How the Homosexual Brainwashing Works in Europe

It was a pleasant surprise to find today an article that boldly explores the mechanism of how the media conduct the brainwashing of the public to accept homosexuality. The surprise came from the fact that the author, Enza Ferreri, lives in England, which I have written off long time ago as a wasteland of political correctness. Her strict logic in dissecting the new mass psychosis that the queer community tries to impose on us is hard to argue with, but in the twisted reality of the European Union perversity trumps science. The whole article is well worth reading and thinking about:

Clearly, for people who believe in the existence of “homophobia” – an irrational fear of homosexuals comparable to fears of harmless spiders, the number 13, lifts or mice -, the folks who suffer from it are badly in need of treatment, and desensitisation is the method they’ve been employing through prolonged exposure to TV, press, celebrity behaviour and public discourse in which homosexuality is presented, in words and images, as “the new norm”, or just another lifestyle.

It’s natural, animals are homosexuals too, they say. In addition, anything negative said about homosexuality is treated as morally equivalent to discrimination on the basis of race, which these days is a crime worse than murder. This not only reinforces desensitisation to homosexuality but also creates a new sensitisation, a new fear in its place (this time real), that of being considered as a socio-political pariah for thinking – and even feeling – in the wrong way.

Any feeling of aversion or repulsion for homosexual behaviour – even if not extended to homosexual individuals – is to be ferociously repressed and suppressed, by order of the “liberators”. If that sentence sounds like a contradiction in terms, it’s because it is.

Read the rest here.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    I can’t believe she isn’t in prison yet.

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