Homosexual Bullies Trash Canadian Olympic Athlete

The tiny whiny homosexual minority has long ago taken upon itself the “duty” to tell us what we can say and what we should shut up about. The obedient media and the judicial system (especially in Canada) make sure that everybody, who deviates from the orders of the new totalitarians, is ostracized, condemned or fired from work.

Even before the Sochi Winter Olympics started, the homosexuals engaged in a continuous smear campaign against Russia because of its law against homosexual propaganda. The lies that poured out of all media outlets pictured the country as a place, where that lifestyle is prohibited and its practitioners are rounded up for exile to Siberia or even killed. (I am still waiting for their campaigns against the Muslim countries where they are actually killed.)

Anybody, who even jokingly deviates from that narrative, risks quite a lot. A few days ago President Vladimir Putin visited the Canadian Olympic team.


The speedskater Brittany Schussler took a selfie of her with Putin. She posted it later on Twitter joking that she should’ve asked him to be her Valentine. She had no idea about the consequences of her mortal “sin”. Winnipeg News picked up the tweet.

Within minutes, the militant homosexuals attacked her like a pack of rabid wild dogs, shocked that she appeared with the person they hate so much. Brittany sent another tweet to the paper as damage control, but it was too late.



As one of the main online mouthpieces of the homosexual anti-Olympic propaganda, Yahoo News made the story top news to show what happens to those who don’t support the Party line.

They included the attack tweets in the article. As always, those show in a shocking way how petty, mean and vindictive the militant homosexuals are.

According to the first one, Putin is a dictator, who persecutes “lgbt folk.” And of course the obnoxious old coot demands an apology from her – you can’t say anything that the “lgbt folk” doesn’t like.



The next idiot is even worse – he flatly states that Putin is like Hitler. Homosexuals are always sold as intelligent and knowledgeable people, so it is nice to see how stupid some of them are. Comparing somebody with Hitler usually comes when the attacker has no rational arguments left (or never had them to begin with) and just wants to throw a mindless insult.


The third bully throws in even more lies, claiming that many lives have been lost due to the intolerance of Putin. Again, there are no facts, just pure hatred spewed because the homosexual propaganda in Russia has been limited. Shame on McCallum.


The next one is beyond hilarious. That man, woman or whatever it is, goes for the full drama – squealing that he, she or it is ashamed of being Canadian, demanding to stop funding the Olympics. And I am ashamed of having such a whiny creature as my compatriot. Here is the homosexual totalitarianism in its full swing – it shows that the tiny 2% minority has no problem forcing its demented demands on all of us.


As usual, the Yahoo campaign to create artificial outrage over non-existent problems backfired. Yes, there was readers’ outrage, but against the obnoxious homosexual bullies. The majority of the readers hated the attempts to politicize the Olympics and turn the athletes into foot soldiers of the homosexual agenda and tools for forcing it on Russia.

The situations in Russia and Canada are different. Putin prohibited the homosexual propaganda among minors. In Canada (and specifically in Ontario), not only isn’t that propaganda prohibited, but it is also widely distributed in schools with the blessings of the Ministry of Education and the school boards.

Are we better off for that? Last year the TDSB and the University of Toronto organized a Unity Conference promoting the Gay-Straight Alliances – homosexual clubs forced on all public schools. A flyer distributed among the underage participants offered to hook them up with old homosexuals for some “intergenerational” recreation. Knowing that the whole homosexual “culture” revolves around sex, it is unbelievable that the school authorities would expose underage school kids to potential abuse, but if one questions that, he is labeled bigot right away.

intergenerational gay project

Since we don’t have the evil Putin laws, nobody spoils the intergenerational homosexual fun.

Are we better off now? It’s for you to decide.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Admiwrath, are we really surprised any more? The left wing media and their hysteria over Russia anti homosexual propagation laws are supported by the majority of Russians. Do they really care what the spoiled, decadent West really thinks of them? When Putin starts shipping truck loads of GBLTs to the Gulag, then we can talk about “discrimination.”

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