Homosexual Takeover of Ontario Schools – One Washroom at a Time

Earlier this month I had the unpleasant task of attending a homosexual conference at OISE, which was supposed to promote the homosexual clubs (Gay-Straight Alliances) to school kids. The advertisers at the event promoted inter-generational homosexual encounters; there was a booklet advising kids on how to survive as tranny hookers. Underage school girls were even treated to a demonstration of putting a condom on a black dildo by two perverts – conducted publicly in OISE’s library. During the sessions of the event, 150 kids attending a workshop had the opportunity to soak the wisdom of a sex pervert, who has extensive knowledge in the world of sadism and erotic choking.

Of course, all this was conducted with the full blessing of the Toronto District School Board and by criticizing the event, I run the risk of being charged with “homophobia” by the Ontario Human Rights Commission. The perverts hate it when you disturb the grooming of our children.

Nice to see that after the Toronto event, the homosexual hydra has extended its tentacles to Ottawa. The blogger has a depressing collection of pictures and tweets from a similar event in our nation’s capital.

They managed to get a gender-neutral washroom, where little girls could be potentially safely assaulted by hairy mustached psychopaths, who under oath could claim that they are women (such a claim is all you need to be considered a woman under the perverted Ontario human rights law).


Homosexual victory – washroom by washroom

And of course, no such event could happen without an attack on the most famous heterosexual Canadian – Rob Ford.

Socialist Studies_ Gender Neutral Washrooms In Ottawa Schools2

It is incomprehensible to homosexuals that a public figure would prefer to spend his time with his own family, instead of marching with filthy old perverts, who get off by flashing their bare penises in front of children.

Rob Ford missed all this gay fun

Rob Ford missed all this gay fun

Bob Ray doesn't miss any homosexual fun

Bob Ray doesn’t miss any homosexual fun

Way to go, Kathleen Wynne! Never stop until our children’s minds are damaged beyond repair…

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    This lot will soon know what “homophobia’ really is when the Muslim population grow sufficiently enough to start making our GBLTQXYZBTL@@!$%^&* friends really feel the heat.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yet the trannies are oblivious to the problem. Check out our altercation under the post “Let’s Defeat the Bathroom Bill and Its NDP Supporters”:

      amanda hunter
      Submitted on 2013/11/29 at 10:32 am

      i guess non here know anyone who is a transsexual. its sad when basic human rights are denied to others because so people are bigots. must be nice having all the rights in canada and then be able to tell a small group you are not aloud to have any rights. like a place to live no rights to be able to have a job and not be fired because you are different , access to health care must be nice for you. oh ddi forget being targeted for death because you are transgender. and some people think its ok because you are not human anymore because you are a transsexual. this bill is about basic human rights you should be ashamed of yourselves

      Submitted on 2013/11/29 at 10:29 pm | In reply to amanda hunter.

      It’s funny to read your comment. In the name of defending the delusions of mentally unstable people with castration fetish or gender identity disorder, you are ready to sacrifice the safety of women in public washrooms and showers. Under the new law, it’s enough if a hairy psychopath states that he is a woman and he will get access to all women’s facilities. My wife and all women I know are uncomfortable with that. I have a news for you – despite all the lies spread by dumb Olivia Chow, Grand Dyke Kathleen Wynne, or the perv press as Xtra, women of Canada are not comfortable with the perversion you are so willing to promote. The psychotic perverts that you defend, should be ashamed of themselves (the same applies to you if you are one of them).

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    @Amanda Hunter, what has “human rights” got to do with homosexual and lesbians parading through our streets naked in front of children? So how many trannys in Canada been murdered this year? or even in the past 10 or 20 years? The biggest victim group for robbery, violence and murder are heterosexuals. WE are the victims here – as is the whole of society whenever you and your queer friends shriek about your “rights” and threaten anyone with “hate crimes” whenever we dare to publicly question you.

    BTW, I see that homosexuals in Vancouver, BC, are now responsible for 95% of all syphilis cases in that city. But hey, it’s their right to start an epidemic too, right?

  3. JC Rules says:

    How did the Destructive Demented Perverse Liberal/Left get such a hold on our Country?
    Through Media that are their lapgogs ,and through Educators who are their lapdogs..
    A generation of boomers bored with a Monocultural Monoracial peaceful country started a name calling campaign against anyone who opposed their destructive agenda for Canada and other western nations that have dramatically generated in the last 50 years of Liberal/Left Policys..

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