Homosexual Indoctrination Camp for Kids from Toronto

Homosexuality as a lifestyle is a private issue – I have no interest in how its practitioners spend their lives in their bedrooms. However, when it spills out of the bedrooms and storms the public space, it becomes a very public matter. Things get worse when the targets are the fragile minds of the school children. Homosexuality is not creeping into the schools through the back door – in Canada it enters them with a bang through the main gates, ready to smash any resistance.

The media and the educational institutions are scared to death by the gay lobby, because it can destroy anybody’s career by just hinting that the person is “homophobic.” That poisonous atmosphere allows questionable events to be organized with very little resistance. The latest event, which is to take place in early May in Toronto, is organized by Jer’s Vision, an organization dedicated to homosexual propaganda in the Toronto schools (starting as early as kindergarten).

For nearly a week, Toronto kids will be exposed to lectures and workshops about forming Gay-Straight Alliances (including at the notorious Buddies in Bad Times theatre) with the blessing of who-is-who of the city’s lefty political elite. As usual. the media are silent and only the bloggers pay attention. has written an extensive piece about the event:

From May 5 to May 9, 100 students across Toronto will be missing school to participate in the GSA Forum.  This event is referred to by the organizers as a training event; in other words, the focus is activism.  The event has the support of Ontario’s Catholic teachers’ union (OECTA has been promoting Jer’s Vision quite a bit on social media recently) and unsurprisingly, the support of the TDSB.

This week-long event is not unique; the organization Jer’s Vision travels around Canada organizing these conferences.

Where does their money come from?  A good chunk of it comes from the government.  “Platinum sponsors” of Jer’s Vision include the CBC and the Public Health Agency of Canada.  “Gold sponsors” include the City of Vancouver, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, Ryerson University, and the University of Ottawa.  Jer’s Vision also lists the TDSB, as well as many homosexual and far left organizations as “community partners.

So what exactly will be happening from May 5-9?  This 71 page booklet, which begins with letters from left-wing downtown Toronto councillors Mike Layton and Kristyn Wong-Tam about how great the event is, gives us some insight into that.

The event begins with a “2 Spirit Welcome” (a two-spirited person is transgender Aboriginal.)  Next are welcome ceremonies from Pride Toronto and the City of Toronto (given by councillor Jaye Robinson).  Another of the opening activities is run by J Wallace, the TDSB gender-based violence prevention employee who believes elementary school children about cross-dressing and sex-changes.

On the morning of May 6, Rupert Raj will be giving a talk about queer and transgender history.  Raj is a “gender specialist” who identifies as a “pansexual trans man.”  Also giving a talk on May 6 is loser NDP candidate Linda McQuaig, one of the in politics.  The title of her talk is, “How the System is Designed to Oppress Us.”

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I wonder where all this will be in another 20-30 years from now when Canada will have a largely Third World population with radical Islam everywhere.

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