government, the first booklet was focused on bashing the police: Bring It Back to the Cops: Homophobic and Transphobic Hate, Bullying and Harassment Are not Tolerated.

Among the plethora of advice about how to handle the police and what they can or can’t do to you, I found the following gem about strip searching trannies:

 We are under arrest:

If we are trans, we have three options for our search. We can request that the search be done by male officers only, female officers only or a split search involving both (female officers searching above the waist, male officers below or vice versa). According to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, we have this right even if we have not had sex reassignment surgery.

We have really turned into a psychopathic society. So a man, who imagines that he is a woman (and he really is according to Barbara Hall) can have his junk handled by a police woman and a girl with the same mental disorder could get that service from a male officer. Sick, sick, sick…




The second booklet was even worse: Stikin’ Out As Trans: Homophobic and Transphobic Hate, Bullying and Harassment Are not Tolerated.

It dealt with the issue of providing “safe space” in washrooms for trannies and taught them that they should be uncompromising about asserting their rights. The most bizarre part was the section about the “trans” hookers:

As trans and genderqueer sex workers, we have a lot on our plate. Transphobia and negative attitudes towards sex work mean that we are at high risk for violence and that we are sometimes turned away from the services and programs we need. It also makes it difficult for us to ask for and find support when we experience violence and harassment.

Sex work is seen as dangerous work and is looked down on, but the work itself isn’t dangerous, wrong or bad. Sex work is illegal and as a result, we do not have the job protections that many other professions have. Without those protections, sex work can put us into dangerous circumstances where we might face violence and harassment.

However, there are things that we can do…

Let me get this straight – McGuinty and Wynne are financing literature, which openly calls for violating the law. The prostitution is illegal in Ontario, yet the booklet states that “sex work itself isn’t dangerous, wrong or bad.” Is everybody who governs this province an idiot?!

Then, why is this booklet promoted at a school kids’ conference? Do any of them work as tranny hookers? And if not, was it designed to make their transition to that sort of “work” easier?

TDSB, OISE and the other entities that run the public education are rotten to the core. Instead of focusing on science and education, which would help the kids become productive citizens, those entities are obsessed with promoting Marxist crap and self-destructive lifestyles. At least we will have an endless supply of gay parade marchers. Shame, shame, shame…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Now that the TDSB has agreed to set up more separate ethnic-oriented schools specifically for black, aboriginal, Portuguese, Chinese, and Muslim students, there won’t be much left for the GBLTQ degenerates to infiltrate.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Now that these dangerous deviants are targeting our kids, I wonder if the province will insist that the single-ethnic schools in Toronto catering for blacks students, Muslim students, Portuguese students and Chinese students will be forced to let them through the door?

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