Croatia Rejects the Homosexual Marriage Insanity, the Guardian Devastated

The assault on the traditional family, which has taken down Canada and many states in the USA, faced backlash in the newest member of the European Union – Croatia. Instead of forcing the gay marriage, the way it was imposed on Canada without consulting the people to appease the mighty homosexual lobby, the government of Croatia was honest enough to ask its citizens. A referendum was held on determining the nature of marriage.

Nearly 65% of the people agreed that the marriage is a union between a man and a woman. That practically put a stop on any initiative to force the homosexual marriage on Croatia. But never underestimate the perverts that control Brussels – they will use all of their dirty tricks and pressure to show that the people of Croatia are a bunch of boorish idiots, who are not hip enough to mingle with the homosexual elite of Western Europe.

The corrupt European media are already squealing about the decision. An article in the Guardian (where else?) written by an outraged homosexual stormtrooper accuses the Croatians of all kinds of sins. Did you know that this is just a prelude to taking action against the Jews?

Imagine the following dystopian scenario. After a football game at one of the biggest stadiums in Germany, one of the players takes the microphone and shouts “Heil Hitler!”. More than 30,000 people answer in one voice “Heil!”. Just a few days later, 65% of Germans vote against gay people at a national referendum. At the same time, signatures are already being collected to organise another referendum – this time to ban the Yiddish language. What would you call this? Democracy?

Until now, Croatia has had only three referendums. The first was held in 1991 to declare independence from Yugoslavia, the second in 2012 on the EU accession, and the last this weekend, when 65% of Croatians voted to change the definition of marriage in the constitution to apply exclusively to “a living union of a woman and a man”.

The arrogance of the homosexuals as usual knows no boundaries. If they don’t have their way, they can slander and blackmail anybody, who tries to protect his or her children of friendly predators.

Then the homosexual columnist doesn’t forget to humiliate the Croatians even more – you see the traditional family is not threatened by the homosexual corruption, it’s all about that nasty capitalism, which destroys the country:

Those behind these referendums allege that the model of the Croatian family is under threat – on the one hand, if gay people get the right to enter into marriage, and on the other, if Serbs get the right to use their own alphabet in Croatia. Yet it is the current crisis of capitalism that is truly destroying social safety nets – the gradual disappearance of a public health service and cuts to pensions are hurting the family more than gay people or Serbs. For instance, the unemployment rate among young people in Croatia is 52%, which brings us just behind Greece and Spain. And instead of organising a referendum on these problems or giving these young people jobs, Croatia spent €6.2m to define something that is already defined in family law: marriage as a legally regulated community of a woman and a man.

Make no mistake – militant homosexuals are going to lie, deceive and cheat until the school system markets the gay marriage as superior. Here in Canada we are well on our way to that reality with makers of child pornography designing sex curricula. The not-so-hip Croatians are not aware of all the benefits of your children using tranny bathrooms. They have a much better chance to survive.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I thank God there is a country that is saying “no” to the homosexual agenda. The queers can throw all the hissy fits they like – who cares? Most of Africa and the Middle East will not allow them to have their way either, yet I notice that queers spit their demonic venom at mainly white countries.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Nothing against the queer weirdness as long as it is practiced among weird individuals in confined spaces. However, this is possible only in reach decadent countries. The rest of the world’s is too busy working for a living to take those perverts seriously.

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