Homosexual Nationalism

The European Left has always been a never-ending source of entertainment with its total incapability to grasp the reality.

Last week I came across a French article, which reviews a book. Its title is Why Did the Gays Move to the Right? (Pourquoi les gays sont passés à droite) written by Didier Lestrade, a Frenchman, who appears to be a prominent gay activist, founder of an organization called Act Up.

In his angry book he laments the fact that many people from the gay community have succumbed to nationalism. They did so because they were seduced by “the sirens of Sarkozy’s liberalism”. Even worse, by being hostile to Islam, the homosexuals let themselves be wooed by the extreme right.

That new trend, according to Lestrade, has created a perilous movement – a far right, which is xenophobic and pro-gay. This new ideology is popular in Holland, Belgium and Austria. Even the nationalist party of Marine Le Pen in France successfully applies that recipe.

The process of moving of the West-European homosexual community to the right has been going on for several years, although the progressive gay press has been “hiding it to avoid soiling the image of the homosexuals”.

That new type of gays is not afraid to say that they are racist and have drifted to the right. (Judging from the paranoid European understanding of racism, I doubt it that in this case we deal with anything more than gays being cautious with Muslims).

The author is also surprised by the gay voting patterns. In the case of Marine Le Pen’s right-wing party, it was supported by 17% of the homosexuals and 19% of the heterosexuals. Percentage-wise, that’s the same support. He is terrified that we are witnessing “the rise of homonationalism”.

The whole book is such an excellent example of the bubble, in which the leftists live. Somehow, Lestrade and his friends failed to notice that since the 1960’s Europe has changed significantly. The white people became much more tolerant, but at the same time, thanks to multiculturalism, the continent was flooded by backward people (mostly Muslims), who hate the European traditions and culture. Unfortunately, for Muslims homosexuality is one of those nasty traditions they hate.

Just like in the case of apostasy, Islam has an easy and clear solution to the gay problem – just execute them. Is it any wonder that the homosexuals are scared?

When faced with the tough choice of deciding whom to support – gays or Muslims – the European elites always take the side of the Muslims, because that’s safer (unlike Muslims, gays won’t stab you with a knife).

The paradox is that the nationalists like Marine Le Pen or Geert Wilders support homosexuals as potential victims of the Muslim fanaticism, while the progressive socialist cowards are ready to betray them.

The ordinary homosexuals who have to live among other ordinary people face every day that primitive hatred and support political parties, which can protect them.

It’s just another case of reality trumping the delusional world of those who want to control everybody’s lives…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Perhaps its not so surprising to see European homosexuals supporting right wing parties, considering that the “GBLT”movement behave like Nazis anyway. I admit to being an admire of Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front. Note too, the rise of the English Defence league in the UK as a direct answer to the growing problem of fundamental Islamism in Britain.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Frankly, I didn’t consider the article from your point of view: that the homosexuals like those parties because of their potential totalitarianism, but it definitely makes sense. My guess was that they like them becuase the Muslim cult is much worse than any European nationalist organization.

  2. SM ISAC says:

    “Homenationalism”? A darn concept! (chuckle)

    Makes me want to hope the QUAIA (queers against Israeli apartheid)people might also get their dose of reality check. However, after listening to their whining at the City Hall last year re the city funding of the pride parade, I don’t feel that optimistic.

  3. Miguel says:

    “…by being hostile to Islam…” What would he expect? It’s amazing that people like this don’t know or chose to ignore what happens to gays in muslim countries.

  4. To command is to serve, nothing at all and zip less.
    Whales only get harpooned whenever they visit the surface, and turtles can only advance when they stick their neck out, but investors face risk no matter what they certainly.

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