Homosexuals Beat Up Christian Preachers in Seattle

Another day, another display of the “tolerance” of the militant homosexuals toward those who hold different views. The video below caught an incident that happened during the gay parade in Seattle. Two Christian preachers were attacked and beaten by rabid “rainbow people.”

Could you imagine what would happen if the gays were attacked? Progressive mainstream media reporters swarming the area; hate crime charges flying all over the place… Now, since Christians are the victims, the atrocity is going to be completely ignored by the media.

My prediction is that the police will charge the Christians to spare the sensitivities of Obama’s bathhouse buddies.

h/t BCF

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I saw this video elsewhere. What appalled me more than anything was the fact that the police did not appear to make any effort to arrest the disgusting, overweight homosexual who forcefully punched the Christian several times. It seems that those who loudly demand “tolerance” and an end to “hate’ are not interested in leading by example.

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