Kissing Queers and Arsonist Dykes vs. Chick-Fil-A



It was a good educational experience to watch the homosexual militants and their patrons from the Democratic Party try to destroy a business. That social experiment was bound to show that they can impose their agenda on everybody with total impunity.

It’s hard to believe that everything started with a statement of Dan Cathy (President of the Chick-Fil-a chain) about marriage taken from an interview in a Christian publication. He simply stated that his idea of marriage is a union between a man and a woman. He didn’t discriminate against gays, he didn’t say he would fire them or kick them out if they show up at his restaurants (and he had never done that). In fact, even Barry Obama held exactly the same opinion until his recent miraculous conversion.

However, the gay militants went on a direct no-holds-barred attack against the chicken restaurant, with the loud support of most of the mainstream media. That would’ve been considered comical, if their hatred didn’t endanger the livelihood of so many people.

The attack backfired, because the other side organized a Chick-Fil-a appreciation day, which was a smashing success. Their sales were the best ever, despite the fact that “progressive” business analysts claimed that the brand lost 40% of its popularity.

It was disturbing to watch how insecure the homosexuals are. They have achieved every imaginable right and benefit; they are overrepresented in the media and the entertainment industry, yet they always want more. They’ll label you a bigot, if you disagree with the idea that Barney Frank parading in a Vera Wang wedding dress is the most beautiful and touching picture you’ll ever see.

That stand is strikingly similar to the ways of my favourite neurotic, George Costanza. In the episode where Jerry Seinfeld dated a masseuse, who deeply disliked George, he got obsessed with the desire to make her like him. That brought up the following conversation between him and his girlfriend:

KAREN: What, you got a little thing for her?
GEORGE: No, No! She’s going out with a friend of mine. It’s only courteous that we should try and like each other.
KAREN: What difference does it make? Who cares if she doesn’t like you? Does everybody in the world have to like you?
GEORGE: Yes! Yes! Everybody has to like me. I must be liked!

Since the homosexuals are more educated and sophisticated than George Costanza (at least they claim it), they may understand that it’s OK if not everybody likes you, it’s not a big deal. But I doubt it they’ll accept it. The reality is that they try to employ all means, political and propagandist, to damage everybody, who doesn’t unconditionally admire them. They are just a part of the leftist totalitarianism.

Instead of exiting gracefully from the embarrassing situation that they created, the gay militants decided to dig themselves even deeper. They organized a same sex kiss-in at the Chick-Fil-a restaurants.

That’s another mind-boggling idea – the obsession of the gay community with sex. Sexuality (in different shapes and forms) is always present in most of their events – the behaviour displayed at the gay parades would get any heterosexual arrested, if he or she does the same in public.

What’s wrong with organizing a positive demonstration by patronizing businesses, which support the gay causes? Would it hurt, if the homosexuals promoted their achievements in business, science, arts, and so on? Yes, it would hurt the queer militants, who never miss the opportunity to make total asses out of themselves.

The mainstream media diligently promoted that sex demonstration (while they kept total silence about the Chick-Fil-a appreciation day). Obviously, not all homosexuals were ready to go for that insanity and many anticipated the event to be a flop. Sensing that, Huffington Post decided to hedge their bets:



As you can see, the “Gay Voices” were willing to lie by posting pictures that were not from the actual “kiss in”. What a perfect piece of propaganda!

The event was a total flop, as expected, since most of the gays had more dignity, self-respect, rationality (and jobs) and minded their own business. That didn’t prevent the usual suspects from staining again the reputation of the homosexual community with their unbelievable antics.

Just take a look of the pictures, which preserved their demonstration for posterity, gaving you a clear clue why so many people dislike gays (photos courtesy of Ringo from ).

This guy makes a clear statement why he is a certified idiot:



The owner of the shirt fits the definition better than Jesus


Nothing is going to advance the gay cause better than a repulsive bunch of hairy queers kissing and groping each other in front of the families, who went to Chick-Fil-a to have a meal:


As Tiny Tim would’ve observed: “God have mercy on us all!”



