Gay Pride 2013 – Canadian Politicians March with Perverts and anti-Semites

Yesterday the Toronto pride week culminated in the annual gay parade. The mainstream media go again through their annual ritual trying to convince us that over a million people attended the parade and countless Torontonians dropped everything to line up in anticipation along Yonge Street.

It’s true that many parents brought their children, who were treated to a shocking spectacle of depravity. The media would never admit that – to them the event was a display of our “diversity.” I am sure that all “progressive” politicians who attended agree with the media point.

In the NDP and the Liberal Party the depravity has become a norm. Our thieving Premier Kathleen Wynne, who continues to lie and destroy the province, fits perfectly into that display of perversion. Justin Trudeau also felt like fish in water among his homosexual base. As of Tom Mulcair and Olivia Chow, they felt even better at the event, because in their party’s platform the fringe groups are a major tool for subduing the productive majority.

For writing on the homosexual issues, I am often called “homophobic” (what a dumb term). I should point out that I have no fear of men (that’s what the term means) and if I accept the validity of the other meaning, I can say that I am neither “homophobic” nor “homophilic.” I support the right of the homosexuals to practice their activities in bathhouses, gay bars or other confined spaces, if those activities involve well-informed consenting adults.

However, when children get involved or the truth of the self-destructive gay lifestyle is suppressed, that changes the game. Earlier this year the Christian activist Bill Whatcott was convicted of hate speech in Canada for pointing out in a flyer that the homosexuals are much more likely to contract AIDS. Maybe the US Center for Disease Control should be branded “homophobic” for confirming that fact in their statistics. The HIV infections among the homosexuals are much higher than among the rest of the population:


The proposed teaching of homosexuality in the Ontario schools as a harmless “alternative” lifestyle ignores those issues. Having at the parade old naked men flaunting their junk in front of children is not helping the homosexual “acceptance” either. The last I checked, indecent exposure is still a crime under Canada’s Criminal Code. But in Canada homosexuals are above the law, otherwise it would be difficult to explain why the police shield homosexual perverts and ignores the interests of children.

Other than promoting perversion, the organizers of the gay parade have no problem with anti-Semitism. They did everything possible to ensure that the notorious anti-Semitic group Queers against Israeli Apartheid is a major part of the program – with sponsoring their Jew-bashing lecture (post about the event is here; lecture video here; questions and answers session here) and allowing them to march in two parades. Homosexuals often boast that they are more intelligent than the rest of us, but it’s hard to believe that they accept without any criticism the blackmail against Israel (the only country in the Middle East where the homosexuals have full rights) and ignore the Muslim countries where they are killed.

Every time I write about what really happens at the gay parade, I am accused by the pink brigade that I lie and their event oozes love, diversity and family values. That’s why now I have a video, in which everybody can see what kind of values the children attending that pervfest were exposed to.

Before the parade started I spotted Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne. They were going out of their way to demonstrate that they were homosexual people’s people.


Justin fishing for votes



What if she squandered your taxes? She’s still such a cheery gal




The drag queens are ready to march

Large corporations and unions were overrepresented on the floats at the parade (you can see them in the video). It was hard to reconcile the anti-corporate and anti-capitalist rhetoric of many marching groups with the large donations accepted from those corporations to finance that freak show.



The real NDP

The revolutionary spirit was also expressed in the appearances of the Toronto District School Board (main promoter of Marxism and homosexuality) and the various teachers’ unions.

In their teaching materials promoting “diversity” the TDSB always urged kids to attend the gay parade and choose pictures that express its spirit. Here are some pictures that express the homosexual spirit:


Naked girl with a snake (looks like that’s too normal)


Nothing is going to create a better empathy to homosexualism than a bunch of ugly men flashing kids with their penises.



Visual aid for the new Ontario sex curriculum


Erotic flagellation – the new subject approved by TDSB



Come on, kids, it’s OK to be a freak


As a part of overcoming the “traditional prejudices,” mocking religion was an essential part of the homosexual parade. We saw a mock Pope and Anglican Bishop, but a mock Mohammed was strangely absent from the displays. Obviously, the homosexual cowards are really too scared to make fun of a religion that can REALLY hurt them.



No mockery here – the United Church has always been a laughing stock


As I already mentioned, the QuAIA anti-Semites were well represented, expressing the values of the organizers of the homosexual freak fest. They carried many signs calling for boycott of the gay tourism to Israel. Although I am in awe of their revolutionary fervour, I find it hard to believe that the Israeli economy depends on a tiny percentage of perverts who go to Israel for sex.

They definitely won’t be able to cruise Kabul or Tehran, if they ignore Israel. The only beneficiary might be the ladyboy industry of Thailand.


Boycott it – nobody will care (other than the Israeli homosexuals)



You won’t survive longer than an hour in “Palestine”




A classy angry guy who hated QuAIA (and he wasn’t gay)


Of course, the anti-Semitic homosexual freaks had nothing to say about the Iranian gay group that marched after them. It was too inconvenient to face people who are really angry about how Muslim fanaticism treats them.

