Justin Trudeau Stars in an X-Rated Gay Video on YouTube

The other day I posted my video coverage of the Toronto gay parade, which was supported by many politicians, who marched along with the homosexual participants. Nothing was added to the video – it showed the event exactly as it happened and the organizers, politicians and the press all praised the parade as a wholesome inspirational family event.

It was posted at:


A few hours ago, when I checked my account, I was surprised to find out that the access to my video suddenly became age-restricted based on YouTube’s “community guidelines.” Without any doubt, anything that doesn’t present the homosexuals as the best thing that happened to Canada since sliced bread, is subject to censorship. Here is the screenshot:


That got me really confused – the homosexual activists, Justin Trudeau, Kathleen Wynne, Tom Mulcair, Olivia Chow and other politicians found the parade safe enough to march with all the weirdos and expose hundreds of children to their antics.

Yet when everything was recorded and uploaded, the YouTube administrators decided that this gay material is X-rated and unsuitable to be viewed by any person who is underage. Apparently, for the “progressive” Canadian politicians from the NDP and the Liberal Party the community values have very little (or any) value, if they are willing to expose children to naked perverts just to gain a few homosexual votes.

It’s nice to see them revealing their true faces. Maybe starring in more X-rated gay videos like this one could be a new career path that Justin Trudeau may consider in the future.

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