Queer threesome with a ghetto blaster


And in Chicago they displayed again the George Costanza complex. The homosexuals couldn’t stand the fact that a homeless preacher didn’t agree with them and kept reading his Bible.

That caused an ugly display of animosity, which was captured on video:

The rage is disturbing and definitely is a part of their snobbish attitude against people, who in their opinion have a “lesser value”. During the last gay parade in Toronto a black preacher was taunted and humiliated in the same way by a gang of rabid dykes and the police even helped them kick him out of the sidewalk.

The low-life, who harasses the preacher in the video appears to be an activist of the “Occupy” movement.

At approximately the same time when the attacks were going on, the media put a real effort into promoting a “positive” gay event. A lesbian couple from Georgia invited Mr. Cathy to dinner. Marci Alt and her “wife” Marlysa wanted to discuss the gay family issues as well.


(image credit Kira-Marie Photography)


Apparently, they have two children and are trying very hard to look like a happy homosexual family. Unfortunately, within a few years, we would most likely have two messed up and confused kids, who will need years of therapy to sort out the damage to their minds. Despite the fact that “progressive educators” try very hard to convince us that gay families are perfectly fine (in Ontario, Canada, those policies are imposed aggressively), it is very hard to prove that two lesbians can successfully replace the roles of a father and a mother.

And Mr. Cathy must watch his back while dining with that picture-perfect “family”. A search for “Marci Alt” quickly reveals that she had been arrested in 2007 for 1st degree arson and released on $25,000 bail.



Sounds like a nice “father” figure (I am sure she plays the man’s role in the “marriage”).

In a society, which supposedly cherishes free speech, the confrontation between Mr. Cathy and the homosexuals shouldn’t be a problem. He should be free to express his opinions, which in this case don’t even affect the operations of his business, and they can boycott his restaurants. That’s what a free society is all about.

The disturbing part is that the militant homosexuals go way beyond criticism and boycotts. They cross the line by trying to destroy their critics; in this case they simply want to drive the company out of business. It’s not a pretty picture – they emerge as a vile and vindictive group, to which tolerance is foreign concept.

Even more disturbing is that they can find politicians, who are more than willing to accommodate them. Because of the company president’s opinion, the Mayor of Boston openly stated that if Chick-Fil-a needed licences to operate in the city, it would be very difficult to get them. The “enlightened” politician sounds like a Mafia don. The Mayor of Washington, D.C. made a similar threat.

Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel wasn’t far behind, stating that the company doesn’t fit the “Chicago values”. Let’s ignore the fact that gay marriage is not a part of those values (it’s still illegal there). Invoking “Chicago values” is beyond ridiculous in a city, which has been plagued by corruption and incompetence for decades. Those “values” resulted in politics, whose crown achievement was Barack Hussein Obama, an incompetent liar, who embodies each and every flaw of that type of politics.

Those are signs that the USA is slipping into lawlessness under the pressure of special interest groups. It is some consolation that the country still takes the First Amendment seriously. Despite the ignorance and corruption of the politicians, Chick-Fil-a would have an excellent case, if it’s denied expansion on political grounds. However, with the mounting pressure from all those groups of freeloaders, one may wonder how much longer the fair judicial system is going to survive.

In Canada, where freedom of speech is of very little value, the statement that Mr. Cathy made, would be more than sufficient reason to drag him in front of a Human Rights Tribunal. Those kangaroo courts operate similarly to Stalin’s tribunals of the 1930’s. If you hurt the feelings of the two foremost professional victim groups – the homosexuals and the Muslims – the conviction is guaranteed, and the business would be required to pay tens of thousands of dollars in fines and damages, while at the same time it will take long years to finish the case and the accused would be bled dry by legal fees (that’s also a part of the punishment).

With individuals like me, it is even worse – on top of the huge fines there is an additional “bonus”. A writer would be censored for life. An important requirement of the punishment imposed by those tribunals is that the writer never writes again about the same topic. If that requirement is violated, the “transgression” may bring even stiffer penalties. This is the reality of the “human rights” fascism in Canada. It’s disturbing that the USA is descending into the same abyss.

Isn’t it time we took more seriously the threat of the new thought fascism?


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