Lesbian Arrogance at Tim Hortons

A few weeks ago we were treated to a new skit in the brave new circus, which Canada gradually is turning into.

The main characters were two lesbians who reportedly were aggressively making out at a Tim Hortons in Blenheim, a small town in Ontario. For my foreign readers I may need to clarify that the establishment is quite similar to Dunkin’ Donuts (although a few Canadians may find the comparison offensive).

Anyway, the couple was kicked out for their inappropriate behaviour – some of the patrons, who came with small children, were offended and complained to the staff. The staff asked the lesbians to leave or else they were going to call the cops.

From that point on, the story turns into the Simpsons’ episode where Mr. Burns accidentally hit Bart and Homer Simpson tried to extort some money from him. The stories both sides told in court are not that different than this Tim Hortons incident.

The lesbians said that they pecked each other innocently on the cheek, which caused the disproportionally harsh reaction from the Christian fanatics. The person who complained was an evil Christian pastor. Of course, Canada’s mainstream media went with their story, creating a huge hysteria – after all, the saintly homosexual community was wronged.

On the other hand, the people who were present told a different story – the “couple were aggressively French kissing, straddling each other, and putting their hands down each other’s pants”. The evil pastor turned out to be Eric Revie, who operated a gay-friendly church, but simply couldn’t accept such behaviour in front of his children. That fact was revealed not by the pastor himself, but by Ty Williams, a leader of a local gay organization.

Nevertheless, the homosexual extremists would never let such a scandal go unexploited. A few days later they organized a demonstration in front of that Tim Hortons location. Over 30 of them showed up. Still not satisfied with the apologies made by the company, they are pursuing a Human Rights Commission complaint, which may potentially end up in thousands of dollars of fines the company would have to pay. Again, for my foreign readers, I should mention that Tim Hortons is a rich corporation, which could be freely milked by all kinds of special interest parasites.

That, in a nutshell, is the case. And that, my homosexual friends, shows in a nutshell why so many people dislike you.

Don’t get me wrong – unlike many of your critics, I have nothing against your lifestyle. I am willing to accept anything you do, as long as it is done in bedrooms, bathhouses, gay bar toilets or other confined spaces, provided it involves consenting adults. Exactly the same standard applies to heterosexual sex.

However, as soon as somebody exits those spaces and starts parading his or her sexuality in public or in front of children (or involves children in it), they turn into perverts. At least that’s what the law says when a heterosexual person does that. When a homosexual is involved, the laws are not applied – they have achieved a position, which places them above the law.

The gay rights movement started as a pressure group supposed to fight for equal rights. I don’t think that anybody has anything against that. In fact, you achieved your goal of not being discriminated for your sexual orientation long time ago. And I am confident that everybody benefited from that.

However, that was not enough. Your flamboyant “elites” decided to advance the “struggle” even further – you wanted to achieve dominance over society. I am saying “elites”, because those are people totally out of touch with reality, who want through bullying to impose control on all of us (like the two lesbians in Blenheim).

There is a big difference between a struggle for rights and harassment by lunatics.

Let me give you some examples. The prominent British economist John Maynard Keynes was a known homosexual. Early in his life he was involved in the Cambridge Apostles club, which united intellectuals, many of whom were gay. Frankly, I don’t care much about his economic theory, which turned out to be disastrous, but he deserves a credit for being a diligent scholar. His claim to fame was his well-constructed theory; he didn’t build his reputation by flaunting his penis in front of children at a gay parade.

Another homosexual Englishman, who happens to be one of my favourite actors, was Sir John Gielgud. Many years ago, just after being knighted by Her Majesty, he was arrested during a visit to Toronto for soliciting gay sex in a public washroom. Does that make him less of an actor? Of course not, but he could’ve ruined his life by starting a movement for legalizing gay sex in public toilets. Instead, Sir John chose to continue his career and keep his sexuality as something that’s his own business.

I guess you understand what I want to say – we all are much more than our sexuality. We have talents, ideas, desires, and so on, which define us. That makes the obsession of the extremist part of the homosexual community with its sexuality so weird and repulsive.

Just think about it – in Blenheim we had the media and 30 participants in a demonstration to defend the right of two lesbians to act like oversexed bonobo chimpanzees in front of families with small children. If your community doesn’t see how abnormal that is, I pity you.

To help you understand that, let me give you another example. One of the worst shows aired on TV now is Jersey Shore. It follows the lives a bunch of really dumb Italian-Americans (sorry for the hyphenation, but it best describes their way of thinking), whose intellectual lives are basically limited to their sexuality, heterosexual in this case.

Let’s imagine that two of them, Snooki and The Situation (that’s a girl and a guy) show up at Tim Hortons and start doing the same stuff the lesbians did. I can guarantee you that they’ll be kicked out right away under the applause of the pastor, the staff and everybody else present. If they decide to protest, they won’t find even one person to come back and demonstrate at the door.

And that’s the double standard – the disgusting behaviour of a guy and a girl is condemned, while the equally disgusting behaviour of two lesbians is glorified. “Glorified” is not the correct word, in fact the media and the other people are terrified that if they express any criticism, they’ll be labelled “homophobic”, which is one of the deadly sins of the political correctness.

That’s what encourages the homosexual “elites” to impose their views and lifestyle on the society at large – from supporting anti-Semitism to forcing homosexual sex education in elementary schools. The Toronto District School Board even issued a special curriculum on how to fight “heterosexism” in schools. Now kids should feel ashamed of being heterosexual.

And as I said, anybody who disagrees with them is dragged into the cobwebs of the Human Rights Commissions, where Jennifer Lynch and Barbara Hall are waiting like spiders to suck out the money and the life out of those “criminals”. The last time somebody criticized two lesbians, it cost him $20,000 (I hope you remember the comedian Guy Earle).

Dear gay friends, you can’t bully anybody into loving you. That would be totalitarianism, but maybe that’s what you want to force on us? In case you have forgotten, that’s exactly what the communist parties in Eastern Europe tried to accomplish for decades (and the rest of us know how it ended).

If you celebrate the obnoxious lesbians as heroes and the only lesson you can learn is to keep bullying and attacking the local people and their children, you obviously live in a different world. Supporters like Pastor Revie will think twice before supporting you again.

A few weeks ago, the CBC TV personality Rick Mercer almost had a tantrum calling all prominent gays to come out of the closet to serve as role models to the homosexual teens. That’s all good, but if the faces of your movement are the Blenheim lesbians and the naked perverts from the gay parade, it’s no wonder that the closet gays don’t want to associate with them. And I don’t blame them – I’ll be horrified if somebody asked me to work for the right of Snooki and The Situation to be exhibitionists.

I wish I could be optimistic and hope that you would find some rational solution, but I don’t hold my breath. The bullies, who control your movement, will be there for years to come.

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    A pity the Tim Horton’s in question was not owned by Muslims.

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