In contrast, the homosexuals from the Ismaili sect of Islam were as delusional as QuAIA, saying that they somehow can make their lifestyle acceptable to Islam. Acceptance of homosexuality is out of the question in Islam and when their imams see the signs they were carrying, the only thing to guess is whether they’ll be moderately or extremely pissed off at statements like: “Allah Is My Ally” and “Allah Is an Equal-Opportunity Lover.”


Somehow Old Mo didn’t get that message


Yes, if you consider goats and boys


There were only two redeeming features of the event. The first one was that, because of Muslim hostility, there was no halal food and pork was abundant at the food stalls. The other redeeming feature of that madness was the presence of dogs. Seeing there those noble animals, which don’t lie and manipulate, made the experience a little bit more bearable.



Homosexual dog abuse



The owner wasn’t crazy – the dog was having eye problems and felt better wearing shades


Like every year, I heard again the story about how the gay parade was started as an event that would bring about the gay rights. The parade now is redundant, because the gay rights in Canada have been achieved long time ago.

Yet the parade continues and it becomes more aggressive in its depravity and in the way it blackmails politicians. Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, is ridiculed and belittled every year for choosing not to participate. And he has been persecuted mercilessly by the Toronto “homophilic” media. If you don’t accept unconditionally the disgusting perverts you saw in the pictures and the video, you are not fit to occupy a public office.

At least that’s what the mighty homosexual lobby wants us to accept. If you don’t agree with them, your life will be ruined like the life of Bill Whatcott or that poor Mississauga real estate agent, who was fired by ReMAX for supporting the traditional family in his newsletter. No matter how they try to look acceptable, their behaviour is repulsive and disgusting.

 I know that not all homosexuals share the bullying tactics of their activists and want to live their lives like everybody else, but the activist bullies would be out of job if they quit doing what they do now. They have no other way of supporting themselves than extortion and hatred.

Isn’t it time to retire the disgusting show named gay parade, whose only purpose is to provoke confrontation, and enjoy the freedoms that we all have?

© 2013

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    At least the disgusting depravity of gay “pride” will not be evident in Russia anytime soon. On June 30th, President Vladimir Putin signed into law a bill banning the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations” toward minors. In other words, no propagating degenerate sex acts, and absolutely no targeting the nation’s children.

    The law will levy fines for such offenses from 800,000 rubles ($24,000) to 1 million rubles ($30,500) for legal entities, from 4,000 rubles ($120) to 5,000 rubles ($150) for individuals and from 40,000 rubles ($1,220) to 50,000 rubles ($1,530) for officials. Legal entities may also be suspended for 90 days for the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations” toward children.

    Say what you like about Putin, but at least he showing some spine in protecting Russians and Russia’s children against this kind of filth.

    1. admiwrath says:

      No matter how hard the “progressive” Canadian media try to hide the gay parade perverts, videos like this one reveals the truth. I wonder how that will work for them, because when they gain all rights, many of them move on to grooming kids by exposing themselves or promoting homosexual sex in schools (like that Toronto teacher did). Many people around the world will be terrified for the future of their kids.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    PS. Full article on the way.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    I wonder how much longer these freaks will be allowed to parade through Toronto, considering that 49.9% of the city is foreign born, with Islam as the second most popular religion as practised by 8.2% of the city’s population. In contrast, the GBLT population of Toronto is said to be 10%, but is probably far less. Given the rapid growth of Islam in Canada (over one million Muslims and growing), and the radical converts who are now planning bombing attacks during Canadian festivities (as seen in BC during the last Canada Day, one has to wonder how long it will be before homosexual parades will be targeted.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I see that as the fault of the Toronto press and some politicians, who create in the militant homosexuals the illusion that the world revolves around them. During the previous Mayoral election in Toronto, the homosexual candidate George Smitherman was actively opposed by Muslims, Tamils, and other immigrant groups. It didn’t help that at his public appearances often he had his “husband” near him (holding their adopted baby) and even kissed him on the mouth. Constantly attacking Christians, who are more tolerant, and pretending that there is no Muslim problem, doesn’t help the gay cause.

  4. Alien & Stranger says:

    Saw the link to your blog in another comment thread. Doesn’t Canada have any public decency laws? In our country, people can be arrested and/ or charged with public indecency. However, we’re also experiencing some of the consequences of our government legalising same-sex “marriage”, with churches and businesses being sued for “discrimination”.
    It is appalling that people’s moral compass isn’t just way off but non-existent.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, we have public decency laws. In fact, the perverts at the parade violate three different sections of the Criminal Code. However, since the violators are homosexuals, they are not charged. They even have the protection of leaders of a federal parties and countless other politicians, who don’t give a damn about decency or children’s safety.

  5. […] that element of aggressive religious politics isn’t also within Canada. It’s true incidents like this are often reported, and like that blog, get a rise from the religious fringe, but that doesn’t […]

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